Podcast Episode 207: Interview with Edie Eckman

Love to crochet small motifs, but never sure what to do with all of your
small crocheted creations? Get a dose of fresh, creative inspiration on
this week’s episode with Edie Eckman! A designer and author for both
knit and crochet, Edie chats with Jenny about her new book Connect the Shapes Crochet Motifs, which
brings you a whole new collection of interesting crochet shapes and a
myriad of ways to connect them. Learn how Edie got her start crafting
and how she translated her passion for knitting and crochet into a range
of patterns and books. You’ll also hear all about Edie’s design process
for creating new motifs and her inspiration for the patterns in her new
book, in addition to tips and tricks for beginning crocheters.


And here are some of my favorite projects from Connect the Shapes Crochet Motifs that I talked with Edie about!


     Flower Garland


Snowy Shaped Shawl


Cottage Lampshade


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