Kitties and Knitters (plus a giveaway!)

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We hang our heads in shame.

Yesterday (October 29th) was National Cat Day and we completely missed it. I would normally take any opportunity to yak about kitties – either about my own or the cats & kittens I hang out with when I volunteer at Pixie Project.


My kitty Rorschach, surrounded by yarn.

Well even if it is a few days late, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite kitty related crafty things anyway!

So it’s pretty obvious I was really excited about our new little design that Heidi created – the Yarn Kittens!


We have these little kitties on buttons, tote bags & project bags and they are just adorable.  I am currently wearing my kitty button at work today in fact!

Another kitty project I’ve probably mentioned before is Angela Modzelewski’s adorable Kitty Cat Hat & Mitts.  I just love it – I even made a set for my niece a year or so ago. It might be a little late for your Halloween costume but I think these are adorable for any time of year.

Finally, we have a couple of adorable books for serious cat lovers – Knitted Cats & Kittens by Sue Stratford and Knit Your Own Cat by Sally Muir & Joanna Osborne.


Both of these books are sweet & funny – perfect (or maybe purrrrrfect) for all cat lovers or, especially this time of year, gift ideas for any kitty lover on your list.  I love making little toys so, in flipping through these books, I’ve earmarked several I want to cast on immediately.

In fact, I have an extra copy of each of these books that I would love to give away to a fellow kitty lover.  Leave a comment on this blog post, telling me about your kitty (or if you don’t have one, a favorite cat you know).  I’ll randomly draw 2 winners who will each win one of these books!

Rules: One entry per person. Must have a US or Canada mailing address. No purchase necessary. All comments must be posted on THIS blog post. Comments on other blog posts or on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, G+, Ravelry, etc.) will not be valid for this contest. We will close the comments at 7am PST November 4th) and select a winner soon after!

As a note, don’t worry if your comment doesn’t show up right away – because of not-very-nice spammers that slip through our filters, we need to approve each comment. So there might be delay, especially over the weekend – but don’t worry, we’ll get your entry!


  1. Niki Curtis / October 30, 2013

    My two ‘owners’ are both long-haired which was NOT in the plan. But when I saw a free-to-good-home ad for a Persian, well, what do you do? A few years later an acquaintance was unable to keep her cat when moving, so I ‘inherited’ her DLH tortoiseshell. Now I have every colour of cat hair on all my clothes and soft furnishings, can’t sit on the couch without being sat on myself, and return home to a chorus of yowls demanding to know where I’ve been. Thankfully neither actively chase my yarn, but a WIP left on the couch is fair game to be slept on.

  2. Amber L / October 30, 2013

    I have Doug my gray and white cat who is actually a female and sits on my lap trying to interfere with crafts.

    Then Mr Belvidere who is also a female who slinks around hating everyone and everything….especially Doug.


  3. Samantha Rohrich / October 30, 2013

    My favorite Kitty was my neighbors cat Scooter when I was a kid. He was a grey and white kitty and he was super smart. He would always meet me down at my bus stop and then walk home with me. When we got about half way we would race and he’d run up to my house. During summers he would meet me on my back porch at dusk and jump up into my lap for cuddling. He was the best cat ever!

  4. Bobbie H / October 30, 2013

    A friend once said that a “favorite” cat is the one sitting in your lap. My favorite was Kali, an oriental shorthair, who was black with long legs, whip thin long tail and huge ears. She loved to get into her harness and drive with me around town, she met all my friends at the door, and she chased quarters, picked them up and brought them back to me. Oh! And then there was Uma, and Percy… and Poohdy… and Ooch…

  5. Connie K. / October 30, 2013

    I have a yellow tabby named Gus who has struggled with his health since he was abandoned as a baby. He is very spoiled and has a wonderful vet who is working hard to make him healthy. I would love to make a friend for him and other kitties as gifts for my friends.

  6. BJ King / October 30, 2013

    My cat Spencer was the best cat ever. He is no longer with us, and I miss him very much.

  7. Cindy Minota / October 30, 2013

    I presently enjoy 8 cats who help me (UN)wind yarn and Chase wool! It would be fun to explore either of these books! Thanks!

  8. Cherish / October 30, 2013

    My fiance and I cannot own a cat in our apartment, but I do have two favorite cats in my life: one still around at my parents’ house, and one who passed in 2010.

    Pudder (“pud” like in “pudding”–oo sound) was my and my younger brothers’ childhood cat. He was 30 pounds of orange tabby and made of pure attitude, but he was a fiercely loyal companion. He would sit with you and talk to you for literally hours–so long as you talked to him like he was a person. My brothers and I say burying that cat in 2010 was like burying our brother-in-law all over again.

    Milo, my mom’s cat, is a 3-year-old beige/orange tabby, though we like to say he’s a golden lab trapped in a 13-pound cat’s body. He is THE biggest lover I’ve ever met in a cat, and so smart he’s stupid. (Milo will move small pieces of furniture to jiggle open doorknobs, but he gets himself caught on pilfered twist ties until someone comes and saves him.) He, like Pudder before him, is fiercely loyal to his people, often switching between family members to snuggle every chance he gets.

  9. Bonnie / October 30, 2013

    My kitty is Kit-cat. Actually, her original name was Tess, but my family hated that name, so Kit-cat. She is a lovely sandy tan colour with green eyes, and she loves snuggling. Usually she’s happy with just sitting under my knitting projects, but sometimes she says I have to pay attention to her. Enough with all that knitting. 😉
    She also enjoys making computers read to her in Spanish. She made my mom’s laptop read things in Spanish, and my mom couldn’t figure it out for almost two weeks. 🙂

  10. Minnetta Benscoter / October 30, 2013

    i have a sweet boy named Kupala, we call him kup(coop) among other names such as “yarn thief”…this is my favorite name for him, and we have this game started by kup stealing a skein when i first started knitting. he can ignore yarn that i forget i have out for days, then if i am looking or nearby he will “steal” it and if i am not watching i find it in trails around the house. i always call out to him that he is indeed a yarn thief, which somehow tickles him as he comes around and loves on me. it is a silly game…but this 14 year old companion is my best friend…he has two skeins that are his alone, usually drug around the house while he “sings” to it! thanks for letting me share about my sweet boy!

  11. Beth Rudo / October 30, 2013

    I have three indoor cats: Harriet, Taylor and Tom, weights 5, 10 and 15 pounds respectively, all rescued from stray. There is a cat for every size lap.
    I also feed a couple of outdoor cats abandoned in my neighborhood.

  12. pat / October 31, 2013

    I’m not allowed cats where I live. But my favorite cat is “Chewie” my sister’s cat. She is named because her coloring is almost exactly like Chewbacca the Wookie’s.

    Her eyes are a beautiful yellow, and she’s nearly 17 years old!

    She love our family, but hates almost anyone else. She’ll run and hide under a bed if my parents have guests over.

    She once decided to get into my sewing- this was before I knit- and managed to snag her claw on a very expensive piece of linen fabric. Needless to say, I was not pleased.

    She does, however, love to be petted- the only times she makes any noise is when she’s demanding to be petted, then she’s very loud.

  13. Jessica / October 31, 2013

    My cat Mittens is my friend till the end! She doesn’t care if I am knitting or sewing, as long as thread is involved she LOVES to help…

  14. Barb T / October 31, 2013

    My cat, Coal, and his sister, Smoke, came into my life just after I retired. They’re both long-haired and jet black and had a complete undercoat in pale grey.

    To begin with they were both feral and hid under my bed until I was out cold for the night. Then they came out to eat. After about 6 months Smoke began to socialize with me and became the lovey one of the two.

    Unfortunately, Smoke was snake bit this past spring and died from the bite. Coal went into a huge depression without her — he would sit looking at me and just howling. Gradually, he adjusted and amazingly he changed his personality. Instead, of dozing on the other side of the room from me; he’s now just beside me or on top of me and purring up a storm. I’ve been amazed at the change in him. But I love it. He’s ever so much nicer now.

    Amazingly neither of the two ever bothered my knitting other than to curl up next to something soft.

  15. Marthe / October 31, 2013

    Our tortoiseshell cat lives mostly outside and when she came into our life, the kids named her “Ninja” because she blended in to the grass and leaves so well. While she is hard to see, she is anything but stealthy. She is the loudest “talker” I’ve ever had as a cat. The slightest human (or dog) movement in the yard is greeted by loud meow’s and yowl’s – I’m surprised all the mice haven’t been scared away by the noise!

  16. Laura from beautiful West Michigan / October 31, 2013

    Annie was my cat for 12 years. She was a talker and a cuddler, and would sit on the back of my chair and always put a paw on my shoulder. She’s gone now, but she was a sweet cat.

  17. theresa calter / October 31, 2013

    I always feel I must have dogs and cats to be balanced. the DLH orange tabby, TN Jed, our old man of 14, likes to sleep on the back of the couch as I knit. PigPen, the 5 yr old tuxedo cat, is the one I have to watch around the knitting. He loves what I call raw wool–yarn that has had little processing and the lanolin is very obvious. I think it has to do with the fact that my herding coach took him in when he was a sick feral kitten so he thinks sheep smell like love.

  18. Beverly Roberts / October 31, 2013

    I love this design! I was until recently owned by two beautiful young cats, a short-haired orange guy named Keegan and a Norwegian Forest/Tuxedo guy named Bartholomeow. My sweet wee Keegan passed over the Rainbow Bridge on October 13th. He is sorely missed.

  19. D'Ann / October 31, 2013

    I have a 4 year old, adopted grey tabby named Kelvin. My husband and I are both scientists, so it was only fitting to name our furry friend after Lord Kelvin inventor of the absolute temperature scale, and the cat certainly believes he is the lord of at least our apartment. Kelvin is extremely social and playful, and quickly befriends anyone who comes through the front door.

  20. Margot / October 31, 2013

    Lily is my tiny, six pound, three-legged cat. She was picked up by animal control with her six kittens and had been shot twice a couple of weeks earlier as best guessed by the vet. One pellet severed the sciatic nerve, so the leg was removed. We saw her shortly after her recovery and adopted her. She is the happiest cat, loves to run, and makes us smile and laugh every day. She is the latest of a long line of precious kitties that have shared their lives with us.

  21. Mirja / October 31, 2013

    i unfortunately can’t have cats due to severe allergies. But we have lots that live next door that we adore.

  22. Lauren / October 31, 2013

    My family recently rescued a kitten who was in a dumpster. He is a cute little black kitten, and there is disagreement on his name, but my sister calls him Cecil. Would love to win a cat book,thanks for having the giveaway!

  23. Ama / October 31, 2013

    I used to have the cutest kittens but we had to give them away because my mom has a cat allergy. I will always love them 🙂

  24. Amy / October 31, 2013

    I have 2 cats of my own, Keeley and Arya. I also foster cats and currently have 4 that are waiting to find their furever homes. Would love to win these books since I’m a crazy cat lady!

  25. Joleen B / October 31, 2013

    It seems I always have a kitty in my life…we had a siamese named Mocha who loved to lay on top of my brothers head at night, Tom a lovely black DSH, Sylvester aka Dribbles who was black with white dribbles from his mouth, Skimble another black DSH who was brought home by my husband but quickly became my baby, and Mungo my first DLH. My current kitty is a gray Mainecoon named Griffen. He is about 10 years old and loves to curl up on my lap…especially when I am working on a project 🙂 Thanks for bringing the memories to life.

  26. Alice Moisen / October 31, 2013

    I have two long-haired black kitties who are my constant companions. they are coon mixes and as such, make sure I am never alone in a room.

  27. Ann Devine / October 31, 2013

    My favorite kitty, of the many I’ve “roomed” with, has to be The Snow Baby (yes, “The”, just like Winnie The Pooh). She purred on several notes, sounding like she was humming a little tune wherever she went; she was always ready to play at the slightest hint from me; and she never weighed more than six pounds. I miss her often, and hope we can find each other on that Rainbow Bridge when my time comes. How can such a short little life fill a heart so well?

  28. Anita / October 31, 2013

    Our last cat was Emmie. Such a sweet little thing and most loving. She was my daughter’s cat and always was tiny. She would sleep with our big English mastiff and was fearless. We all miss her.

  29. Amanda Price / October 31, 2013

    When we moved into our house last year, it came with a wonky eyed outdoor cat with one ear that we named Pepper. She was skittish at first, but soon became quite lovable after deciding we were worthy. Eventually we realized she had a son hidden away. He was half grown and fully wild. We named him Jack. So Pepper and Jack became part of our family. Unfortunately Pepper disappeared earlier this year. She had been sick, so we figured she went away to where she wanted to ‘rest’ and Jack has since adopted us as his caretakers/slaves. He is still half wild and hides at sudden movements and loud noises, but likes a nice ear scratch and petting if we are quiet. We tried to bring home some friends for him, TomTom and Abby, but they disappeared after a couple of months. Either someone took them or they followed someone home. The three were inseparable, so I know Jack must miss them. He’s become more of an ankle rubber since they left us. Poor Jack. We’re just going to be a one cat family and make sure Jack knows he is loved and that we appreciate his little ‘gifts’ of moles and mice he leaves for us on the steps.

  30. Stacey TaylorKane / October 31, 2013

    I have two wonderful kitties (one of which is sleeping behind my shoulder, right now, purring in my ear).

    Mia is a Napoleon Munchkin. She’s the beautiful Queen of our household. She’s my brave “little lion” who likes to bring me toys, pens and q-tips. Loving to be carried around, she’ll give arms (like a toddler does) whenever she wants to be held. When she gets “the crazies” she’ll run into the kitchen or hallway and slide/drift across the tile, sometimes crashing into a wall. Her only weaknesses are cardboard boxes and paper bags.

    We say Barney is 1/4th munchkin. A birth defect caused his front, right leg to be under developed. But, his short, flipper-like foot doesn’t slow him down in the least! Barney is a clumsy little Cassanova with a purr like rolling thunder. He sleeps in the most hilarious positions and never fails to put a smile on my face.

  31. Amy Hinkelman / October 31, 2013

    My cats all love to see me knit, but my most ardent cat knitting companion is Pussywillow. He is a beautiful long haired white cat with a few black spots (including a heart on his hip). He loves to sit behind my head when I knit and look over my shoulder. When he is really engaged he leans his head further and further over my shoulder until his nose a practically touching my needles (I’m nearsighted). His gaze will lock onto my work and he stares as if he is afraid that I will drop a stitch if he breaks his concentration with a blink.

