Our Knit Picks: Fair Isle!

We are definitely lovers of fair isle knitting around here, and whether it’s the patterns from our new collection or elsewhere, we love marveling at the stranded knitting of crafters far and wide. Here’s a round up of some of our favorite Ravelry fair isle projects (in a variety of yarn weights!), as well as a sneak peak behind the scenes of the photo shoot for the 2015 Knit Picks Fair Isle Collection.



Clockwise from top left: mamatronic’s Road to Golden Sweater, Hikeeba’s Cookoo for Cookoo clocks (uses motifs noted in the pattern details), Squibstitcher’s Slàintebyhandbyjeans’ polka Dot Socksdreareneeknits’ Peter’s Christmas Ski Sweater, peachykkg’s Lobster Ski Sweater, and accordianpie’s Annemor No.15.

If you’d like to see designs from the 2015 Knit Picks Fair Isle Collection in motion, have a look behind the scenes at the photo shoot:


We hope that no matter whether you’re a newbie or expert at fair isle, you’ll find something you’d love to knit!