Podcast 237: Changes at Knitpicks

Alison and Jenny announce Kelley’s retirement and discuss how some new staff members are bringing fresh energy to the company. Alison interviews Matt about the history of Knit Picks, as well as how the company is currently run, and his ideas for the future. Jenny introduces Holly, the new Multimedia Manager. So whether you’ve been a fan of KP for a while, or have found Knit Picks recently and are interested in where we’ve been and where we’re going, this podcast is an interesting look behind the scenes of our business.

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  1. Kristine / May 4, 2014

    Such a sad day for the Knit Picks podcast. I know that change happens, but the heart and soul of this podcast was the glimpse in the personal knitting life of another knitter. Kelley’s style, stories, joys, and more really made this podcast so much more than about product. I became a Knit Picks customer not from the descriptions of new lines, but because Kelley had such joy when describing her knitting adventures.

    At a time when I didn’t know a single other knitter, Kelley’s voice would keep me company as I knit one project and another. I learned about books, and cleaning, and organizing…all within a knitter’s perspective. Kelley inspired me to be a better knitter and a better me.

    I will enjoy listening to the archives, and am hopeful that some of Kelley’s heart will be in the podcast as it continues. I feel like I’m losing a friend.

  2. Sally Rawlings / May 1, 2014

    Wow I am just blown away ..I sent an email to customer service to enquire about printed rate shipping to find out about replacing some books I left behind in storage in Alaska..to find you WILL NOT SHIP OVERSEAS.
    What is up with that? I was shocked.Even Red Heart and Hershners ship overseas.Halcyon and many other small vendors will ship over seas..Even people on the Shetland Islands will ship to me..what is up with this?

    Huge untapped market here in Australia tho it seems your knitting needles are being marketed here ( under a different name, or at least something that looks just like your product)

    I will be unavailable by email as my pc has died but will check in when able to see what the response maybe be

    Sally Rawlings
    goofysrn @yahoo.com

  3. Miriam / April 28, 2014

    Please send Kelley my best wishes on her retirement. I realize that she and her husband leave a wonderful legacy and Knitpicks is in wonderful hands!
    I am a regular customer, a huge fan and you have all done a wonderful job in expanding the business with wonderful yarn lines, plus crochet.

    I had some minor comment about the podcast. I would like to gently suggest that the any podcast speakers be mindful about the giggling. It really comes across as grating and undermines the professional nature of the podcast. Perhaps the new media people or a voice coach might help with that.

    I’m sure we will be hearing from Kelley in future podcasts.

    Last I have to give Kerin Deimler-Lawrence a huge shout-out with her designs. They are gorgeous, and has not overlooked anything in the technical details (should I include any of the tech editors?)!
    Keep up the good work!

  4. Penelope Damore / April 27, 2014

    I agree with the first two comments. I feel that there’s way too much gushing going on (it’s great to be excited about your product but your listeners are probably either knitting or crocheting and can only take small bits of “excitement”.) Hosts need to identify themselves. In this podcast I was clueless as to who “I” was; I knew who Alison was & Matt (they were introduced…) Good luck to Kelley on her retirement–she’s earned it!

  5. sally rawlings / April 26, 2014

    I am a major fan of Kelley.She has been very helpful to me via Podcast.She is MY E.Z..

    I understand the amasing job she and Bob have done creating Knit Picks, I recall early catalogs and how we learned about the yarns ( we meaning myself and knitting friends when I lived in Alaska)
    I listen to Kelley and her podcasts almost everyday when I knit ( I don’t like T.V here in Australia )I have learned a lot and esp been given a encouraging nudge to expand my skill set.
    I live in the greater Sydney area and AU might have a lot of sheep but LYS not so much…( and the 2 I know of are EXTREMELY high rent area high priced products)

    I have one set of your interchangeable needles tho they are still in Alaska they will get to AU eventually.I really would like to order more needles and yarns from you but I don’t know if I can handle the shipping .

    Please send my love to Kelley..She has been a frequent companion to me in my often solitary knitting and spinning world!!

    Alison and Matt have wonderful voices for Podcasting .. they aren’t Kelley but they are better than some of the others that podcast for knit picks at times..

    Please podcast more about knitting nuts and bolts like Kelley has done instead of just your products..

    Thanks Sally In Western Sydney AU

  6. dawn / April 24, 2014

    I’m sorry to hear that Kelley won’t be hosting the podcast anymore. I really enjoy her voice in both senses of the word (except when she’s explicating her theory of how feminism almost killed knitting). Alternate hosts simply don’t measure up. I’ll hear Matt out, but I probably won’t be following this podcast in the future. Pity.

  7. Dianna / April 24, 2014

    I haven’t really been listening to the podcast since Kelley doesn’t host it as often, but I’m still subscribed in iTunes so when I read the description I had to listen. (When Kelley doesn’t host, I feel like the podcast is more about advertising for the company than about knitting, but I digress….)

    When Matt first came on board a few years ago, I had my doubts, but then I heard him on the podcast I felt better. When reading this episodes’s description, I didn’t know what to think, but once again, hearing from Matt, I feel all will be right in the world, and hearing from Allison makes me want to give the podcast a second chance.

    Thanks for all you contribute to the knitting community, KP!