Moving day!

It’s moving day at the KP office. Actually, what was moving day is dragging into more of a moving week or two. We’ve got a LOT of stuff.
“Now where in the world are they moving to?”, you might be asking yourself. That’s a fair enough question. And it’s kind of hard to explain. See, this used to be Tina’s office downstairs,

but now she’s in this office upstairs.

And all of KP used to be downstairs right here,

but now they’re moving upstairs into this room,

and almost everyone who was in that room is moving to this room,

except for the few random individuals who belong to no specific department and are being peppered liberally throughout the building where ever space allows.

I think it’s a little like square dancing somehow. “Swing your laptop round and round. Drop that yarn and hit the ground…” Can you tell I don’t actually square dance?

All we know is that absolutely everything from the Mainline to the Felici to the Essential to the Shine has to be packed as soon as humanly possible. So we’re all busily packing away.

If we haven’t surfaced by the end of next week, check the boxes, we might be buried alive in yarn.