The return of Main Line

Way back, before I started working at Knit Picks, I fell in love with a yarn called Main Line – a worsted weight cotton/wool blend yarn.  Unfortunately, it was discontinued awhile ago, but we’ve brought it back in sweet cheery colors, just in time for our Big Sale!

Mainline_Cyber_1 cotton/wool blend yarn

I am personally a big fan of cotton/wool blend yarns – I live where the weather is pretty mild 80% of the year, so this blend is perfect for my knitwear.  The cotton feels great against my skin, while the wool gives it just a bit of warmth during the chilly spring or fall days.   It’s also easier for me to work with than 100% cotton – the wool adds a little more give so my hands aren’t so achy when knitting with it for long periods of time.

I placed a sweater quantity order this week for the color Sagebrush (love that color!) for a springtime cardigan for myself!

Mainline_Cyber_2 cotton/wool blend yarn

It’s also turned into my go to yarn for winter running accessories too. I love to run outside, but when it does get chilly here, I need something to wear on my head that won’t overheat me, but will keep my poor ears from falling off from the cold.  Since it is mainly cotton, I would certainly recommend knitting or crocheting at a tighter than usual gauge to minimize any stretching.

But don’t wait too long to order this lovely & versatile yarn, this is a special reserve yarn line, back for only a limited time!

Check out all the colors here:

Main Line


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  1. Mia Mason / March 29, 2015

    I am desperately trying to find one or two balls of Main Line Moroccan red worsted weight yarn. I would be so grateful if anyone has it.