Knit covered bangles featured in Vogue Holiday Issue

What a fantastic idea!! The hard part actually turned out to be finding bangles. I went to several places like Target and Kohls but the bangles were about $15.00 each. More than I wanted to pay! I finally hit pay-dirt at Pier One. Back in a corner I found a large basket of bangles on sale!! $2.00 – $3.00 each! Much better! I bought a set for myself and for Marci, who wants to make some covers. The key is that the bangles are going to be covered so what they look like doesn’t really matter.

I decided to use the lace pattern with the turqoise blue bangle so some of the blue will show. I’ll have to make up my own designs for the other two bangles because the one’s in the Vogue magazine are for larger bangles. There are good ideas for other quick-knit gifts in this issue so give it a look. <