Neutral Stripes Dishcloth

This week’s design for our 52 Weeks of Dishcloths is the Neutral Stripes Dishcloth. I was going through my collection of dishcloths at home, and I realized that I tend to first pick a color palette and then do a number of variations using the same colors so that I have a matched set. I already have a ton of bright-bright-bright dishcloths for my kitchen, so for this pattern I wanted something that could alternatively be used as a spa or face cloth in the bathroom.


CotLin is an amazing yarn for hard-wearing home textiles! The linen content softens with every use and wash, leaving you with a supple-yet-strong fabric that’s still plush and absorbent. This pattern is a simple progression of garter stitch stripes, and I plan to make three more cloths to match in solids using the yarn I have left over from the striped version. They’re going to look great rolled up in a basket right next to my bathtub.


You can find the Neutral Stripes Dishcloth here:

Neutral Stripes Dishcloth

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