52 Weeks of Dishcloths #23 – Picnic Basket Dishcloth

I love texture, so it stands to reason I would look for texture in my next dishcloth in the 52 Weeks of Free Dishcloths Collection.

A few months back, I was working on a crocheted hat as part of some charity knitting I was doing.  I said to one of my friends, this hat needs something.  That’s when I learned how to do a ribbing in crochet.  I love it!  So when I went hunting for a pattern to use for this dishcloth, I ran into the basket weave pattern using the raised double crochet stitch that I used for the hat and thought perfect! I used Honeydew Dishie, which makes for a nice strong fabric.


If you haven’t tried this stitch, the Picnic Basket Dishcloth is the perfect practice size. You alternate from the dc through the front post and the dc through the back post. (a post is the double crochet that you made on the previous row below).  In this case I used 4 sts and 3 rows before I switched from front to back or visa versa.

This pattern would be also be great as an afghan.  I would definitely use different yarn.  Maybe use Comfy Worsted or Brava Worsted. I would also increase the block size more conducive to the size of the afghan. Maybe make them 4″ or 5″ blocks?  With drape of the fabric, I can see myself cuddled up in this afghan, reading a book this next winter.

Enjoy the pattern – you can find it here!

The Picnic Basket Dishcloth