Knits for Nerds Winners!

Wow, thanks for all of your great entries in the Knits For Nerds Contest – I had a lot of fun reading all of your nerdy loves!  Alas, I only have 2 copies of the book so I loaded up the Random Number Generator & came up with our winners

Winner #1 – Meli Santiago!

Her comment: 

Nerdy-ness is a trait passed down in my family. My dad was a Trekkie and a Star Wars fan. Passed that down to me, who adopted Firefly, Doctor who, and Torchwood on top of that. Now I’ve got my phone that is completely Doctor Who-ified. It plays the Theme song when someone is calling, the TARDIS sound when I get a text message, and the background screen is of the tenth and eleventh doctor. (10 is my favorite) Squee!

Winner #2 – Jenifer!

Her commnet:

Um. My last name is Spock. Pretty sure I win on that alone 😉 I am a Firefly and Doctor Who freak. Husband, kids are all Star Wars nuts, I love the original and Next Gen Star Trek series, and I can quite pretty much quote any Harry Potter book, and am a firm believer that Cedric Diggory would have beaten the minions of Team Edward into the ground.
In addition, I also make and donate Jayne hats to the PDX Browncoats for their annual Can’t Stop the Serenity screening to benefit various charities. Also, did I mention that the “Status is NOT quo?” and Dr. Horrible is one of the best creations of Joss Whedon… I could go on with my love of DC Comics, but I’ll stop.., 😉

Thanks again everyone – this was a really fun contest!  Stay tuned for more contests here on the blog!