Reversible Pips Dishcloth

It’s not often that I really dig making dishcloths. It’s something I do to replace the previous victim of some kitchen disaster knowing as I’m knitting that this new creation is doomed to a slow, cheese-encrusted death over the next few months until it’s replaced. That being said, the super simple stitch pattern that I came up with for the Reversible Pips Dishcloth is so satisfying and easy to memorize that I just want to sit down and make a huge pile of them over one weekend for FUN!


I love the subtle ribbed effect on the back side and the stockinette ridges on the front. There’s just the right amount of elasticity and scrubbiness to get any kitchen job done.


I believe this project took me less than two hours from start to finish and I have over 1/2 a ball of Dishie leftover to make more cloths. There are only two lines of pattern to memorize and the repeat is just three stitches which means that this can’t get any easier for such a nice, finished dishcloth!



  1. Annie / March 5, 2014

    Thanks for a great free pattern, Hannah. I love how my finished dishcloth turned out. Thinking that this would be a good pattern to slightly modify for using up cotton yarn scraps, too….

  2. Celia Beamish / February 27, 2014

    I just stumbled over the 52 Weeks of Dishcloths page. What a great idea! I’m going to make some, too. And . . . I’m thinking that a pair of discloths, sewed together on the edges, with a layer or two of old toweling inside, might make a good hotpad. Haven’t worked out all the details, yet, but that’s what I’m thinking.