So close!

Sleeves… check. Body…. check. Front to shoulders… check. Back? working on it!

(Sorry about the grey-on-grey – I didn’t pick the color of the blocking board, unfortunately!)

All I have left to knit on hubby’s sweater is the upper back! I’m already about two inches into it. But, because of the sheer beastly size of this sweater, progress has been slowed.

It’s just so hard to carry the darn thing around at this point that I’ve actually been working on a couple of other, smaller projects as well. Two pairs of socks, to be exact!

These are fun and simple and easy to tote around, but they still hamper my progress on my real project. But I’m still pretty happy that I’ve even made it this far. Considering that my project attention span is usually two weeks, I’m not real big on knitting things that require attention, and I like portable things, being about 85% done with this big ol’ thing feels really good.

You know what will feel even better? Finishing it! I have an ultimate goal of having it wearable before we go on vacation next month. It seems really far away, but I know how this ‘time’ thing works. It’s deceptive. So I’m going to try to power through this weekend to get the back done! Of course, no plan is without its hitches – and mine this weekend is a little thing called the Columbia Gorge Fiber Festival. What’s a gal to do?

Well, I’ll try my best. Hubby is getting super excited now that it acutally looks a bit like a wearable thing – he keeps saying it’s “going to be the awesomest sweater ever!” and that keeps me going!

So, tell me dear readers, what are your knitting hangups? What stalls you on a project, and what gets you through? I could use all the ideas I can get, now that I’m on the home stretch!