  32. Ashley / October 31, 2013

    I have two wonderful kittens who my husband and I adore! My first is Eda, who I call Fluffernutter as she is orange and white, fluffy and nutty! She is the queen of all she sees. She has been my companion for 8 years now, and her purring could move mountains! I am pregnant with our first baby, and she loves to sit by my huge belly and purr. I hope she is as pleasant when baby comes!
    My other kitty is Babette, who is an excellent sidekick for all sorts of adventures. She is sweet and curious, and loves cuddling with my husband and I at night. My husband did not care for cats until he met Babetter – she is great at converting people! Lately she has been having allergy issues, which makes us sad to see her so distressed.
    I would love a cat book to knit a cat project to honor my furr-babies before my baby comes!!!

  33. Paula / October 31, 2013

    The feline that runs our house, and our dog is Rusty Kitty. A beautiful, affectionate 9 year old orange tabby, rescued when he was just 6 weeks old. He had been living under a dumpster, behind a bar. He’ll never have another rough spot in life! That was our promise and he reminds us daily.

  34. Amber Bryant / October 31, 2013

    My cat Sabin traveled 2000 miles with me across the country, became an excellent mouser, survived (barely) the introduction of a second cat to the household, and is still going strong, terrorizing the neighborhood dogs and entertaining everyone who passes by. He’s 13, and though I hope he lives many more years, he’s already had a good run!

  35. Annette / October 31, 2013

    I have a Maine Coon cat who I swear is part dog and part squirrel. He is about 14 pounds and will leap and jump at a variety of objects, even at the age of 4.
    He provides the family with lots of enjoyment.

  36. Beth Lorensen / October 31, 2013

    What an awesome giveaway! Both knitting and cats are dear to my heart. Currently we have a full house of 6 cats. They were all strays or rescues. They are Wanda, Earl Peter, Ivan, Herschel, Pollyanna, and Bean (short for Teenie Weenie Beanie). They love an opportunity to play with a ball of yarn or a handmade toy (as long as it has some catnip in it). Overall, they make our life complete and I don’t know what I would do without my house of cats!

  37. Allison / October 31, 2013

    I have 3 kitties and a dog. I would love to be able to replicate my kitties in knitting.

  38. amy mckay / October 31, 2013

    I totally need the ‘knit your cat’ book since I already have the dog edition and my cats Iggy & Uli are sooooo jealous they don’t have their own custom knitted versions of themselves! Iggy will be easy since he’s grey with a white throat and one white toe. However, Uli is more of a patchwork of grey stripes and apricot and buff spots, so that might take awhile :-). I had lots of fun knitting up tiny dogs, so I may have to buy the cat book if I’m not the lucky winner.

  39. Anne Van Ryzin / October 31, 2013

    We don’t own two cats, they live with us. Kat was unknowingly purchased when we bought our house. She was eating from trash cans and catching grasshoppers, so she cautiously accepted food if placed on the edge of the yard. Never having had a cat, we were sure Kat was male, until she brought her four kittens to the front porch. We kept the black kitten, Noir, and caught them both for a vet trip (traumatic). Now six years later, they grace our lives with their different personalities and love for each other. They visit indoors, but their space is on the open porch with a winter heater and hand crocheted blankets. We are blessed to have been adopted by them.

  40. Adeline Penn / October 31, 2013

    I have a three legged rescue cat named Peg who amuses endlessly with her antics. Also a total love bug! She is a wonderful part of our family!

  41. Alice Perry / October 31, 2013

    I’d love these books – what a great way to pay tribute to my feline companion now (his name’s Jack) and those who have gone before him: Sam, Sara, and Zoe, oh! and I cannot forget the cat who started by feline obsession when I was in kindergarten, Kitty!

  42. Beth / October 31, 2013

    I have 4 cats – 2 boys and 2 girls, ranging in age from 4 to 10 and all are adorable and full of personality! The oldest and grand high pooba is Dama, then there’s the queen (just ask her) Maya, then Isabelle, all cute and nothing but fluff, and finally the moose at over 20 pounds of huge, long cat, Sullivan. They keep our lives full of entertainment, cuddles and fur!

  43. Anita / October 31, 2013

    I have a little black and white cat who looks remarkably like the black and white at the beginning of this post only she is polydactyl (she’s got thumbs). Her name is Itsy –my daughter (then 3) named her. She has a many layered purr which she uses to lull you into a hypnotic state wherein you lie still and let her use you as her personal chaise. And she likes a good conversation now and then. She’s a good kitty who catches any mice that may make ingress (we live in the country). And she bosses around the dogs.

  44. Brandi Lowe / October 31, 2013

    Well, I can’t have cats because I’m allergic! But I had a cat when I was little. One of my favorite cats is a sweet boy my friend owns, who allowed my daughter to drag him around by his tail. (of course, we put a stop to it immediately!) He never hurt her even though she was very LOVING to him.

  45. Angi Read / October 31, 2013

    We’ve always had kitties but the one that holds the biggest piece of my heart was Fred. He was born on my birthday, the only kitten to survive and from day 1, I was HIS human. He would chase the other cats away from me, meet me as I got home from work each day and until the day he crossed over , was 18 lbs. of DLH orange tabby aggressive LOVE. It’s been almost 12 years and I still miss him!

  46. Barbara. Snow / October 31, 2013

    I think my cat can hear the yarn when I pull it from the skein. Has to be right grabbing it or the ends if my kneedles. I put up with it because I love her so much.

  47. Bonnie Clarkson / October 31, 2013

    I have 5 cats, 2 outside cats only, and 3 in and out door cats, so I’d have lots to choose from for the Make Your Own Cat book. They seem to prefer the yarn items to knead for a while before going to sleep on it. They don’t like the cheap, popular yarn. I use that item to keep them off the cedar chest.

  48. Amergin / October 31, 2013

    Jack caught a frog yesterday morning in my house. IN. We think the frog may have been in there a week or two….. The frog was rescued. Jack was bewildered by the turn of events.

  49. Linda / October 31, 2013

    I have always loved cats. At age 9, my first pet was Polly. Little did I know that Polly was a boy. No problem, I continued to refer to him as Polly. Now I have “Grandcats”….Buddy and Sylvester and Vinnie. When I am taking care of them, I say that I am “cat sitting”. Sylvester loves to sit on my lap while I knit.

  50. Amy / October 31, 2013

    I am staff to 4 Siamese mixes ranging in age from a year and a half to 14. They are the joy of my life, and they love to, er, help me with my knitting. 🙂

  51. Cathy / October 31, 2013

    I have an old kitty, “Katie.” She loves to sleep on me when I am sleeping. She loves biting my yarn while I knit and tries to bite my needles while I knit. She loves her kitty toy, a small swatch of garter stitch tied to a long length of yarn that I can flick through the air. She does amazing gymnastic feats while playing with this toy!

  52. Souphia / October 31, 2013

    Layla is the coolest cat (Yeah, I’m bragging a little). She’s a tabby tortie mix. She knows how to give high fives, likes to go on walks with us, and she comes whenever we whistle our signature whistle. I’m not entirely sure if she is a cat or a dog.

  53. Cassie / October 31, 2013

    Unfortunately, I don’t have a cat, since both my fiancé and I are allergic to them 🙁
    But my little sister has 2 of them, and her big fat Max is surely my favourite. He’s so chubby, fluffy, and soft! Last year I spent a few days at my sis’ place and the cats were afraid at first, but on the third night I woke up with Max laying on my belly, looking at my face with his laser eyes and constantly putting his paw on my cheek. He had adopted me! <3 I'd love to knit my own version of Max to sleep with!

  54. Hallie Murray / October 31, 2013

    My black and white kitten, Oreo, thinks he’s Superkitty. He’s constantly taking flying leaps from high places, usually landing on my head…in my sleep.

  55. Becky / October 31, 2013

    My favorite kittie is my muffie kittie. He loves to sit in my lap and snuggle at night.

  56. Claire / October 31, 2013

    I have a round-faced seal point Siamese named Digo (his full name is Indigo, but the guy downstairs where I used to live called his cat Indy, so we ended up with Digo). He’s uber-loving and I wouldn’t want it any other way. He sleeps on my head at night. He loves people and attention. He’ll even lick you to get your attention. When I go away on a trip, he smothers me with love when I get back, drooling on my shoulder and my hair. He’s lived through 4 moves across 4 states (started in California and now he lives in New Jersey). He’s seen boyfriends come and go. And he is my one constant. I just absolutely adore him to death. That is my Digo.

  57. Sabrina / October 31, 2013

    I have two crazy cats! They are siblings and were found on the side of the road, as very young kittens, their mommy had been hit by a car. We think that since they weren’t weaned, they became neurotic and slightly insane. haha. We love them, but they do make our life an adventure.

  58. Caroljean / October 31, 2013

    I just love all things with cats and to be able to knit a cat would be just the cat’s meow for a present that my grandson would love forever!! I would love to win these books. Thank you for the wonderful site and information.

  59. angie / October 31, 2013

    Our two cats love to play with my yarn balls rolling around wtih them .Then my son inherit a dog and she in turn sneaks into the room grabs my WIPS and runs with them leaving a yarn trail for me to follow . but I grown to love her too . So it be something for for all of them if I win this book.

  60. Caroljean / October 31, 2013

    By the way we have 2 members of the family that don’t realize that the rest of us aren’t cats and want to teach us how to catch our own food in case the shelf goes dry.

  61. Amy Love / October 31, 2013

    I have two kitties…moogie and sully. One is grey and white and one is black with vampire teeth:)

  62. Bonnie hawksley / October 31, 2013

    My Lily Cat had quite expensive taste in yarn. Now I have a zipper closed knitting bag. I would love to knit her some kitty companions!

  63. Hannah / October 31, 2013

    Three years ago my daughter adopted a street cat, which she named Janie. I wasn’t too excited about this, but my daughter is the youngest in the family and she felt deprived because she doesn’t have any younger siblings. So: Janie lives out in the yard and has had multiple litters since then. Some of the kittens came and went, not all survived, but Janie has truly become part of the family. Sometimes she brings us mice or snakes she’s caught, as a…gift? Lately I’ve been thinking I should start knitting my daughter cat things for when the inevitable happens and Janie is no more. The Sue Stratford book looks adorable…

  64. Cynthia RD / October 31, 2013

    My cats always help me knit, so they would love it if I had some cat-themed knitting items! Thanks!

  65. April / October 31, 2013

    I have a Persian named Valentino and he loves to knit with me. He is black and white with great big owl like eyes. His eyes light up when he sees me knitting. It would be a great day for him if I won this book.

  66. Kathleen Barnes / October 31, 2013

    I am the proud cat parent to 10 kitties. Each one is unique and brings love and joy to me. Both books are purrfect and I would love to be able to knit kitty projects from them. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this contest. Now I am off to order the kitty bags and buttons…

  67. Angela / October 31, 2013

    Make me miss having a kitty. Unfortunately, I have a son who is allergic so I fill that void by making them 😉

  68. Carol Arena / October 31, 2013

    I never used to like cats, but last year at about the same time my dog passed away, one of the neighborhood feral cats would come up to me, meow, rub my leg etc. looking for food. I started feeding her, now I have 10 or so cats in the colony who are looking for regular handouts! I am now TNR certified with the Neighborhood Cats. All because of one very outgoing cat.

  69. Carolyn Boutilier / October 31, 2013

    My granddaughter had to give up her 2 cats when they moved into an apartment. I would love to have a kitty pattern so I can knit her a cat for Christmas that way she would have a kitty with her all the time.

  70. Nancy Wise / October 31, 2013

    I have always loved kittens, my niece dresses her 2 up for every holiday. They are so cute–love to see her pictures.

  71. beth j / October 31, 2013

    We don’t actually have a cat however a very friendly neighborhood cat lays on my roof or garden wall daily. He talks and purrs and is very affectionate. Just took a little getting used to since he is always looking down on us. 😉

  72. Dara Maddox / October 31, 2013

    This is exactly what I want to make for my son for Christmas! I’ve been thinking about it for the last few weeks but haven’t started knitting yet.. He can’t have pets, so it was my idea to make him one that doesn’t require upkeep, or trouble from management… And, even though I’m an “old lady”, I think it would be awesome to have kitty mittens!!

  73. Mariah / October 31, 2013

    We don’t have our own cat (yet!), but recently, my boyfriend and I went on a late-night snack run and heard a miserable yowling noise near the driveway. A poor kitty was stuck in a tree! Two friends of ours went to fetch a ladder, but before they got back, the cat–in some mysterious way–made it safely to the ground on its own. She sometimes pops over for visits!

  74. Christine Sorenson / October 31, 2013

    All I can say is – cute! Cute! Cute! I’ve never been very good at knitting with multiple colors (hard to get the tension right) but your fingerless kitten mittens inspire me to try again! Thanks for developing all these darling cat patterns!

  75. Moira Engel / October 31, 2013

    We have two of the most amazing sweet kitties ever! Tica and Jazz are the best friends of our Autistic son. He adores them and makes up adventures about them being spies or magicians. When he’s having a hard time they run to him and nuzzle. It’s the closest thing to real magic I’ve ever seen.

  76. April / October 31, 2013

    I have an 15 yr. old man, Einstein. He’s not going to be with us all that much longer (end-stage kidney disease). He’s been a hoot – he’s such a cat (as in “I’ll let you know when I want love and it’s on my terms when I want it”). He earned his name – not by his smarts. For the first three months I had him as a kitten, I would open up the patio door in the morning. He would come bounding from wherever in the apartment and hit, at full tilt, the screen. Every day, without fail: “Way to go, Einstein!” and it stuck.

  77. Kate Gigliotti-Gordon / October 31, 2013

    We have two cats, Merry and Pippin, who are sadly starving for attention ever since we had our first child two years ago. It’s even worse now that we just had our second child! If only the cats would let the toddler pet them the problem would be solved.

  78. Maria / October 31, 2013

    I have 6 kitties, all of them rescues. Emme is my yarn thief and I must be careful with whatever I am working on since she will try to grab it and run the first chance she gets! Everything is a game to her.

  79. tinalicious / October 31, 2013

    George, my polydactyl ginger LOVES to take his big paws and bat at the yarn ball, even if it means he has to jump into my project bag to do it. Gracie, his polydactyl calico sister, is a master at sneakily chewing on my yarn, only to be found out when I reach the soggy wet end!

  80. Crystal / October 31, 2013

    My daughter brought a kitten home a few years ago. I did not like cats at the time, but she grew on me and I eventually fell in love with her. Millie was her name. Sadly my daughter lost her this summer but she was a great life lesson for me.

  81. Natalie Batt / October 31, 2013

    So cute to wear! And so fun to make too, I bet!
    I hope I win!!

  82. Beth Pitard / October 31, 2013

    My kitty is Missy aka Mischief. She likes to wake me up at 2am for kitty treats so I have to lock her out of the bedroom at night now. I get extra cuddles in the morning though. We would like to enter the drawing 🙂

  83. Chiara / October 31, 2013

    I currently have 3 cats – Smudge, Spooky and Ripley. Smudge and Spooky are both all black medium hairs and Ripley is a calico/tortie. Ripley is a very good helper with all crafty things, but she especially LOVES to help me when I knit.

