Podcast Episode 200: Celebrating Our 200th Podcast!

In honor of the 200th Knit Picks podcast, Kelley revisits one of her favorite episodes from the very beginning – deserted island knitting. Back in 2007, Kelley used this idea of being stranded on a deserted island to create her list of must-have knitting supplies. To start, Kelley shares two of her favorite blogs whose stories come awfully close to Kelley’s deserted island scenario. Both The Sailing Knitter and Island and North Country Life are blogs that follow the lives of two women traveling the high seas with knitting by their sides. Inspired by their stories, Kelley begins on her own list of must-have knitting supplies. Although there are some similarities to her list from 2007, Kelley’s focus is on drop spindling this time around with her cherished spindles from Golding Spindles being on top of her list. Along with plenty of fiber and silk hankies, Kelley also adds a few books, needles, and a few other items to her list. Finally, Kelley reflects back on all of the changes that have happened in the world of fiber since early 2007 (more blogs! ravelry! eBooks and pattern downloads!) and looks forward to many more podcasts to come.

Blogs to inspire your own “deserted island” list:
The Sailing Knitter
Island and North Country Life

Kelley’s “deserted island” books:
Respect the Spindle by Abby Franquemont
Sock Knitting Master Class by Ann Budd
Cast on – Bind Off by Cap Sease
Reversible Scarves by Audrey Knight

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