Ready for Winter?

You can be, with the newly-refreshed Woodland Winter Mittens kits!

We’ve splashed some new color on this old favorite pattern. There’s the warm, rich greens and browns of the Forest Floor colorway:

And the cool, blue-violets of the Deep Sea colorway:

Each of the six pairs of mittens in this kit feature a different nature-inspired theme for each month from October through March. The palm side of each pair is also different:

What’s really neat, though, is that no matter which way you hold your hands side-by side (pinkie sides touching or index fingers), the backs of the mittens create a continuous image across both!

And of course, the pattern is available as an individual download, so  you can choose your own perfect Winter palette! This is a wonderful kit for the winter, because it gives you a small, fun project to work on for the colder months of the year – ones that are just as much fun to wear as they are to knit!


  1. Gillian / September 9, 2013

    Really love the Deep Sea Colourway!!

  2. Penny / September 9, 2013

    Love the “Deep Sea” colorway!