  84. Debra J Andrews / October 31, 2013

    I have a very fluffy gray tiger kitty. Her name is Kitty and she is very loving and I love her right back! She loves to get up in my lap and “knit”! She also loves to play with my yarn when I am knitting. Naughty Kitty!!

  85. Cindy / October 31, 2013

    I have a grey tabby named Miss Parker. She loves to lie on my knitting while it is in progress. The bigger the project, the better. She also wanders onto my desk and blocks the computer screen. I give in when she puts her head on my shoulder and purrs in my ear.

  86. Kathy Humann / October 31, 2013

    I have hundrends of kitties! Actually I am the director of a feral and homeless cat program that works to spay, neuter, vaccinate and manage feral and homeless cats in Western Iowa. If we were to win these books, they would be offered as auction items to fund raise so we can continue our work with the kitties. Mrs. Gray is my favorite feral, who I feed every day. She has shown great strength and resilience as she continues to thrive in the outdoors! She has learned to trust me enough to allow me to pet her.

  87. Chris Cerutti / October 31, 2013

    We have nine cats that we adopted from the local animal shelter. Each has their own purrsonality, from the Queen cat to her lowly subjects. One is a cat who has feline leukemia, who rules her own separate queendom, named Raja. She is very laid back and sweet.

  88. Colleen / October 31, 2013

    My Spike is a siamese-cross sweetheart, at least for me she is. She loves to curl up with me when I’m knitting and ‘help’.

  89. Denise / October 31, 2013

    I have 4 adorable cats!!! The oldest is 13 yo. They love sleeping on top of me (I feel like a wall !!)

    LUV kitties!

  90. Debra Chewning / October 31, 2013

    We now gave only 2cats, 2 of the litter disappeared years ago. Looked fir them but no trace. Siblings, Dasher lives up to his name, going nuts everyday dashing around. Smoogie is shy and reserved, Siamese calico mix. Both have very long and soft fur.

  91. Carolyn Buck / October 31, 2013

    I have been without a cat for about a year, but was waiting for kitten season to get a new one. The time is now! I better get on the ball and get one. I love the idea of knitting your own cat. It would be fun to spin yarn and mix in the cats fur and knit with that. ~Carolyn

  92. Sylvestra / October 31, 2013

    Most of my cats have been grey or grey tabbies. My current furry companion of 8 years is a large grey tabby that goes by Skye. He still isn’t sure if he like my 17 month old son.

  93. Dolores Coyle / October 31, 2013

    A few years ago, my husband brought home a feral cat that had been hanging around the woodshop he works in in North Philadelphia. It had taken him over two years to earn her trust enough to catch her and bring her home. Shortly after her arrival, she blessed us with the gift of Bonus kittens. Now we have Sally Bowles (the Momma) and babies, Alger His, Paw-Tux-Et, Tortellini, Little Donnie and The Bounder. Feeling lucky to have them all, but we are at a cap on cats here.

  94. LORI / October 31, 2013

    HA! I thought you were going to give away a book that tells how to literally “knit my cat”… as it seems I am always knitting/crocheting one of my four cats “fur” into a project….NOT ON PURPOSE!!! Sunny and Oscar and are constant companions on my lap as I create lovely things for friends and family…wouldn’t have it any other way!

  95. Diane Koller / October 31, 2013

    I had a beautiful Persian kitty named Toshia but she started having problems whiched turned out to be kidney disease and she had to be put down. 🙁 I would love to try to knit one just like her! Thanks!

  96. Paloma / October 31, 2013

    I have two cats. One who goes by Turtle is 14 and cranky. The other is 3 and is Simba. He actually owns the house all I do is pay the bills.

  97. BeckyIA / October 31, 2013

    We have four indoor cats. We just adopted a kitten with eye issues. We’re hoping with the medicine we put in her eyes everyday that she will evenutally be able to see clearly. So right now, she needs a knitted companion!

  98. Donita Porter / October 31, 2013

    I have to knitting & crochet buddies, Ginger Ale and Geena. They keep me warm and entertained!

  99. Debby G. / October 31, 2013

    I have two big, fluffy cats, Butters, a Ragdoll & Gemma, a shelter cat. They are both very helpful whenever I am trying to knit or crochet.

  100. CThompson / October 31, 2013

    We just recently rescued a starving kitten a couple of weeks ago. She’s a beautiful, tiny, tiger orange kitty with huge eyes. She’s joined our motley crew of two older cats and two cat lovin’ dogs. She’s not quite sure what to make of this new home yet. We’re glad to see that she’s lost the haunted, malnourished look that she had when we brought her home. If only we could settle on a name!

  101. Kristine McRae / October 31, 2013

    I have had many wonderful kitties over the years, but I will comment today about Simple Simon Says Bar Sinister, a blue point Siamese. He’s about seven years old now, and he has driven me to keep my knitting in sealed bins. Over the years, he has had great fun chewing up about five sets of bamboo dps, destroying an almost-finished alpaca lace shawl, carrying a skein of yarn (with project attached!) through the house, wrapping it around every possible table leg, chair, and even other cats, and unraveling almost finished socks. So I have to lock up my knitting? It’s okay, Simon is family.

  102. Brea / October 31, 2013

    I had my cat Pogo for 13 years, and last year he never came back home. He picked us out at the local pound. I say he picked us because when my mom was walking by his cage, he reached his paw through the bars and hooked her sleeve with his claw. We were sold the first time we looked at him; he was a gray cat with white socks and belly. He was a very crabby cat who didn’t like many people and would only let you pet him when he wanted and usually just on his tail lol. But I loved that cat so much. Out of my parents and brother, Pogo totally loved me the best. Occasionally he’d even sleep on my bed, he never did that to that others. I miss having a cat, especially now that I live alone in an apartment, but they don’t allow pets. Growing up, we’ve always had a cat in the house so not having a cat to go home to everyday is very different and occasionally makes me sad, but then I go over to a friend’s apt who has a cat and I love on him instead. It helps occasionally. I hope to move next summer into an apt that will let me have a kitty 🙂

  103. Susan / October 31, 2013

    My cat Samson loves to hang out with me while I knit.

  104. Virginia Hinchman / October 31, 2013

    All my kitties are rescues of one sort or another, There are 3 in the sheep barn and 6 in the house. Our newesr is all black and celebrating his first Holloween today.

    DH was mowing the lawn is August, when he spotted a “dead blackbird” in the grass. Thank Heaven he stopped. A little 3-4 week old black kitten., starving and LOADED with fleas. Cleaned up and well fed, he has turned into a real fireball. We have named him DK Murphy after my favorite band, the Dropkick Murphys

  105. Eirraca / October 31, 2013

    So cute! I would love to knit someone a cat!

  106. Marge McCraney / October 31, 2013

    I am a cat magnet! I have several kitties that keep me company and make my life sooo fulfilling.Treasure who was a gift from a friend in California,Dazzel that does just that.Pandora who you never know what to expect she will do.Steel that is the color of my fridg and Ha Ha who makes me laugh. All fine whiskered friends.

  107. Stephanie / October 31, 2013

    I lost both my cats this year to kidney failure. (They were 17 and 19 yrs old.) I would love to memorialize them with something knitted. They certainly contributed plenty of their hair to everything I have ever knitted up until recently. 🙂

  108. Christinabean / October 31, 2013

    Awww!!! I love this book! We have a bengal kitty. I am not a cat person but I have to say, he is pretty special. He chose us at the breeder and wouldn’t leave us alone when we arrived to pick out a new pet. The breeder actually had to remove him from the room so we could look at all of the other cats…where he continued to cry non-stop.

  109. Emily / October 31, 2013

    Cilla is 10 years old and loves to cuddle and sleep under the covers. She also loves to jump up on shoulders and wrap around like a scarf. Very affectionate kitty with a wonderful personality.

  110. SarahD / October 31, 2013

    My current kitty is Milo. He’s just 6 months old and a teenage troublemaker. He likes to steal skeins of yarn when I’m unpacking shipping boxes and run off with them, among other naughty yarn-related tricks. He’s a love, though, and is generally well behaved when napping on my lap while I’m knitting.

  111. Clair / October 31, 2013

    We have two cats from the local shelter. Carl is a fun-loving furball with big fangs, big paws and a big heart and Sheila is a tiny fuss-pot who can be sat in your lap before your butt hits the seat!! She is missing half an ear from frostbite (we were told) and is always chatting to us.
    Carl will chew my needles and yarn while knitting, unless I use circs – Hurrah for my harmony interchangeables!!

  112. chelle / October 31, 2013

    We have two rescue cats and my daughter is a HUGE cat lover. I would love to knit her up a few more to add to her collection!

  113. Deb A. / October 31, 2013

    We have a senior cat, Lucy, who we adopted from our local vet. She had been abused before we got her and continues to be very skittish. She has been with us for 14 years, and we love her for who she is.

  114. Michelle Noble / October 31, 2013

    I have a beautiful blue point Siamese cat with white boots. I would love to learn how to knit a cat like her.

  115. Christina / October 31, 2013

    I have two kitties, Sophie, a five-month-old Tortie kitten, and Todd, an adult orange tabby, and boy, do they have completely different personalities! Even though she is younger by about seven years, Sophie is definitely the alpha cat. Everything is about her and she rules the roost! She makes it her business to get into everyone else’s business and often “helps” me and my mom with our respective knitting and sewing projects, usually by trying to eat my yarn or my mom’s pattern envelopes.

    Todd is completely laid back. He’s more interested is sleeping under my mom’s bed or “helping” her put her make up on in the morning! His goal everyday, however, is to keep little Sophie from terrorizing him, as she loves to chase his tail and jump on his head when he’s unsuspecting.

  116. chris ponak / October 31, 2013

    I have two cats, one black cat named Sheba and one gray tabby named Tiger. They are both female and get along famously and love to play with my laser light. I did have an orange tabby but lost him 2 weeks ago at 19 1/2 years old. He was a mama’s cat and my nursemaid whenever I was sick. I miss him dearly as we found him at 5 weeks old. It’s hard getting back into a routine where there are only 2 cats and I miss my Max a lot.

  117. Jacki Albert / October 31, 2013

    We have a bakers dozen of kitties, all rescues or kids of rescues. My buddy Bunny ( Japanese Bobtail) is my knitting partner, and loves snuggling on my lap while I work on projects.

  118. Beth / October 31, 2013

    I inherited 2 kitties, mommy and son, when my niece came to live with my husband and I. They are super squeezable and thouroughly enjoy trying to “help”me knit!

  119. Claire Helene / October 31, 2013

    I have two sweet sister kitties! They just turned one and are finally blossoming into social cats. It made me sad to have scaredy cats, since my last cat was such a social man. My favorite thing about having two cats is the grooming of each other. So cute!

  120. Christina / October 31, 2013

    Meow! What a sweet giveaway! My little Daisy Mae has passed on, but we still have 3 silly kitty personalities in charge at our house. My hubby’s boy is Fritz, a great big, sweet tabby who just wants to sit in your lap. My son is proudly owned by a very handsome and nutty tuxedo named Axel, who is also the funniest and naughtiest cat I’ve ever lived with. And our daughter has claimed our Ginger Girl for her very own. Ginger appears to be along the lines of a Bengal, but she is quite a lady and very proper. They are all rescues that keep us warm on chilly nights and entertained throughout the day!

  121. Bobbi J / October 31, 2013

    My husband is allergic so we cannot have a kitty; however, my two great-granddaughters each have kittens. I would love to make something for both of them.

  122. Danica King / October 31, 2013

    My faveourite cat is my aunt’s cat “Evil” she is truly NOT a people cat but hangs around anyway. Visitors to my aunt’s house who look at her and say “oh look at the cute little kitty!” will get hissed at, maybe swiped at and ran away from. LOL she’s truly funny in her anti-socialness. 😀

  123. Deborah / October 31, 2013

    I have three tabbies, but my gray and white Gus is the most interested in my knitting. While he loves to cuddle all my knitting and yarn, he loves the things made for babies the best. I try to keep him off those, though, as I’m always worried the kitty dander might not all wash out and the baby might be allergic. So many times I’ve explained to a sad little Gus face, “You can’t cuddle this one; it’s for a baby, you know – a human kitten?”

  124. Gail DeGeorge / October 31, 2013

    I feel sorry for the people who STILL think that cats are aloof and anti-social.

    I’m the proud “mama” of a 4-year-old neutered tom who dispenses affection very freely. Last summer, when I had problems with the individual I’d hired to mow my lawn, Rushlight reacted to my distress by repeatedly climbing onto my lap, sticking his nose in my face and purring, as if to say, “It’s OK. We’ll get through this together.”

    On the other hand, one night when I fell asleep watching TV, he jumped up on the back of my chair, stuck his nose in my ear and meowed. He then sat on the back of the chair with a look on his face like, “Wow! She really can jump all the way to the ceiling.”

    Who says animals don’t have a sense of humor?

  125. Linda / October 31, 2013


  126. Angie C. / October 31, 2013

    I have 5 cats. 😀

    Boo…the curmudgeon.
    Hallee…alpha female/Boss Lady.
    Jettie…the black fungus (she attaches herself to you and doesn’t want to let go).
    Tibbit…Peter Pan in cat form.
    Phoebe…Tinker Bell to Tibbit’s Pan.

  127. Debbie Shapiro / October 31, 2013

    I have two kitties! One is an orange tabby (Creamiscle) who we took in as a stray. He’s an indoor/outdoor cat and he knows this is his home now. When I come home from work, he comes running across the street to greet me. We have another kitty (Meg) who was a rescue who is part Bengal/part Tabby who is a total terror and loves to jump to high places. I think she has springs on her toes. 🙂

  128. Tanya Zwick / October 31, 2013

    My cat, Kevin Bacon, is a rescued Persian. Not only does he like to play with my yarn and keep me company while I knit or crochet, I sometimes spin or felt his hair into my projects.

  129. Sheila Hensler / October 31, 2013

    Two months ago my daughter adopted two adorable grown shelter cats, Bowie and Pickles. They have improved her quality of life in so many ways. What a blessing.

  130. Connie / October 31, 2013

    My grandson loves cats but at this time cannot have a cat. I would love to knit him a cat.

  131. Debra / October 31, 2013

    I have two kitties, Calleigh and Sassie. They are sisters and both adopted last year. Calleigh is a calico with large dark eyes and Sassie is all black with long fur. They are both very playful and purr loudly when ever they receive attention–or want it. I think it’s time they have some new toys and would love to knit a few things from “Knitted Cats and Kittens”.

