My Crochet Goldfish

Learning to crochet has actually been pretty fun. I made a little goldfish cat toy that I saw on Ralvery and thought it might look good made in our Canary Cotlin yarn. It was so fast to learn how to crochet. After looking though a few books and watching crochet video tutorials, I managed to pick up the single, double, and half double crochet stitches pretty quick. I was able to crochet the body of the goldfish on the plane to Palm Springs. I had to redo the fins a couple of times becuase I crocheted into the next chain stitch instead of the same stitch. One of those little things that you have to learn by doing it wrong I suppose. Anyways I haven’t stuffed it with catnip yet, for now mr.goldfish is sitting on my desk. He’s so cute! I want to do more little fishies.