Podcast Episode 187: Interview with Kathleen Taylor

Listen in on this week’s podcast to hear Kelley catch up with designer Kathleen Taylor to talk about all things fair isle! As author of the book Fearless Fair Isle Knitting, Kathleen Taylor chats with Kelley in depth about the different techniques for successful fair isle knitting in addition to common mistakes and issues that newcomers to fair isle might encounter. Kathleen truly has a fearless approach to fair isle knitting and has honed in her techniques specifically for knitters new to fair isle through years of teaching. Also, hear Kelley share memories of her first fair isle project in addition to chatting about favorite techniques for fair isle. Kathleen’s love and enthusiasm for colorwork is infectious and Fearless Fair Isle Knitting is sure to have you craving colorful knits for your next project.

One of the projects from Fearless Fair Isle Knitting that Kelley & Kathleen chatted about was the Dragon Ride Shawl. Kathleen was kind enough to share pictures of herself wearing this amazing shawl.

In the photo below, Kathleen is wearing the Dragon Ride Shawl with her husband, Terry, at her side as they celebrated their 40th anniversary in Southern California while visiting their son and doing a book signing in Santa Barbara. Isn’t it stunning?

You can find Kathleen’s wonderful book on colorwork knitting here:

Fearless Fair Isle Knitting

And you can follow Kathleen’s blog here:

Kathleen Taylor’s Dakota Dreams


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