  132. Carol / October 31, 2013

    I don’t have a cat at the moment. We had one left of three when we moved to TX. She left us after a month and then returned 6 weeks later to stay til she made her final trip. Then we had two “visiting” cats that moved when my daughter’s family found a house. I did love Madeleine, though, she had a favorite spot in her heart for young children and people who just needed a purr. She was also the best knitter’s cat. She would sit on my lap and purr without pulling or tugging at the yarn. On very rare occasions when the yarn crossed her line of vision, though, she would stretch out a paw and pat it for a moment….YAWNNNN and roll.

  133. Lisa Smith / October 31, 2013

    My cat, Kooska, was a babysitting job that was su

    • Lisa Smith / October 31, 2013

      My cat, Kooska, was supposed to be a babysitting job of 2 weeks. 5yrs later, she is still with us. She will argue with you when she is hungry or wants a treat. She will play fetch (thinks she’s a dog) and cuddles everyone. Has a sweet temperament. Especially with our 6mos old baby and 7 yr old dog. Oh, and she is part dragon. Likes to lay on everything. Will go out of her way to do so. She especially loves the Hoodie I’m currently knitting…

  134. Genevieve / October 31, 2013

    I have two kitties–Onyx and Isis–that I love SO much that, when they completely destroy the Christmas presents I spend weeks knitting only days before Christmas, I still let them live. 🙂 Those knitted kitty books are darling–I’d love to knit some of those sweeties.

  135. Lynnie / October 31, 2013

    We have 3 kitties! One outside, and two inside (one of the inside kitties is a foster kitty). They’re lovely, a keep all the vermin away… not to mention the very important job of eating monsters!

  136. Nancy S / October 31, 2013

    We’ve had four kitties over the years. Three have crossed the rainbow bridge. Our current one Sadie was hanging around the in-laws place. Even though she is nine years old now, she’s very much the same as six or so months, an eternal kitten.

  137. Anna Hj / October 31, 2013

    I share two cats- Hercules and Xena Warrior Princess. They would be better named Basement Cat and Timid kitty (respectively). I love them very much, except when they wake us up at 3am, scratching at the door.

  138. Melissa Mead / October 31, 2013

    I have 2 kitties who love to help me knit. Jackson is a great lover of chasing yarn while Kendall is more reserved. Of course, neither is opposed to letting me know when the yarn being dragged across them is annoying!

  139. Nicole / October 31, 2013

    I have to tell about my two kitties, my boys! Cricket and Marley. They don’t usually bother with my crochetting or knitting but they loved it when I had an extra piece. And as far as Cricket was concerned, anything I was working on was his new bed, had to make sure every gift I was making had his fur on it. And Marley? Anyway he can annoy Cricket by laying near him he would do it…thereby making sure his fur was part of the present too. Love my boys!

  140. Erin / October 31, 2013

    My kitty likes to stick her head between my face and my knitting so she gets pets–I can’t knit if she wants attention!

  141. meg / October 31, 2013

    Lovely kitties to share and make.

  142. Joan / October 31, 2013

    Wow this is funny…we just adopted a cat on Wednesday. Her name is Willow and so far she is just the nicest kitty.
    We are all still getting to know each other but she purrs like a madwoman and loves to follow us room to room.

  143. Hannah / October 31, 2013

    I have two kitties, Corey and Jennsen. Corey was adopted at PetSmart, but Jennsen was picked up from outside, after being attacked by a neighborhood kitty. She instantly became my own, and, after three years, has just currently been spayed. Her momma is a worrywart, and I’m honestly shocked Jennsen is putting up with me.

  144. Patti / October 31, 2013

    My favorite cat is my son’s.

  145. Zanna / October 31, 2013

    We have two cats. They are Neyla and Keaton, but they rarely go by their real names. Neyla (aka: Big Hoss, Tiners, NeeLee, etc) is a big Maine coon who we rescued a few years ago on my birthday. She has beautiful green eyes and big mitts for paws. Keaton (aka: Dovey, Baby, etc) found us a few years ago. She was living under our shed. We had the vet check her out, brought her in and she’s been part of the famy ever since.

  146. MarthaO / October 31, 2013

    TEN kitties currently share my home, and each one is my favorite. All are rescues of some kind–littermates Augie and Gus were born to a stray kitty; Lady Marmalade was put in a box and thrown away at three weeks of age but screamed her lungs out and was rescued; Blaze was living on the street; Star was left on a former vet’s doorstep; littermates Winton and Jackson came from a rescue group; Oreo came from the same rescue group after his human female died from cancer and her husband couldn’t keep their feline family; Nossi and LolaBoy simply showed up in my yard one day several years apart and stayed there and then moved inside. Rescue cats are the best!!!!

  147. Lisa / October 31, 2013

    I have become known in my friends circle as the Crazy Cat Lady. We have two cats, a brown tabby named Linus and an orange tabby named Apollo. They’re need for attention is over the top, and they spend just about all day searching out people to dish out cuddles and pets. Surprisingly, neither of them play with yarn, but they will smack it and look annoyed if it drags across them while they’re sleeping. They also need to supervise everything I do, or steal my chart check-off pencil when I’m not looking!

  148. Bobbi Bernardini / October 31, 2013

    I am owned by a beautiful Siamese-mix girl, Xena, who is a complete snugglebug and my little angel. She is the sweetest cat in the world! Also, by our little boy, Dewey, who is 3 years old and is all boy, except for his penchant for feather boas – he goes absolutely NUTS about them! (We think he may have been an exotic dancer in another life!). 🙂 Don’t know what I’d do without my kitties – they soothe my soul.

  149. Robin J / October 31, 2013

    I have 2 kittys. My alpha cat is Ickkle. She’s 15 yrs old and cranky yet lovable at the same time. I got her as a kitten at the Humane Society, where she bit me and drew blood, yet I was afraid they would not be able to home her if I didn’t take her. So home with me she went, and has been my little terror ever since.

    My second kitty is Sally, who we call the special kitty since she always has a vacant look in her eyes. She’s really sweet and shy, but sticks up for herself when Ickkle tries to pick on her. She’s a very lovely long haired tortie, while Ickkle is a short haired black Halloween cat.

  150. Ellen Moore / October 31, 2013

    We had cats for many years, or rather, cats had us as pets for many years, but we had to place our darlings in friends’ homes as our grandson and his mom were found to be allergic to cats. I miss them still, and although we have had dogs, they cannot take the place of cats, sad to say.

  151. Pat Dziewietin / October 31, 2013

    Very very cute meow

  152. Karolyn / October 31, 2013

    Our large, cuddly cat misses my kids who are off at college. She sometimes burrows under the comforters on their beds, and is so excited to see them when they come home on breaks!

  153. Claudia Landell / October 31, 2013

    14 years ago, I adopted Annabelle from a shelter. She was a beautiful long-haired tuxedo cat with the sweetest disposition. Just two days ago (the day before National Cat Day, which I didn’t know at the time), I had to put her down. She had been ill for several months, and was getting too weak to jump up on my lap. I would like to knit a black and white cat as a tribute to her.

  154. Katie / October 31, 2013

    We adopted two brother kittens after my diabetic cat passed earlier this year. Roy and Moss are the funniest kittens ever! They lay in the window and cuddle together just to show the neighbors how cute and sweet they are!

    Moss loves watching hockey and videos of birds on youtube! He also loves hair ties so much that he’ll get behind you on the sofa and pull them out of your hair!

    Roy loves playing King of the Hill and pushing his brother off the kitten tower!

  155. Lisa / October 31, 2013

    Fenway Ann Jackalope Joey Speedle Nermal Catmeat Wee Desmond Mother Teresa Klumsy Kashulines Poitin Pumpkinbread Sandwich Wildes. Best, most passive cat I’ve ever had. He’s 9, and such a love. Currently playing surrogate mother (including nursing [he’s male!]) our newest cat, the now 4 month old demon I shall just call Kitten. My life without cats and knitting would be dull for sure.

  156. cat leonard / October 31, 2013

    My cat Bennie was rescued from a crack house when social services was removing the children from the home. The kids were so upset they could not take their cat, so the social worker promised she would take him to her mom. That was me. And it was 13 years ago!

  157. Elizabeth / October 31, 2013

    I am proud to be owned by two sweet cats. Both of them keep me on my toes and love to steal my yarn every chance they get. They also have to test the yarn for comfort even while I am knitting….so every project has been approved by cats before they are completed. They have been known to keep me from knitting or at least position themselves so that their chins can be scratched by the needles as I work. My life would not be complete without my babies.

  158. LeeAnn / October 31, 2013

    I have three cats, all rescues. The most recent was dumped with his siblings near a department store. He’s got no sight in one eye and limited in the other but he’s still a mischief making kitten. My husband took the opportunity to name him Blinken.

  159. Sandy / October 31, 2013

    This looks like a wonderful book, I have cat lovers in my family, I love having a kitty on my lap while I knit.

  160. Linda Kachinsky / October 31, 2013

    My rescue kitty Juiia Sunflow loves the handknits. She can find her way to anything I have made over polar fleece, furniture cushions, commercial kitty beds, or bed linens. I believe it is because she has come from several years on the sttreets, to a loving home. It may be that she recognizes that the love I’ve put into every stitch is the same as the love I’ve given to her. I am honored to think that, anyway.

  161. Jessica / October 31, 2013

    I have six cats at home and love them all! However as a college student we arent allowed pets other then a fish…. There are nights that i miss the ability to hug and hold my cats when im over stressed.
    Maybe i could make a yarn clone of them

  162. Marie / October 31, 2013

    Yay! Cats & knitting go together like arsenic & old lace! 🙂

  163. Renee / October 31, 2013

    I have 2 inside cats, one is the grandcat since there are no grandchildren yet. I have had yarn strung all over the house on several occasions. I just laugh and roll it back up. We have out side cats that do not have the enjoyment of yarn . Oh what personalities the cats have. Jaws is our older cat and Paris is the grandcat. They are wonderful and full of fun.

  164. Jacinda McKinley / October 31, 2013

    I have had many kitty’s over the years, the one who makes me the most emotional is Itty Birth. He came to us at Christmas, him and his siblings were tossed out a car window on my then parents in laws lawn. The night of December 23, they brought them to us, Itty Bitty was the only one that surrived being froze and tossed out a speeding car window. As his name implies he was small, but he grew, at some time previous to him coming to us he must have been stepped on, his tail was broke at the base and fused pointing left, with the tip pointing up at a straight up at a 90 degree angle. His hips were also fused, he could walk and get around just fine but when he ran he hopped like a rabbit. He lived with us for 7 years, until one day he never came back in.

  165. Abie / October 31, 2013

    My boss has two cats that she loves, Dexter and Spooky. I’d love to make her mini versions of her kitties for Christmas! She’d adore that!

  166. Kim / October 31, 2013

    would love to win the knit your own cat book, I was given Knit your own Dog last year for Christmas. My KiKi girl loves to help me knit, by laying on top of what ever I am knitting. She especially loves fluffy yarns.

  167. Celia / October 31, 2013

    One of my cats has short white hair and she every time you touch her a cloud of hair appears. The other cat has medium brown hair and she sheds it in clumps left behind where she likes to sit :].

  168. Michelle D. / October 31, 2013

    I had the sweetest kitty – a black & white tuxedo named Coco. Sadly, she has passed. I still miss her, and even though we do have other companion animals, none will take her place.

  169. Laura / October 31, 2013

    We have an orange and white tabby we named Cheddar Jack because he looks like the cheese and since we’re from Wisconsin, we thought it was appropriate. He’s awsome and gets along with his 3 canine brothers. I would love to knit another cat brother for our Cheddar Jack.

  170. Pam / October 31, 2013

    I have to make sure all my yarn is out of cat’s way…she will chew on it and sometimes it’s not a good outcome… 🙂

  171. Amanda / October 31, 2013

    I have a big grey kitty who constantly looks grumpy but that is a huge snugglebutt.

  172. Juli / October 31, 2013

    I had two wonderful mongrel tabbies that were never anything but loving and gentle…they were both killed by a pack of dogs. Since then I’ve discovered that I am HIGHLY allergic to cats so I can’t get another one. :0( I would love to knit a kittie. :0)

  173. Christine Frielink / October 31, 2013

    My cat Peter is an orange tabby and is such a sweetheart. I love him with all my heart.

  174. Sharon / October 31, 2013

    Love cats & kittens-all of mine are rescued-some dumped here at the farm some from a rescue organization. My newest are Winken and Blinken who are 6mo old brothers. Blinken is almost blind but gets around just fine and loves his daily playtime outside with his brother on his harness and leash(he never read tat cats do not use a leash)Looking forward to many years with these two babies who were born in my barn.

  175. Holly / October 31, 2013

    My cats’ name is Keighley and she is the first lap cat I’ve ever had!!! Having a lap cat is very comforting but her snuggling can get a little warm – especially in the summer :-). Her favorite knitting activity is trying to “catch” the yarn as I use the ball winder to wind it off a cone into a ball 🙂

  176. Yas / October 31, 2013

    Miss Kramer is nearly twenty years old now. She was an active “play with the yarn” type of kitty, but now she likes to sleep like many here living at a Leisure World.

  177. Arlyce Anderson / October 31, 2013

    We chose our you hear cat, a black domestic short hair, from the humane society on November 4, 2009. She had been there for most of her life, then 6 months old. They said no one would even consider her because she was black! She is so very loving, gets carried around by the grandkids when they come, and wants attention whenever she is awake. What a blessing Maui is especially to me, a traumatic brain injury survivor!!

  178. Des / October 31, 2013

    I was devastated when my feline companion of 10 years died last month.

  179. Heidrun / October 31, 2013

    My cats (three girls) think I knit too much and too often (interrupts petting time when one, both or all three try to share lap-time). I am also a knitting teacher, which is why I am trying to keep up with my projects. All my cats are adopted strays or discarded cats (people move or suddenly become allergic; only I know they have other pets and just wanted to trade in for newer models, shame on you!), but they are the center of my world. No garment, lap, or life is complete with out kisses, cat warmth and lots of stray cat hair!

  180. Jenni / October 31, 2013

    This is purr-ess-shus!

  181. Anna W. / October 31, 2013

    I’ve had several cats through the years. Currently, Spooky is our furry baby. He’s 16 years old. He isn’t as frisky as he used to be…but 🙂 , occasionally, he finds his inner kitten when I’m knitting.

  182. Jen R / October 31, 2013

    My kitties are so cute, I have four; Tink, Gwen, Pumpkin and Milly. Milly likes to steal my yarn and carry the balls upstairs to be torn apart. Gwen helps her. Pumpkin and Tink and my cuddle buddies. Such good kitties.

  183. Sandy Otremba / October 31, 2013

    I love kitties, Mine is snoring right beside me now. What fun projects to try. I would like to knit some for Christmas presents.

