Magda the Rabbit

I have had Sara E. Kellner’s Vintage Rabbit pattern in my Ravelry queue for ages while I waited to have enough of just the right color yarn for it. So, when I discovered a mini stash of Wool of the Andes Worsted tucked away in a basket: two balls of Painted Desert and one ball of Oyster Heather I already had the perfect project in mind!

This project was an interesting challenge and involved quite a bit more seaming than I had anticipated when I first picked up my needles. It’s unusual to find a knitting pattern where all the pieces are knit separately (two sides, the belly and head gusset) and then seamed together like the pattern pieces in a traditional cloth sewing project.

I’m glad that I stuck with this project because it taught me a valuable little lesson about the magical resources available on Ravelry. I ran in to a little bit of trouble while shaping the back section and found answers to all of my questions in the wonderfully helpful comments section of the pattern’s Ravelry page. Until this project, I hadn’t so much as glanced at the little tab, tucked away in the upper right side of the page. Now, I make a point of reading through the comments section of every pattern I’m thinking about knitting before I cast on. I found answers to all of my questions about this pattern already answered by the designer.

I absolutely love how this sweet bunny has turned out and I made sure to note what I changed in the project notes for next time (oh yes, there will definitely be a next time!). I’m thinking about trying Magda out in Palette to get a smaller companion for her (Magda stands at a whopping 11 inches!)… perhaps Coriander Heather and Pumice Heather? Or Opal Heather and Cream? So many choices!