Knitting with a little help from my friends…

I finished my first lace project!

I was inspired by Franklin Habit’s Night Cap on Knitty.

So Alison helped me alter the pattern to make a scarf, knitting straight instead of in the round and helped me choose yarn and needle size.

Alison said to show off the beautiful pattern I should choose a yarn with sheen. She also said I could get away with a worsted, so I chose Shine. Here’s where the problem came in. I found some Shine in my stash that I had received from our stash swap party. The color was Sea Scape. I happily started knitting away. I came to the end of my second ball and went to order more, only to discover that we haven’t carried that color since 2007. Oops.

After asking advice from a couple people in the office, Christy found two balls in HER stash of the discontinued color and donated it to my cause. She texted me on a Sunday to tell me she’d found it–it made my weekend.

So once again, with help from the other knitters here at Knit Picks, I get a gorgeous finished product that makes me look like a pro–when apparently it takes a tribe for me to knit a scarf. <