  184. Monee / October 31, 2013

    Love my fur babies ages 4 months to 18 years. Have rescued all of them. They sure do keep life interesting and make me laugh . Minx,Nin,Elphaba and Pyewacket you are such sweet kittens. Oh Elphaba likes to “help” me knit.

  185. Steph Hollingsworth / October 31, 2013

    I have 2 cats, Meru and Camelot (brother and sister)! They are the best! We adopted them from a foster family a year ago. They snuggle with me while I knit! This becomes a problem when my knitting draws their attention and they take possession of it! But they are great companions, nonetheless!

  186. Tara / October 31, 2013

    We have 3 kitties. All boys and all rescues. Our 4year old boys are Lo Mein and Chow Mein. They are brothers. Lo is a snuggler and will jump from the floor into anyone’s arms. Chow is the opposite. Both are really vocal and have great purrs.

    Our big boy is 2 year old Moo Shu. He is about 5 pounds heavier than the other two boys and he likes to throw his weight around. He talks all the time and loves to find scraps of food under the high chair.

  187. knittink8 / October 31, 2013

    My favorite thing to do is to knit while my kitty sits in my lap. The challenge is to keep the yarn on the needles and out of the cat.

  188. Heather / October 31, 2013

    We have a cat named Charlie. We got him for my daughter who suffers from autism He has become the best friend to her more than I could have ever hoped for. He loves her unconditionally and puts up with all her hugs and kisses and never complains. He is like her angel from heaven.

  189. Lisa / October 31, 2013

    Oh my, but kitties are my favorite. We have been crazy enough to bring 3 of them back with us when we came home from Germany in 1986. We’ve moved a lot since, but we’ve always moved our kitties with us. When we lived in Texas, I brought home a scruffy gray tabby that we named LuLu. She was very good at sneaking out and before we could get her spayed, she met a handsome yellow tabby. They gave us three beautiful kittens, one a mostly black calico, a gray tabby, and a tabbyco. We had LuLu for 17 years. Her calico daughter, Boo, recently died at 15 1/2 years of age. Anya, the tabbyco, and Gaston, the gray tabby, are still with us, along with four other kitties. Anya graces my ravatar on Ravelry and I “dress” her image depending on the season. We have dwindled from 10 kitties at one time down to 6 now. It’s often been crazy, but I love each of them, even if a few have toyed with my yarn a bit. None of them have been as bad as my black and tan coonhound doggie, though. That’s another story. :o)

  190. Rev. Kathryn Gorman-Lovelady / October 31, 2013

    I’ve been a life-long cat lover… in fact people call me “Kat” because of it… I’m delighted this contest is happening and hope I win! Meow!

  191. Karen Carino / October 31, 2013

    Right now we have a cat named Meatball. She is very cute, but she is sadly lacking in the brains department.

  192. Lise / October 31, 2013

    My cat’s name was Charlotte and she rescued me during a very dark time in my life – 30 years ago. I miss her terribly. We now have two dogs who just don’t like being around cats. Maybe I could knit myself one. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  193. greta / October 31, 2013

    My older cat is not much of a lap cat… Except when I’m knitting. If I have a big pile of wool on my lap, he’s likely to try to be there too!

  194. Diana C / October 31, 2013

    Hello! I have two kitties, one I rescued and bottle fed from two days old and another my sister found at the airport. My bottle-fed kitty doesn’t like anyone but his mommy, he hisses and growls at strangers. My orange airport kitty loves everyone–cats, dogs, and people alike! Their names are Pooh Bear and Maurice 🙂

  195. Andrea / October 31, 2013

    My kitty, Sputnik, follows my oldest son around like a puppy. She has to be wherever he is, laying on his homework, laying in front of the computer monitor, sleeping by his feet. We won’t see her all day until he comes home, then she comes running downstairs to greet him. She is going to be so sad when he leaves for college in two years.

  196. Shirley Hughes / October 31, 2013

    My kitty, Edith, sits beside me in her chair and watches me knit every day.

  197. amanda / October 31, 2013

    i have 2 kitties now. (briseis went missing a year ago sadly) nissa is 10 years old & is mine only. she only loves me & hisses at the rest. my buddy. even when i’m on the treadmill she tries to lick my face. she also loves burts bees lip balm & the smell of mint toothpaste. she’s also a loud mouth that “back-meows” at you every chance she gets. 😉 avery is a fat cat that eats everything! literally. she has an affection laying on my wip’s. which is annoying because she sheds. but thats all they do with yarn unless i put it in their face, so i can’t complain. she lets my kids pet her since nissa won’t, so she’s a softie for them!! love my kitties!

  198. Cathy Gerard / October 31, 2013

    We went to the local shelter 11 years ago “just to get some info” but as soon as we walked in Bucky saw my son and said” Hey you little boy, can I come home with you” .

    The rest is history and at about 16 years old he still thinks he’s a kitten. He has his own ball of yarn and like to decorate the house with .

    It’s like a car magnet I saw” Who rescued who?”

  199. Dorie / October 31, 2013

    We’ve had our cat, Bernard for almost twelve years. From the moment we first saw him at the shelter, we knew he was the kitty for us!

  200. Jennifer / October 31, 2013

    I have two kitties, Basil and Luna, who are actual brother and sister. Luna loves watching tv, particularly the film Hugo, and Antiques Roadshow. Basil lays about on his back whenever he pleases, and always tries to grab and eat my yarn. They’re named for Basil Rathbone and Luna Lovegood.

  201. Kathy / October 31, 2013

    I have 2 kitties, which I’ve had since they were small enough to fit on one of my hands. So it’s hard to tell you about 1 without the other. Instead, I’ll tell you some reasons why each is my favorite!
    Brodie is my Russian Blue. He is a cuddle monster, and so handsome! He also has the chillest personality. Because I’ve cuddled him to sleep since he was little, his favorite thing to do is place his head in my hand when he sleeps next to me.
    Lexi is one big black kitty! She is the smartest of the 2, and the loudest! My favorite thing about her is her loud purr, that sounds like a pigeon’s coo!

  202. Desiree Campbell / October 31, 2013

    I have 5 great cats! A huge tiger striped boy, a ginger boy, a black tuxedo boy, a gray tuxedo boy, and a super sweet black girl.

  203. Vicki Strickland / October 31, 2013

    I have a wonderful cat named Jack. He is a rescue and the love of my life. He wakes me every morning for his special breakfast. Sometimes if I don’t get up quick enough he will take his paws and try to pull the covers back off of me. I would absolutely love these books as I have been looking for patters to knit cats for my home and Jack.

  204. Barbara / October 31, 2013

    I have a neighbor-kitty. She comes to visit regularly for a conversation and a rub or two. I love it the most when I hear her call to her kittens that she births under our house near the heating system. I can hear them all through the fresh air intake vent!

  205. Susan / October 31, 2013

    Charlee just came to us, we weren’t searching for a cat….then there she was, 2 years ago, the cutest little calico who said “here i am, enjoy me”, and we have!

  206. Heather / October 31, 2013

    Three kitties here and love them all, but Ruprecht is my boy. Follows me everywhere, sleeps under the covers next to me (when it’s sufficiently cool enough for his liking), meows to me for chicken (breast meat only, please), and waits for me by the back door when I leave. He’s like a dog, but poops in a box and wouldn’t do a damn thing if s

  207. Kathryn Dickerson / October 31, 2013

    The cat on the cover looks like my mother’s cat. The cat adopted Mom last year. Mom is 84 and only recently allowed pets into her house.

  208. Irene T / October 31, 2013

    I love kitties. With my son and husband allergic to them. All, I can do is knit some up or have stuff ones around the house. I would love to win one of these books. Thank you for the opportunity.

  209. kristen butman / October 31, 2013

    Love cats!

  210. Peggy / October 31, 2013

    We currently have 7 cats but 3 of them are kitties that have been rescued the past couple months. One was a McD’ s cat, jumped in the drive-thru window. The other two we rescued from a neighbor that was feeding them dog food and wouldn’t take them inside. They were very little. Now one of them always takes a nap on the back of my neck!

  211. Andrea / October 31, 2013

    We sometimes wonder if our cat, Yoshi, is part puppy. He loves to go for long car rides (sitting up on the dashboard) and plays fetch. He also loves to chase my yarn when I knit in a very cat-like fashion.

  212. DeAnna Majors / October 31, 2013

    I have two fur babies…Miss Kitty and Zelda. Miss Kitty is our lap cat and mom to Zelda. She is the affectionate animal I have ever met. Zelda is super playful and can entertain us for hours. These animals are our family and we could not imagine life without them. I would love these books to pay homage to our furry little friends!

  213. Karla Hartzell / October 31, 2013

    I just got two new lil’ Grey Kitten treasures. One is an Uber fluffy ( never been in the drier – I promise! ) grey calico with a smudge of black over one eye. Super sweet, this little lady is silken down to the touch and precious. Her sibling is a silver tiger striped (tabby) who has the sweetest most innocent looking face – the kind you just can’t say no to or believe he’d ever do anything bad. Lil Bro stole my heart being delicately striped and a timid little tiger! Of course he is slowly growing into his “wild” Love my lil’ Manny & Smudge! RAWR!!!

  214. hotknitter / October 31, 2013

    I didn’t know it was national cat day the other day. Going to mark it on the calendar for next year. Our little one is special – he’s tailless due to gangrene. Makes him so easy to spot. Thanks for this giveaway opportunity.
    hotknitter on rav

  215. Constance / October 31, 2013

    Cats and yarn always go hand in hand. I had a cat that would always stick her head through my circular needles as I was knitting when she wanted attention. She was 12 when I adopted her and was shortly thereafter diagnosed with tongue cancer and lost part of it due to surgery. The vets thought she would live another year at the most. She relearned how to eat and drink and for the next 3 1/2 years she cuddled in my lap with various knitting projects. She would always get excited to see yarn coming out of my basket. Some people say I did more for her than I could imagine. Maybe. But I think she did more for me.

  216. heather / October 31, 2013

    Our sweet Zuzu was rescued as a kitten, and has been with my husband longer than I have. She’s very particular about her people, and loves to snuggle with us but won’t let others touch her. She has quite the personality, and tells us when she wants something. She’s also very tolerant when I ask her to model my knitting. Unfortunately, her kidneys are failing, and we don’t know how much longer she’ll be around. We are both heartbroken, and don’t want to think about life without Zuzu.

  217. Marcia / October 31, 2013

    I have 2 rescue kitties, Abby and Isabelle. Abby follows Izzy EVERYWHERE!

  218. Ellen / October 31, 2013

    Would love a copy of the cats & kittens book. Got 5 Frankenfurries here at the house plus could use the patterns for toys to include in packets headed out of the country with a doctor who will distribute to women with newborns who have very little.

  219. Chris P. / October 31, 2013

    Two tuxedos at my house that are always in my lap when I am knitting

  220. Corey Jaseph / October 31, 2013

    I have a silly stripey cat (who we call Stripey Cat) who loves to supervise all cooking that goes on in the kitchen. He also feels free to sample the butter in the butter dish. I needs to knit him a buddy so I hope I win. 🙂

  221. Jackie Hanko / October 31, 2013

    we just got a new kitty to replace a much loved one who is now cavorting in cat heaven! We love the new one “miss Kitty” as if she had been with us forever.

  222. Charlotte Lathrom / October 31, 2013

    Our cat Elwood was a farm cat who was abandoned, and the only survivor from his litter. He and his canine brother Jake are very entertaining, especially when we get out the laser. 🙂

  223. Mopo / October 31, 2013

    Unfortunately I’ve not a cat 🙁 But I love Maru Cat Do you know it? 🙂 It’s so cute!!!

  224. Michelle / October 31, 2013

    I have two little sisters that we nearly snatched out of the hands of our friend who fosters. One is just totally a sweetie, but the other one has a real taste for yarn. I can only use tied and zipped bags now, and I have to remember to ALWAYS close them when I stand up. I walked a few feet from our living room to the kitchen to get a measuring tape, and when I turned back, she was halfway down the stairs with my ball of yarn in her mouth! She’s lucky she’s cute!

  225. Dianne H / October 31, 2013

    The more kitties the merrier, just in time to make for Christmas! My kitty sons would love them!

  226. Andrea Campbell / October 31, 2013

    I don’t have a cat any longer, but I still have wonderful memories of my beautiful Manx. She was a rumpy (had no tail) and was as silly as they come! She loved to give kisses.

  227. Lynn Graham / October 31, 2013

    Unfortunately, I am allergic to cats and can’t have them in my house. I do have 2 cat grandchildren, though; both are adorable ginger Munchkin rescues that like to keep their catDad company when he’s working on his computer or just hanging out.

  228. Cyndy Chaney / October 31, 2013

    Had forgotten all about that-surprised {“my boyz” (two of them) didn’t remind me s they are pretty up on all going on !
    Drifty(aka Mr Snowdrift was found during a blizzard in a snow bank at Wal-Mart, not sure he would make it but is now a straping, large 7 year old cat who still thinks he is a kitten !
    Scooby Don’t is the 16 yr old master of the household and keeps Drift and I in line.
    Both are mostly white – guess what, I don’t wear a lot of black or navy !

  229. Cherie / October 31, 2013

    Wish I could have a cat but landlord doesn’t allow. Have to enjoy my daughter’s two.

  230. Barb / October 31, 2013

    Our little five year old Vincent has a new Sunshine at his house that I can not visit…..highly allergic. I’d love to knit a kitty to have at my house for both of us to cuddle.

  231. melinda / October 31, 2013

    2 cow cats. Mamma and her son who was born on my daughter’s bed

  232. Dawn Krajcik / October 31, 2013

    I have a feisty female tuxedo cat who entered my life as a stray 9 years ago. She is cuckoo crazy, but I love her.

  233. Emily Filce / October 31, 2013

    I have a wonderful cat named Sekhmet. She’s a mix if Sokoke (Kenyan forset cat) and African domestic shorthair, She’s a tough kitty, she traveled for 30 hours through France and Canada all the way to the United States with me from West Africa. She won the kitty lottery, she was born of a litter of 6 in one of the poorest countries in the world but when I adopted her, I fell in love instantly and knew she had to come home with me. Now she’s a spoiled American kitty enjoying playing with my yarn, eating good kitten food, and lounging about in front of the space heater.

  234. Charlotte / October 31, 2013

    I have four cats and I love to knit. One is black, one is a gray tabby, one is a yellow tabby and the fourth is a black and white tuxedo cat. They’re all spoiled rotten!
    I would love to have the books to be able to knit my own kitties. I can’t afford to feed any more live ones. 🙂

  235. Kate Homer / October 31, 2013

    All my kitties been throwaways so terrified that it took us a year to gain their trust. My most recent is a bl and white cat that we call Sid.

