Sock Talk

Let’s talk about sock knitting, shall we? I’m not one to be constantly knitting socks, but occasionally I get so excited about a pattern that I’ll knit up a pair or two quickly, only to return to sock knitting a couple of years later. I also love sock yarn. I love it for everything from cardigans to baby items to socks, of course! With our sock yarn sale going on until tomorrow (up to 40% off sock yarns!) it’s a great time to stock up on your favorites. So let’s discuss some great Knit Picks items, related to socks, shall we?


First up is Socktacular, our wildly popular sock book formerly known as Sock Cocktails. This book is a “choose your own adventure” of sock knitting, allowing you to customize toes, heels, cuffs, and stitch pattern for a total of 324. With that many options, I’m sure to find a sock pattern that will become my favorite for years to come.


When I’m not knitting socks, I’d like to make some accessories from Sock Yarn Scarves. The patterns are just hard enough to not intimdate me, while being versatile enough to wear with so many different things.


Let’s talk about yarn. Hawthorne Speckles certainly have my heart, lately, but before that Stroll Brights were my all-time fave. So you can imagine my joy when I saw Loren’s innovative stripes. Aren’t they spectacular? Also, Capretta is a favorite of all Knit Picks employees. For any fingering weight project, this yarn makes both the knitting process and product  really, really special.

Finally, if you’re new to sock knitting, we would recommend Stacey’s Go Your Own Way Sock Pattern. It’s free, and has instructions for toe-up and top down knitting and results in a custom pair you won’t want to take off of your feet. Intimidated to start? Our full tutorials on both the toe up and top down socks are free for the watching.

Take advantage of our sock yarn sale today, our last day, and get up to 40% off your favorite Knit Picks sock yarns. Double that up with our 15% off sitewide sale (use code SAVE15), and you’ve got yourself an amazing deal, whether that sock yarn eventually becomes a pair of socks, or something else entirely.


  1. Bren / March 24, 2016

    Your blog was interesting in as much as it named the different sock yarns that are available through this site. The teaching video was very detail oriented so that even a beginner could follow and complete the socks.

    At one time, I was an avid knitter, but life events seem to have misdirected my attention. Yet I have always been drawn to yarns. So much so that I am beginning to feel a humming/murmur inside baiting me to pick up, at least, a crochet hook and some beautiful yarns and go with the energy within the fibers…

    Oh sorry, I got carried away there…back to your blog, I was looking for more detailed information regarding the different sock yarns: like which are better to use with the different patterns or styles?