My colors for the Very Warm Hat

Every time I write about a new project, I cringe waiting for Tina’s UFO group to swoop down and give me a lecture. But, this falls into an interesting category of projects. It’s the “Can’t Remember Where I Put My ____________?” category. I know that I want this hat for next winter. The odds of my remembering to knit it before next winter, given my age related memory issues, is pretty slim. If I add it to my To Do List, I might get it finished by September 2009.

I put stripes of a third color on Adam’s hat. The original pattern had you using the “reversible” color as a stripe. I think I like that better. And, I think I will use a two-color pattern instead of a stripe. A bit more feminine. Here are the colors I’m thinking of using – Swish DK – Grain Heather and Persimmon Heather. Since the hat is going to be close to my face, I want to be sure to use warm colors. I wonder if we have any of these colors sitting around the office? <