  236. GinaC. / October 31, 2013

    Walter and BabyCat are my felines in residence! They’re both huge and hugely lovable….and they don’t bother my yarn!

  237. Juliann / October 31, 2013

    My cat is Noodles. He is part Bengal, and is very LARGE-17 lbs. He is thirteen years old this year, and he doesn’t climb trees much any more. Instead he continues to plow through small rodents every night, and occasionally leaves parts for me. In his prime he has brought down squirrels and rabbits, but in his old age it is mostly rats, mice, shrews, and if he can find one on the property, chipmunks. He is very aware of one’s feelings, and often will give extra to friends when they arrive in a dither. He terrifies the dog, and rules the house.

    • Eugenie Barker / October 31, 2013

      Your story touched me deeply. God bless our older cats! Long live Noodles! <3

    • Amy M / October 31, 2013

      We resued our cat, Lizzie from the animal shelter 4 years ago. My son, Matthew fell in love with her at first sight

  238. Gloria / October 31, 2013

    So many cat lovers in my life. These books look like the purr-fect source for gifts. Would love to try those mitts!

  239. jan metivier / October 31, 2013

    cats – can’t live without them
    my cat, is pepper, an all black dwarf cat
    he is my baby

  240. Barbie / October 31, 2013

    We are currently being both loved and killed w/kindness by a young tabby/tiger aptly named Cleopatra as she came with more eyeliner than the lady on the Nile!!

  241. Robin / October 31, 2013

    i once had to leave my two cats with a friend for a year when i took a job overseas–i missed them so much, i crocheted kitty surrogates that i could pack in my suitcase and bring with me! (i retrieved the real kitties when i got back at the end of the year) –now i have five lovely cats and would love to crochet/knit surrogates of them as well!

  242. Jean Winum / October 31, 2013

    Our first cat adopted us—came in through an open cellar window–fully pregnant and ready to deliver her kittens. She lived with us for many years, as did some of her babies!

  243. caryn / October 31, 2013

    I have a a big fluffy Persian Siamese kitty. She is big and so very good. Her name is Summer Sugar.

  244. Candy / October 31, 2013

    Our kitty, Akeem, used to bring his girlfriends home at night and howl and create a ruckus outside our bedroom window! He was a randy fellow!

    When he wanted to come in from outside, he would launch himself at the screen patio door just so, so that his weight would slide the door open. He would then jump down to the ground and walk into the house like nothing happened. I sure miss that fellow!

  245. Chris Barlow / October 31, 2013

    nice patterns to knit kitties for niece who is allergic and wants a kitty so badly

  246. Linda Badcock / October 31, 2013

    My cat Simon is an orange tabby who taps at the window when he wants his staff (us) to let him in.

  247. Amy J / October 31, 2013

    I have 3 adorable cats – the newest of whom is so food-motivated that he will attempt to ‘help’ me drink my coffee and eat my morning cereal.

    My elder two have been with me for 11 years….which means it’s been about that long since I gave up my needlepoint hobby, due to kittens wanting to be too ‘helpful’ with the yarn.

    The books look too cute for words.

  248. Cheryl Wood / October 31, 2013

    Merfy is part Maine Coon and loves snuggling under the comforter at night. He has a habit of stealing my knitting needles and stashing them throughout the house. I am a stay at home mom and Merfy is always by my side especially when. I am knitting.

  249. pixiewear / October 31, 2013

    I have a lovely, fluffy calico named Phoebe. She is the sweetest cat I’ve ever known.

  250. Debbie B / October 31, 2013

    I have two cats, Hope and Daisy. Both came from animal shelters after being abandoned. Hope is the queen of the house and truly rules us. Daisy was the runt of the litter and is a little off. They are both indoor cats and I love them to pieces!

  251. Olesia / October 31, 2013

    We lost our Kitounie a few years ago and I have since become allergic to cats, among other thngs. Knitting my own cat would be a wonderful idea, as well as giving one to a couple of friends I know who are also allergic.

  252. Sharon Elliott-Fox / October 31, 2013

    Can’t have cats due to my children’s allergies, so knit-kitties are perfect!

  253. Merrilee Gladkosky / October 31, 2013

    I have been longing for the knit your own cat book for months now. What a great thought process it must have been to come up with that! Meanwhile, we’ve been cat people all our lives and will continue to share our love for them with our grandchildren. All our cats have been rescues. Love them to pieces especially our “Sookie” who we have now.

  254. Anne / October 31, 2013

    We have four cats, all outdoors now. Our house kitty had to be PTS last summer. We still look for her.

  255. Kat Forsman / October 31, 2013

    My black cat Jasmine Jaguar was abandoned near our rural property. She fended for herself through a long cold Minnesota winter, freezing her paws, and half of her ears off. Despite the fact that she is declawed, she was able to hunt sufficient prey to keep herself alive. I could see her prowling in the woods, dark fur contrasting with the snow. She is a very big girl, and with her frozen ears, she looks just like a jaguar, with long legs, tail, long body and even long teeth!! One night, my daughter opened our back door, and the kitty walked in from the dark and cold, much to our surprise. She never left, and we love her dearly…she is most special because SHE chose US!!

  256. Jen O'Neil / October 31, 2013

    Badger was the best cat we could ask for. Crying outside the kitchen window until we went out and got his little 8 week orange and white self into the house. I put some potting soil in a gift box and from that day on he never once went on the floor! My husband asked me “Why do you want a cat?” as he had only had dogs. It didn’t take long for Badger to be his best friend and the light of his life! He was going to be an indoor cat until he weighed 13 pounds and started climbing the curtains! I am crying as I write this because we lost Badger last year and I miss him so much! Thank you! Jen

  257. amy / October 31, 2013

    I’d like to have another cat. The problem is I have a cat, Muki, who is not very social, a bit of a princess (she’s totally worthy since she’s a gorgeous 5lb apple head Siamese who looks like a Gund toy) Anyway, knitting my own cat sounds like the perfect way to keep her, me and my son, who thinks I’m on my way to being that cat lady with 100 cats, happy!

  258. Meghan / October 31, 2013

    I don’t have a cat, but I wish I did! I love their attitudes. 🙂 When I was younger, we had a very docile cat named Teddy. He was super awesome with us kids, which is saying alot!

  259. Mabel / October 31, 2013

    Friend has a pair of cats that are white and orange. Those are my favorite colors on a cat. They look like twins when they cuddle together, and they’re so pretty and clean.

  260. Emily / October 31, 2013

    I have 2 rescue cats and I love them dearly. Bella is a 20 pound Siamese mix who is mostly muscle and acts like a dog. Penny is the first calico that I have owned, but I am in love with the breed now. She is soft as a rabbit and I sometimes wish her fur was longer to spin with, lol. My office is decorated with cats that I have picked up in my travels, or friends have given me. Anyway, for me, CATS RULE! lol.

  261. Dorothy / October 31, 2013

    I have 5 cats that are the loves of my life. The oldest is a tiger named TIGER! Then comes Missy, a sweet calico that plays fetch. Next is Socks, black with white shirt and peds on her front paws and knee socks on her back paws. Sweet. Next is William the snuggler. He’s a brown tiger kitty. My last is Charlie girl, another calico. She and William share my lap at times. Neither wants to give up.

  262. Kathy Gerhardt / October 31, 2013

    I have a cat I found on the street her name is Amelia Broadway and like her namesake (from the Sookie Stackhouse books) she is magical. She’s also a descendant of the Hemingway cats and has extra toes on all of her “feet.” She’s very loving and stubborn at the same time. I’ve had several cats before but never one who became such a companion.

  263. Michelle / October 31, 2013

    I have two cats: an all black kitty named Juju, and a fluffy silver tabby named Poof. They are sisters. They showed up on our driveway a week after we had to put our old cat to sleep. They are terribly patient with my kids and very sweet to have around!

  264. DeliaKnits / October 31, 2013

    Ohh, I know some kiddos who would love a few knitted kitties for Christmas!

  265. Becky Talyn / October 31, 2013

    We don’t have a cat right now, but have had some lovely ones in the past. My most recent was Ewok, because when he was a baby his ears stuck out just like the ewoks in the Star Wars movies. Before that I had Andromeda, who was a really lovely cat.

  266. Anna / October 31, 2013

    Harry Jackson is our big love bucket. He’s a Maine Coon, weighs almost 20#, and talks a lot. With his cooperation, we’ve trained him to “sit and be quiet.” Although the quiet part only last about 3 seconds.

  267. Stef / October 31, 2013

    My orange tabby kitty is Tomoe (named after a 12th century female samurai). When she wants to play she will open her mouth very wide, nibble my arm, and then leap away dramatically.

  268. Amanda Quinn / October 31, 2013

    When I was younger I had a kitty named Chester who was my best bud! We cuddled up together a lot and he followed me everywhere. He was gray and black striped with a fluffy tail and the cutest tufts of fur on the tips of his ears! I found him at an animal shelter and it was love at first purr:)

  269. Hettty Gunderud / October 31, 2013

    We have had a cat since we got married 50 years ago. My husband, Hans, did not like cats, but when he got to know them Out cat thinks she is a dog and follows us around. Follows Hans when he is gardening, cutting down trees etc. Love the Kitty + mittens pattern, will have to get that.

  270. Amanda / October 31, 2013

    We have two kitties currently. Pixie is the older one, a grey tabby who misses being the baby in the house, and a bundle of energy and purrs that’s part Manx and all black cat called Shadow. I love them both dearly, but confess that black kitties hold a special place in my heart.

  271. hedy / October 31, 2013

    I have a 13 year old kittie. He waits for us to get into bed, then sits on my dresser and jumps into bed to be with us, he is really precious

  272. Jessica / October 31, 2013

    I have two wonderful kitties, whom I’m afraid are spoiled rotten. Penelope is the sweetest thing unless you try to pet her belly and then watch out. Azi has enough personality for 3 cats and is quite the character. He comes when he’s called like a dog (waiting the obligatory few seconds before coming just so you remember he is a cat not a dog). He eats anything and everything much to our dismay from potato chips to broccoli to stir fry.

  273. Bonnie / October 31, 2013

    We have two kitties, Daisy & Squeek. Daisy is 12 yrs. old & Squeek is 2. We weren’t looking for a 2nd cat, but she found us. She was 4 weeks old & weighed 9 ounces! Now she is 13 pounds. Daisy is my cat. She likes to sleep on me when I lay on my side. I have always had cats in my life. I can’t imagine not having one…or two.

  274. Deirdre / October 31, 2013

    All four of our kittehs are rescues in one way or another.
    Boaz was born with an umbilical cord wrapped around his hind foot which was not found soon enough and he lost his foot. We adopted him at 8 weeks, had corrective surgery to his foot at 6 months and now he is the grand old man of the house at 14.
    We adopted Ruthie from a shelter to be a companion for Boaz. She is a beautiful polydactyl, age 13. We call her our China Doll.
    A little later came Keely, another polydactyl with TWO extra toes on each foot (the vet said we have a foot fetish, LOL!). We adopted Keely at age one from a family that didn’t want her anymore. She’s the Diva of our house at age 13.
    Angus is our Little Man. He came to us as a 12-week-old when we lived in the foothills. He was all ears and legs, and he has grown into those ears and legs. At age 9, he is twice the size of our other cats.
    All our fur-babies are unique and special, and spoiled rotten, and we love them to pieces!

  275. Tina Depew / October 31, 2013

    My husband and I adopted a cat from our vets office 2 years ago. He is a gorgeous 9 year old Buff Domestic long hair named Miles. The poor thing had been dumped to live on the street and not doing very well. He was hit by a car and had a broken jaw. Our vet nursed him back to health and 5 months later he was adopted by us. He is such a good cat.

  276. Margaret / October 31, 2013

    I have 2 cats who like to sit in my lap and prevent me from knitting; especially my big yellow tomcat. I also have 6 year old twin boys who want me to knit them more critters!

  277. Cat / October 31, 2013

    I found this today which is the 1 year anniversary of the day I adopted Samhain and my 3 year wedding anniversary! He is my my 13 lbs of coal black snuggle baby, that would be the cat not my husband 😉 We also are owned by Thibideaux the huge ginger marbled tabby and puss the baby tuxedo.

  278. Vivette Pullum Ashen-Brenner / October 31, 2013

    I have 5 kitties. 30 lb Scamper the Obnoxious Lout, his litter mates 7lbs each Ricky Fish, and Minnie Mouse, Frank Sincatra of the beautiful blue eyes and lovely singing voice and Bitty-Bitty-Shark-Kitty…I would love to knit some kitties to represent some of our furbabies who have gone on to the Rainbow Bridge.

  279. Deanna / October 31, 2013

    I have one 18 lb bouncy bundle of fur named Jasper, he’s my big boy and is just a delight with his antics.

  280. Tara / October 31, 2013

    We have one orange and white cat, named Taco. He used to be VERY excited about my knitting, but now he mostly leaves it alone.


  281. Jenni / October 31, 2013

    I have two wonderful cats, but I also volunteer at a cat shelter, so it is kind of like I have 130 cats!

  282. Joanne Simpkin / October 31, 2013

    I have a grey boy, who sleeps beside me each night but he has to make sure he can touch my skin with his paw before he will settle.

  283. Amanda / October 31, 2013

    My kitty Freya is very sweet and affectionate, but a bit of a fraidy-cat. She’s scared of just about everything except me. She knows the sound of my car and greets me from the back of the sofa when I get home. She knows that Mommy’s knitting yarn is not her toy, which is nice.

  284. Teresa / October 31, 2013

    3 wonderful kitties. Shaggy, butters and ziggy.

  285. Gayle / October 31, 2013

    I haven’t had a cat since my BFF (Best Fur Friend) passed away from cancer 16 years ago. He was the sweetest, smartest cat I ever had, and I still miss him after all these years. I would love to knit one that looks like him (orange tabby).

  286. MargaretC / October 31, 2013

    We have two meows, Miss Ginger Whiskers, who just turned 12. And, like her name, she is a ginger – an orange and white tabby. We got her from the shelter. She had been dropped off a mere hour before we got there, and it was love at first sight on all sides.

    We also have a black kitty-boy named Shadow, who is a year and a half. We got him from the mother of a friend of a friend. He’s our wild child, an indoor kitty with a thirst for adventure, always trying to get out and investigate the wild outside. We love him, block his attempts to escape, and leave all the window miniblinds open so he can watch the outside world.

  287. Nichol Davis / October 31, 2013

    I have four cats and love them all to death. They converted my fiancée to a “cat person”

  288. Deb / October 31, 2013

    I had all sorts of cats on the farm growing up. I loved them all. Now, we just have cats that poop in our yard. Ugh! My mom and sis still have several cats. Had no idea there was a day for cats!

