Lace Weather

When the weather heats up around here, it’s definitely lace season. It’s the perfect time to cast on an intricate shawl to work on during the summer months and have ready for the first few chilly nights in autumn. If you’re looking for a new lace project for the summer, try the Baltic Lace kit!

This kit has yarn and patterns for both the Karukell Shawl and the Catkin scarf or stole (shown here in stole option).

The Catkin Stole/Scarf features a fairly simple Estonian-inspired design with optional nupps. Afraid of those? There’s a whole section of the pattern devoted to them, how they’re made, and how to make them easier to knit, so you’ll lose that fear in a heartbeat! (Nupps are really not that hard. Seriously. If you can do a bobble, you can make a nupp!)

The Karukell shawl is designed using some traditional Estonian elements and some new twists. The center panel and border feature floral motifs with – of course – nupps, but the outer border is picked up and knit on instead of being knit separately and sewn. The Karukell center panel is very light and airy, with a heavier border and double-weight bind off to give the shawl its drape.

Whether you’re new to lace or a seasoned pro, this set is a simple, elegant project for your summer lace knitting!