New knitter, new blogger

Hi. I’m Marci, the VP of Marketing here. I started in September and did not know how to knit. Over Christmas, my mom taught me on some fairly awful brown acrylic yarn and some straight acrylic needles. She found these supplies in the bottom of her closet–she hadn’t touched any of it for about 20 years. I knitted a couple of brown squares, didn’t really like it and quit. It was a lovely and fun mother/daughter moment, I just didn’t know if knitting was for me.

Then, about a month ago, a friend bought me a huge pile of Knit Picks yarn as a gift. It was so thoughtful. So I decided to give it another try. Some of the yarn he bought me was Shamrock, which has been my favorite since I started here. I love the colors, the feel, and creative use of a single hand-dyed strand–just very cool. So, I’m now knitting a scarf for Chris, since he bought me the yarn, and I’m really, really enjoying it.

I went to Kelley Petkun to have her show me how to knit a scarf and I told her I wanted to learn to purl during the project. So she showed me how to knit a seed-stitch, explaining that a stockinette doesn’t really work for a scarf because it curls.

So here’s my scarf so far. I’m on my 4th ball of Shamrock, I think I’ll end up using 5 balls total. Oh, and I’m using size 5 nickel Options needles

And bear with me if I don’t use the right terminology in my posts–I’m an official newbie knitter. <