Peach Margot


Spring is HERE! Finally! The change in weather means I’ve been reaching for bright, cheery yarns. I’ve had a skein each of Cotlin Flamingo and Conch on my desk since we started this series of dishcloth patterns and I succumbed to their siren call for Peach Margot Dishcloth pattern. I LOVE how chipper they are together, especially in the Catherine Wheel stitch (one of my all time traditional favorites). This dishcloth reminds me of photos I’ve seen of flamingos in flight, all wings and necks.

This pattern does take some getting used to, I couldn’t keep the edge stitches straight in my mind without writing them down and marking each row as I finished it. I had enough yarn leftover to make another dishcloth too! I sense a pinky-peach color explosion coming on in my kitchen.



  1. Elizabeth / April 17, 2014

    I was trying to find this on ravelry so I can log my project, but it’s not there. Are there plans to load it soon?

  2. Carol Converse / April 4, 2014

    I would like to download all the patterns of the 52 dishcloths but I have not succeeded in downloading even one. How do I access the patterns? Is there a book I can buy? Will there be one? Thank you. CC

    • Shelley / April 7, 2014

      Click on the link inside the article. It is underlined and if you hover over Peach Mango Dishcloth you will see it is a link. It will take you to another page. On the right hand side is information about yardage etc. There is also a PDF logo that says “Download Free Pattern”. Click on that and another window opens. Scroll down to and click on “continue to pattern download”