My Craft Corner

With Kerin & Hannah‘s recent posts on organizing their stash, I decided to work on my craft corner last weekend!

When I lived in Massachusetts, my significant other & I had a 3 bedroom house, which was great!  I took the tiny room for my craft area, where I could keep all my yarny things, plus my sewing machine, books, a comfy chair and anything else I wanted in my own private sanctuary.  It was a very small dark room but I liked having a place of my own.

 Craft room

The other larger room was our office and a place for the SO to keep his guitars, as well as a place we could turn into a guest room if needed. But moving back to Oregon was a problem as our house here is only a 2 bedroom.  The SO stayed in Massachusetts for an additional year & half so I did still have a craft room to myself.  Now that we have to share the (small) spare room, we needed to organize!

As you can see, in Massachusetts I had all my yarn out on shelves.  It was semi organized by yarn, with sock yarn on the top shelf.


Well that wasn’t going to work here – we now have a very curious young kitty who would love to play with it & knock it all down.  So to save my sanity, I decided that having it in drawers would be a better fit.

Craft corner 

The shelf & bins came from Ikea – I don’t live very far away from one so it was the easiest & least expensive shelving to get. I organized each drawer in my own system – sock yarns, partial wool scraps, cotton, and a drawer of “special yarn”.  I also put all the yarn I had for big projects, like sweaters, in one drawer.


I also made a separate drawer of my growing collection of Palette!


With the way I set the shelf on the side, I now I had a work area for my craft projects.  I mainly use it to wind yarn or cut out fabric.


That’s my unusual swift by the way – the SO gave it to me several years ago. It looks like a Ferris Wheel!

We’re still working on organizing the room so we can peacefully coexist together in there but it’s coming together much better now!  How do you have your yarn stash organized? Do you use the drawer method or do you keep your yarn out in the open?