Merry Christmas!

By now you know how I feel about Cathy Carron’s book, Cowlgirls. But, “Don’t leave!” I’m using Cowlgirls as a seque to a topic I think you will find very helpful.

Cowlgirls is appealing to me because of the variety of designs, the practicality of the “cowls” and how quickly each project knits up.

Now, think about the challenges many of us face when we begin to knit gifts for Christmas. What to make for whom? Something that will actually be worn. And, a definite lack of time! The secret to making a dent in your knitting list, or even finishing it, is to choose portable and easy projects.

I began to realize that Cathy’s book would be the perfect source for my gift knitting! Being in a building full of knitters, I began to wonder what books other holiday knitters were using. And, wouldn’t that be a timely topic for a podcast? I was right about the podcast topic, but the sources for inspiration were surprising and quite individual. Join me with Podcast #150 as I chat with Kate and Kerin.