Meet Brooke!

Hello!  I’m Brooke!  I’m the new graphic designer over at KnitPicks, and I’m super excited to be here.

My craft background is like a patchwork made out of things you find in the back of your art cabinet.  I’m a big fan of graphite, colored pencil, and ink work.  I’m also partial toward digital illustration, geometric sculpture, and finding random things to glue together.  I do knit and crochet, but I’ve never successfully knitted in the round (which I’m fixing to change here pretty soon).

I’m learning to knit lace, which is going well, if slowly.  There are so many talented knitters here at KnitPicks, and their creations are inspiring me to work harder to improve!

In my spare time I’m usually in the middle of some sort of creative project.  These tend to revolve around my (admittedly nerdy) interests.  My most recent paintings have been all been Star Trek-themed, but I also think my animals are great, so my cat and dog make frequent appearances.

Beyond painting I’ve also been dipping my toes into creating sculpture recently with equilateral triangles made of bamboo skewers.  Drilling holes down the sides and threading wire through them even allowed me to make a nifty little hyperbolic paraboloid.  While making these I think superglue became my best friend.

Other than crafting and art I spend a lot of my time playing music.  I sing and play guitar, (at least I try!) and occasionally record, too.  My next music project plan is to record all of the parts from one of the Dr. Horrible Sing-Along Blog songs (My Eyes (On The Rise)!).  Harmonizing with myself sounds tricky, but I’m excited to give it a try.  I’m still in the planning and practice stages of that video, but this recording of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” was super fun to make and should tide you over 🙂

I’m very exited to be here working with KnitPicks and I’m looking forward to adding my experience, style, and creativity to the beautiful projects we create here.


  1. Jane in FL / December 5, 2017

    Welcome Brooke, I am one of Knitpick’s lurkers… (: Great art and musical abilities! I used to record harmony with myself back in the day it was done on reel to reel. It’s actually a lot of fun because you are free to do what you want, when you want. Your voice is very soothing with an effortless range. Keep singing!

    • Brooke R / December 5, 2017

      Thank you so much for your comment! I’m definitely going to look into reel to reel. Once upon a time (and possibly now if I manage to unearth it from my closet!) I used to have a Zoom H4, but it records digitally, and I’ve always thought that analog recordings have a much fuller sound.