  289. Beatrice / October 31, 2013

    Ihave 2 cats — Lenny the escape artist who greets all visitors and loves to check out purses and Della who hides from any newcomers. They bring smiles and love to us every day..

  290. Melena / October 31, 2013

    I have two kittens from the same litter, one an Orange Tabby and the other a Seal Point Siamese! They are inseparable and love to snuggle with my husband and me.

  291. Liz Levine / October 31, 2013

    My current cat, Shadow is a yarn-a-holic. Well, he actually loves any type of string to play with so I have to be extra careful with my stash of yarn and current projects. He just might try to swipe the yarn and run off with it!

  292. Gale / October 31, 2013

    When I was in need of warmth, I would occasionally lay down on the floor in a sunbeam that would pour through the patio windows. My kitty, Claire, would come and lay down on top of me, adding her personal warmth to help me out.

  293. Karen G. / October 31, 2013

    All 4 of my cats appreciate my knitting projects – the purrfect textures for happy paws; but, sadly, one of them prefers to eat the natural yarns if he gets the chance!

  294. Renee / October 31, 2013

    I have two cats – Abigail the Tabigail, and Buster – twenty pounds of black fluff.

  295. Jackie / October 31, 2013

    Since childhood, I have known and owned many, many wonderful cats. (Okay, there were one or two bad guys also, but when they weren’t peeing on my roommates’ stuff even they had their charms.) Our current living situation only allows for one cat right now…but there’s nothing in the lease about having more KNITTED kitties.

  296. Dorothy Mawby / October 31, 2013

    My cat, Pearl would love to see herself on my mittens!

  297. C M Thain-Brebner / October 31, 2013

    would LOVE to knit a cat !!

  298. kim dawson / October 31, 2013

    I have two kitties that we adopted after our oliver passed. We had Oliver for over 9 years and it broke mine and my hubbys heart. He slept with us every night and we will miss him dearly. We decided to get two more that needed love. We knew they could never replace Oliver but we missed that special love a kitty gives. Our new babies are active and ALWAYS getting into trouble. They are 10 weeks old but we love them so much… they bring a smile to our face every day!

  299. elle Warren / October 31, 2013

    My black cat, Figaro, is 17 years old today! We always celebrate her birthday on Halloween, although she came to us as a tiny kitten towards the end of November.

  300. Judy / October 31, 2013

    I would love to knit a kitty for my grandson (2 years) and his new sibling to arrive in July 2014. He loves cats but they can’t have one now for several reasons. I know he would be thrilled to have his very own kitty again……. Especially one from grandma! He and his parents have moved across the country so I can no longer see him in person and don’t want him to forget me. :'(

  301. kat bennett / October 31, 2013

    For the last five years, I’ve lived in an apartment and been catless and without loving kitty companionship. I would love to knit a kitty for myself and several friends! And who knows maybe the yarn kitty willl attract a fur kitty.

  302. Kimberly Griffith / October 31, 2013

    I have one adorable solid black furball, Mr. Darcy and then I foster to other kittens, Winston and Shmidt.

  303. Linda K / October 31, 2013

    We have 6 cats: Butch 18 years old and going strong; Thomas and Taylor, 6 year old siblings, Little Girl, 5 years old, Gracie, 3 years old and Little Girl’s daughter, and Mister, the neighbor cat who lives on our porch. We love cats. My FB id is my favorite cat, now long gone, Rachel. I can’t number the cats we have had over the past 53 years, and we loved them all. PS: all have been neutered upon arrival at our home.

  304. Mindi McCarthy / October 31, 2013

    I have a 23 lb maine coon cat who came with the name “Fatty” when I adopted him 2 years ago. If I was insulted, I could only imagine how he felt. I changed his name to Mr. Alice Cooper (since my best friend determined his eyes had black rings like the singer of the same name). He is loving, funny and oh so graceful LOL And he can put my English bulldog in his place 🙂 I’d love to have one or both of those books!

  305. Jana Williams / October 31, 2013

    Our cats are great mousers and friendly. We have 3, tiger, bart and jessica.

  306. Terri B / October 31, 2013

    I’m Terri and I’m a Cat-a-holic. Yes I admit it and have no intention of getting doing anything about it. Why? Because they make me smile and what more would I want. I now have 4, which is better than the 25 I had 17 years ago when I showed Ocicats. Yes I know that sounds like a lot but I am also a clean freak, most people had no idea from walking into my house I had more than what they saw. My addiction satisfies me….

  307. Amber / October 31, 2013

    I have three cats, but Ashley is my oldest kitty. She’s 16 and a beautiful blue (gray) with pretty green eyes. She sleeps with me and lays on the sofa near me while I knit. My other cats Steve and Jack are sweet too. Steve loves to steal my yarn and knitted items. He has an addiction to wool. Jack’s more aloof, but he loves a good cookie or donut and will come around if I have a good snack! I’m a bit of a crazy cat lady!

  308. Janet / October 31, 2013

    My favorite cat of all time was my blue seal Siamese named Jazz.

  309. AmyW / October 31, 2013

    My Mr. Jones and Olivia would love to see themselves in a knitted version. Mr. Jones is a brown and black tabby with a curly tail, and Olivia is a long, skinny orange and white sweetie.

  310. Rebecca Wilson / October 31, 2013

    I don’t have any cats, but my brother has six cats and they are all cool in one way or another. Aleks is a beauty, he looks like a Blue Russian though he isn’t. There’s brother and sister Mistopholes and Maddie in all their black and white glory. Plus all the others, can’t choose just one out of the group.

  311. Cindy S / October 31, 2013

    My sister’s cats are her “babies” and I’d love to knit some kitty toys for them.

  312. Alma Magee / October 31, 2013

    We used to have cats. Still miss them! Now we have to dorkies (dorkie/dachshund mix). Would love to have some knitted cats to add to our family!

  313. Lisa Ladao / October 31, 2013

    Yay!! Cats:) my cat Silver loves to sit on my lap as I knit;) she’s older now so she doesn’t go after the yarn like she used to. She brings so much comfort and joy into our home;)

  314. joyce / October 31, 2013

    My cat, Mischief, looks a lot like the cat in your picture above. She is a rascal, but I love her.

  315. Kimberlee Andrews / October 31, 2013

    I have two beautiful Siberian Forest Cats Tasha and Rusty. They are almost 5 and still act like kittens…they keep me entertained for hours and love to snuggle. I love watching them watch me knit. You can see how much they yearn to go after the yarn but they almost always manage to resist! Only once in awhile does Rusty break down and bite the ends of the needles! They would love to have some knitted pals.

  316. Pat / October 31, 2013

    We have adopted many siamese mix cats. ne we had for 16 years. 11 years ago we took two, Butterbean and Boomer. This year we lost Butterbean to cancer and Boomer was lost without him. Many a knitted cat will be a comfort to him.

  317. Kathryn / October 31, 2013

    My kitty is named Oreo. He’s an 11 year old, black and white long hair Norwegian Forest Cat. He’s my sweet boy!

  318. Grace W / October 31, 2013

    We have two cats – the older, smaller, white cat is named Snowdrop and recently chased a large cat off our front porch. The other cat is a middle-aged partial Maine Coon named Heidi who sat far away nervously encouraging Snowdrop during the property invasion.

  319. Jessie / October 31, 2013

    I don’t have a cat anymore, but for a long time I had a big thug tomcat named Foley who spent his days stealthily lying in wait for the dog to pass by so he could swat at her

  320. Elaine Schroeder / October 31, 2013

    My daughter surprised me last Christmas with the Knit Your Own Cat book. Love it and would really love the knitted cats and kittens. Right now we have 2 beautiful rescued cats. We lost our other rescued cat of 22 years. Scooter is a Halloween type of cat, black, green eyes and our Trouble has turned into a very large coon type cat. Hard to believe that he was only about six inches and very skinny when he found us. There is always room for one more.

  321. Kimberlie / October 31, 2013

    We only have one cat, Bella, and she is very picky about her yarn choices. She not only prefers cotton, but PURPLE cotton!

  322. DharmaLotus / October 31, 2013

    Currently my lease does not allow cats, which makes me very sad. I have adopted a number of cats over the years, been a foster mama for a rescue group, all sorts of ways to care take felines. I miss them terribly. My next place MUST allow me to have a furry companion!

    Saana Bella – a heart soulmate
    Marcelle Dupree – my baby
    Scully – the best ever

    Just to note a few of those amazing animals who have shared life with me.

  323. Kathleen Winslow Parsons / October 31, 2013

    I now have 2 cats. One named Maggie, a 2 year old adopted from our local shelter earlier this year. My second is a “babykitty” only 8 weeks old and found in the trunk of my brother’s car. His doesn’t have a name yet as I am trying find just the right one. So far George Thomas is in first place.

  324. Debora S / October 31, 2013

    we adopted 2 cats in the summer, Joe and George, cat light up your life!

  325. Jill P. / October 31, 2013

    My troublemaker, Loki, is 5 years old but he acts like he’s still a kitten most of the time. In the winter months he expects a sleeping spot at the head of our bed–pillow space and blanket privileges included. He rolls over for Doritos (spicy nacho flavor is his favorite) and gives fist-bumps if you put fist out there and ask nice. He likes to hang out in his “Fortress of Solitude” on top of our entry closet where no one else can reach him. He enjoys all aspects of knitting; he’s chewed up several wooden needles, I cords (attached to finished projects), and balls of yarn.

  326. Kimberly / October 31, 2013

    I have one enormous Ragdoll mix named Lizzie. She is 11.5 years old and is my best (furry) friend in the world. There’s a rule in my house that I can’t knit things to put on her – even the ridiculously cute Christmas sweater pattern I found – so I would love to knit a kitten I *can* dress up.

    Oh, and being that it’s Halloween, I’ve included a shot of Lizzie in her (what passes for a) costume.

  327. Hala / October 31, 2013

    I have 6 cats and fostering 4 others….
    one day i had 11 cats sleeping on my bed pinning me and wasn’t able to turn:)

  328. Annalisa / October 31, 2013

    We have two tabby cats, siblings we adopted from our local animal shelter. When we went to pay the adoption fee, the total quoted was half as much as it should have been. We said there was a mistake, but the lady said she was just so happy to see siblings adopted together that she was giving us a two-for-one.

    We now joke that whichever cat is currently in the dog house (as it were) was “the free one.”

  329. Amy S / October 31, 2013

    Hello! I have one adorable cat named Westley. My husband found a litter of newborn kittens abandoned inside a vehicle at his work. When the mama didn’t come back, my kids and I brought them all home and bottle fed them. Two did not survive the first week, but our Westley pulled through and is the king around our house now!

    Thanks for the chance to win a book. 🙂

  330. Justine / October 31, 2013

    I was so excited when I got the email about the new kitten patterned goods, I’m an unabashed “crazy cat lady” who also loves to knit. I used to foster for a rescue and managed to only adopt one cat, my darling Chico, who we had to put down this past winter 🙁 But now I have Freya, a now 10 month old gray tabby who loves to pick up my knitting and carry it away when “mommie” is paying too much attention to knitting and not enough to her!

  331. Karen / October 31, 2013

    Our cat Jasper is possibly the most brainless of his species, but also the most adorable. At 8 yrs old now, he still behaves like the kitten he was when we got him. ‘Rambunctious’ was how the rescue centre described him. Well, they got that right!!

  332. Kimber / October 31, 2013

    My two sweet girls are 14 and 15. One doesn’t see too well and the other is missing some teeth, so they’re a little worse for wear — but hey, aren’t we all? LOL

  333. Katherine Bolger Hyde / October 31, 2013

    I have a marmalade cat who has outgrown his kitten fascination with chasing yarn and knows better than to try to climb in my lap when I’m knitting. However, I don’t dare leave a string hanging outside my project bag, because he will bite it in half.

  334. Krystal / October 31, 2013

    I foster cats as well as living with my permanent crew. Currently, there are two permanent residents, one guest whose family is out of the country, one potential resident, two kittens going to their own permanent home and one kitten still seeking a home. The kittens have been with me since they were three weeks old, so it’s a little hard to let them move on.

  335. joan / October 31, 2013

    Aah, kitties. They steal your heart. Give good back massages and even wash your hair, too!. Love them all.

  336. Molly Smith / October 31, 2013

    We had cats growing up but my younger brother became allergic and now I live in a dorm but the second I start living off campus I’m getting a grey tabby and naming it Krishna.

  337. Hilly Jacklin / October 31, 2013

    I have 5 sweet kitties–Uno (15) who LOVED snuggling up with the sheep at night, sweet Mr Peaches who was raised by our dog Tootisie because he was an orphan, Sebastion, a foster kitty who stayed because he bonded so well with Mr Peaches, The Diva, Mudgee and Kira, a little one who wandered in one stormy night a year ago and stole my room-mates heart. Mr peaches loves anything knit of wool and will knead on anything knitted until his eyes sort of cross and he starts to drool (just a bit) from the bliss of it all. He really needs his own knit kitty.

  338. Pat / October 31, 2013

    I don’t have a cat but my son has a serious girlfriend who has two! She is a knitter and I would give the book to her. She has helped my son’s dog learn to live peaceably when visiting! I really like her and I think I could learn to visit peaceably with those felines!

  339. annie brown / October 31, 2013

    i have 4 cats and a golden retriever who my little orange and white cat decided to raise as his baby. they play eat and sleep together all the time. the dog thinks she is a cat.

  340. Connie / October 31, 2013

    I have nine cats, but one is super special, Chemo. I got him when I was recovering from breast cancer. He would hug me when I got home from chemotherapy, follow me everywhere, and even now will come and give me special hugs when I am not feeling well. We have such a special bond. He is an Exotic (short-haired Persian) and looks just like Garfield. He is purrrrrrrrrrrfect!!!!

  341. Nanci / October 31, 2013

    I don’t have a cat at present, but my sister adopted recently a beautiful 5 year old white cat, Blanche, who has one blue eye and one amber eye and is blind. Apparently most white cats with different coloured eyes are blind. I recently crocheted Blanche a kitty blankie!

  342. Dolores Andre / October 31, 2013

    We have Jameson, “Jamee”, our tuxedo cat whom we love dearly..he was given two months to live last Oct when thevet found tumors on his liver and spleen, but he is still very lively and loving!
    Would love to have a book of cat projects to knit!

  343. Rhonda / October 31, 2013

    Our kitty was the neighbor’s outdoor cat among many, many cats they didn’t care about. She started visiting us. Fell in love with the grand kids and the dog. The grand kids wanted to bring her in to stay. Grandpa said no way.
    One rainy day I left the house, made it through the subdivision and got to the highway. Just as I was about to pull out onto the busy highway a woman frantically flagged me down. That cat had rode under my car the whole way. I don’t know how she didn’t get killed or dart out into traffic when I stopped. The woman saw her poking her head out from on top of my back tire.
    Long story short. This happened on my granddaughter’s 7th birthday. Her birthday wish came true. She had wish for “Boots” to be our indoor kitty so she could keep her safe. Grandpa couldn’t say no to that incredible day!

