Sloped Lines Dishcloth

This week’s design for our 52 Weeks of Dishcloths is the Sloped Lines Dishcloth! When I started digging through stitch patterns for my design, I knew that I wanted to stick to crochet for this week. I just love the texture and unique lines that crochet stitches are able to bring to life. And I just couldn’t resist the meandering lines that hug the small clusters of double crochets.


The Sloped Lines Dishcloth takes the simple double crochet and adds a bit of a twist! By working a spiked crochet stitch into a previous double crochet, this pattern slowly creates a unique zigzag patterning of lines. It’s such a fun texture and I love how the repetitiveness of the pattern makes it super easy to memorize.

You can find the Sloped Lines Dishcloth here:

Sloped Lines Dishcloths

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