  344. Elizabeth / October 31, 2013

    I have two cats – both of which are mesmerized by my knitting. One of my cats, Maggie, acts more like a dog — she loves fetching small foam balls. She’s also quite fat and has a really skinny rat-like tail so she has a funny appearance.

  345. kris / October 31, 2013

    I had a fabulous Siamese named Jaucqebo for many years. He was incredibly opinionated and vocal; when he wanted something you new about it “Neeeooooowwww!”

  346. Connie / October 31, 2013

    I absolutely love my kitties. Khloe is the one with all the personality. It actually sounds like she is saying “milk” in the morning. I like to sleep with my head under my pillow and there is nothing like waking up every morning and having that sweet little face and wet nose in my face. She’ll stay there and breath on me till I wake up. LOVE KITTIES!!!

  347. Lilia / October 31, 2013

    I took my cat Moorka from a local animal shelter a year ago. She had another name – Powder Keg! But because she purrrred non stop we named her Moorka – a russian name for a kitty cat that purrrs 🙂

  348. Kate S. / October 31, 2013

    My husband and I share an apartment with a traveling cat named Paddington. We adopted him on my birthday and he loves to travel with us as we visit family in the Midwest. I hope to write a story about Paddington’s travels and adventures one day 🙂

  349. Carolyn Armitage / October 31, 2013

    My oldest daughter LOVES cats!!!! She was a cat (or some incarnation of cat) for Halloween for 7 years! Her favorite cosplay is ears and a tail. These books would be the best!!
    Plus then I could give kitties to my lovely nieces who can’t have them (allergies).
    I could also make some in memory of my sweet furbabies that have passed to the happy kitty hunting ground.

  350. Susan Parker / October 31, 2013

    I love cats! I have a wonderful Maine Coon kitty that has the sweetest personality.
    On a sad note, I lost out beloved applehead Siamese a few weeks ago. She was 17 1/2 yrs. old and had a good long healthy life except at the very end. We miss her so much but are grateful to have known her.

  351. Christine / October 31, 2013

    I have two special kitties, Rosie O’Kitty and Bella. They are very spoiled and very loved!

  352. Kay Landreth / October 31, 2013

    These kitties would not frighten my birdies, like real live kitties do. Would love to knit them.

  353. Jennifer Mitts / October 31, 2013

    We have a cutie pie Burmese cat named Smokey Joe. He’s a handful and has HUGE yellow eyes and crimpy charcoal fur. He “burps” at birds and destroys his toys. Many people would give up on him due to his behavior, but I could never let him go. We took him in after our beloved Catface (a small tuxedo cat) died due to an accident at the vet’s office. I also got laid off that same weekend, so needless to say I was heartbroken. He has warmed my heart and taught me to show compassion, even when I want to pull my hair out. I love him!

  354. Anne Marie Koschnick / October 31, 2013

    These would be a Purrfect books to make things for friends who are cat lovers – and for charity knitting since many of the people we knit for love their pets. These patterns would be the cat’s meow on gift lists!

  355. Jacqueline Landwehr / October 31, 2013

    I always loved and wanted a kitten (or even a cat!) as a child, but I am allergic to them. Never really ‘got it’ when I was young. So, in my adulthood, I realize that knitting a pretty cat is likely the only way I am going to satisfy my kitty needs. : – )

  356. Kim Payne / October 31, 2013

    A cat is such a big part of your family. I grew up with my cat “Peanuts” from the age of two until he passed away when I was in high school. He put up with being pushed around in a baby buggy with my dolls and stayed calm around me in my teenage years. I would love to knit a cat from these books.

  357. karen / October 31, 2013

    Here kitty! I love knitting kitties. A new pattern would be so nice

  358. adele / October 31, 2013

    My kids take care of a family of cats belonging to a neighbor. They love Bob who is the biggest cat they’ve ever seen!

  359. Chrys / October 31, 2013

    Two cats live with likes to try to sit on me when i knit, the other likes to try to grab the yarn! I could get more knitting done without them, but then my knitting and my life would dull without these two good, loving friends

  360. Monique Vogt / October 31, 2013

    I have two ragdoll cats.Keiko the youngest just looks at my yarn as I knit but Finnigan the oldest sits beside me on the couch and bats at the yarn as I knit. We are getting old together and enjoying my favorite pastime….knitting.

  361. Cindy Fressola / October 31, 2013

    My sweet kitty is Creampuff. She is white, with marmalade striped tail and spots between her ears and over her right eye. She recently told me that she wanted to eat eggplant–who would’ve guessed? She is sweet and gentle, and the perfect purry companion to make me feel better when I have a migraine.

  362. Jenny Paxton / October 31, 2013

    I have two wonderful lady cats. They normally behave themselves very well… A ball of yarn is hard for them to resist though!

  363. Tammy Conston / October 31, 2013

    Cats are the best thing in the entire world!!!!!!! I’m a total fanatic when it comes to cats. I currently have two kitties, Twizzler (red tabby) & Licorice (black long hair).

  364. Jen Cayton / October 31, 2013

    We are blessed to have three rescue kitties. Each one is my favorite for different reasons:

    Basel: Black and White cat who loves sleeping, eating, and sleeping in my knitting bag.

    Abby: All black, broken tail. She fetches with play mice by color and organizes them in patterns. She is scared of bags because she was put in one as a kitten before we rescured her.

    Sammy: Orange with bold stripes. He fetches everything but prefers twisty ties, safety pins, and knitting markers. Sammy can jump over 6′ in the air flat-footed from the floor. He is dangerous when it come to knitting as we loves to knead all the soft things i need and snag them!

  365. Kate D / October 31, 2013

    My cute cat looks like he is wearing a tuxedo every day. He likes to try and help me knit but that doe not usually end well.

  366. Jane Danielsons / October 31, 2013

    My kittens love to carry around their woolen toys so I would knit them each a kitty of their own! They also like to “help” me knit.

  367. Jean / October 31, 2013

    We have 4 stray cats that we have adopted they are the cutest. Midnight and Gizmo love to curl up into the flower pots and hang out. Boots and Lorna arent really interested in the flower pots but they do love to curl up by the front door

  368. Kathy Perry / October 31, 2013

    WOW what beautiful designs. I’m excited to see the books!

  369. Maria / October 31, 2013

    My mom’s cat Markiza is an obnoxious orange over-weighted cat. My mom took her in when I moved out, to keep her (and her husband) company. She does look and behave like me sometimes.. We still love her, though 😉

  370. Lida L / October 31, 2013

    Our sweet kitty Cleo died a few months ago, at age 20, ans I miss her very much. Would be delighted to receive one of these books!

  371. Bunny Hand / October 31, 2013

    Thomas is our large and fluffy orange tabby. I love to draw him from the rear…just a wide blob with ears!

  372. Amanda / October 31, 2013

    I have so many cat obsessed friends and these are the purrfect gifts.

  373. Karen Bonter / October 31, 2013

    We had a lovely calico cat named Imp. She was a real sweet heart. If I was sitting doing something she would climb into my lap, work her way up my chest, place one front leg either side of my neck and nudge my chin with her head until I stopped what I was doing to pet .

  374. Kate Blackwell / October 31, 2013

    Our kitty found us a year ago. When I get home from work, she stretches up my leg until I pick her up, then she crawls on my shoulder and sits like a parrot! I love to rub her fuzzy belly.

  375. Kathe / October 31, 2013

    I have 5, count ’em 5 cats!! I had 2 but 3 heard the word on the street that we love cats and are soft touches, and they each, one by one, showed up at our door. How can you not take in a cat who took the trouble to look you up? They are sweet and I would miss each one if they left. Yes, they get into my yarn when I knit and I have to hide my yarn. But that’s the price I pay for so much kitty love!

  376. Gail Brower / October 31, 2013

    My four resident cats love to gather around and watch the yarn swift spin. More fun than watching activity at the bird feeder than seem to say.

  377. janet lane / October 31, 2013

    Cowboy Cat was my dearest friend for nineteen years. I had to put him down recently and I miss him so much. I love to knit and he loved to curl up on my project whenever I would lay it down.

  378. knittingdancer / October 31, 2013

    I love Garfield.

  379. Jennie / October 31, 2013

    The purrfect cats for me because I’m allergic to most cats! My granddaughters would love to have me make kitties that are special just for them!

  380. Lynn Ketelsen / October 31, 2013

    My friend’s cat, Clementine, is a beautiful orange cat that LOVE to play with my yarn when I visit. She also loves to eat fiber of ANY kind! Naughty girl! 🙂 I still love to visit with her!

  381. Kay Katz / October 31, 2013

    I am unable to care for a “real” cat at this time but nothing is stopping me from knitting some friends. I miss having pussycats in my life.

  382. Lynne Chamallas / October 31, 2013

    I have 2 cats though I still think they are adorable they were precious as kittens. We rescued these 2 different looking kittens 8 years ago. They love attention and enjoy sitting on our laps. I love you Katrina & Thunder. Happy belated cat day!

  383. Kat Riley / October 31, 2013

    We have 6 cats in total. All were rescued from bad situations. Peanut, Sox, Libby, Swerve, Buster and Monster. Peanut is the queen of the household, Sox is very smart, Libby was found outside a library (Libby the Librarian), Swerve was found by a friend in the middle of the road (luckily no accident), Buster is just a little boy all the time and Monster can be downright evil!!!!

  384. Ken / October 31, 2013

    being allergic to cats – a knitted feline would be purrfect

  385. Christa / October 31, 2013

    I have two lovable orange tabbies, one of whom I’ve had for 19 years. They truly are family, and definitely share my enthusiasm for great yarn!

  386. Lisa / October 31, 2013

    I love simon’s cat! I have 5 very wonderful kitty and I would love to knit them their own kittens.

  387. Cari / October 31, 2013

    We have Georgia (the Queen and boss of the house) and her two daughters, Leighann and Parrot. When Parrot was a kitten she used to climb up on everyone’s shoulders and sit there. She’s kind of big to do that now, but still tries every once in a while. They mostly leave the yarn alone, they are all more interested in fighting over boxes. What a fun blog post, I love that hat and mitts. And who can ever have too many bags? Definitely on my wish list!

  388. Loree Lindbloom / October 31, 2013

    I have two guest cats; Teddy, a Manx and Orange cat with 6 toes. They live across the street but spend a lot of time at my house getting snacks. My own cat was killed by a dog and I welcome my neighbor’s felines.

  389. Dana Armstrong / October 31, 2013

    I love all the kitty oriented projects! Beautiful work. I have 3 cats. Weasel is a Russian Blue, about 15 years old. Chi Chi is next. She’s a beautiful silver long haired tabby. And Princess is a long haired Siamese. She believes she’s royalty and the house rules don’t apply to her! Those 2 are about 12 years old. I love the comment about us all growing old together. That’s exactly what we’re doing. 😀

  390. Barbara / October 31, 2013

    I could be known as the crazy cat lady in my family-just saying! I only have 3 cats at the moment, but I love them so and would love these books to make kitties for the Grandbabies!

  391. Jennifer / October 31, 2013

    oh! oh! pick me pick me! LOL.

    my furbaby’s name is Mr. Biddles. he was a stray kitty who adopted me a few years ago and we’ve been bestest friends ever since. he “helps” me knit and strenuously inspects all of my creations to make sure they pass his high quality control standards (otherwise known as the sniff and rub test)

    thank you for hosting a lovely giveaway in celebration of our wonderful feline friends!

  392. Joyce Kane / October 31, 2013

    I love kittens and puppies. I wish I can find verbal directions to knit such wonderful friends like this. charts don’t work for me, but I do get folks to sometime put words for directions. So if I Get the book I will get it put into words. I live in Stratfrod!

  393. Karen / October 31, 2013

    I have two cats, Turbo and Minnie. They were both rescued feral kittens. And they delight me every day!

  394. Bridgette Mantey / October 31, 2013

    These kitties would be fun to make for my mothers cat. I also would like to make one like Oliver for my mother

  395. Carla / October 31, 2013

    I have 2 cats Oliver and Hazel. I love CATS!

  396. Em B. / October 31, 2013

    I have had a cat all my life except for when I went to college. As soon as I graduated and got my own place I got my cat, Tako! When times got rough, he was there; when I had to move back home, he was there; when I met my fiancee and fell in love, he was there. Unfortunately, my fiancee and his entire family is allergic to cats and I had to rehome Tako last week. He now lives on my mother’s farm, as a barn cat and having a blast! I still miss him!!

  397. Brandie / October 31, 2013

    I live with 3 kitties. My furbaby boy orange tabby, a lovable grey tabby girl, & a sassy solid black kitty girl. They brighten each and everyday for me. Love them to bits.

  398. Paula Gilbert / October 31, 2013

    I have a beautiful tortoise shell cat named Harley and she definitely has “tortitude”! She loves to watch cat food commercials and football on TV.

  399. Sally M. Henry / October 31, 2013

    We have eight cats. Mister is the oldest at age 23. Little Man is our youngest at age 2. Nothing leaves this house without cat hair. Especially my yarn.

  400. Alene / October 31, 2013

    We dont have a cat due to allergies, but we love cats. there are plenty of stuffed kitties around our house. One day we will get two cats to love. 🙂

  401. Kris / October 31, 2013

    I am owned by a orange and white tom who goes by the name of Archie, from the first moment we brought him home from the shelter he decided this was indeed his house, and too hell with dog, if he didn’t like it well, you know.

  402. Lisa Lamb / October 31, 2013

    My youngest cat Gnat is two years old. He is so into everything that I caught him playing with a blinds cord on the TV! Repeating: Gnat was pawing at the TV screen trying to get the cord on the TV show blinds off that television set so he could play with it. I had always heard that cats and dogs don’t see well in two dimensions, but I guess they can see well enough to identify a sting in need of pulling!

  403. Cindy / October 31, 2013

    I miss our cat Riker 🙁 I’d love to knit a grey kitty that looks just like he did.

  404. Kim B / October 31, 2013

    i have two cats orange mostly. Lewis and Clark know since cats are explorers. Hope to win the cool books

  405. Lisa Barrett / October 31, 2013

    Boy, do we have cats! We have 5 inside and two strays staying in the garage. I love cats and wish we could afford more. Although we’d probably have to move since we’d need more space for them but that’s a small detail 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  406. KarenJ / October 31, 2013

    The current cat in my life is Sushi. A green eyed white. He’s a font of affection and wherever I’m working he’s there too, either playing with whatever it is I’m trying to organize or going to sleep in the middle of it. He usually spends his nap time on one of two white sofas, blending right in. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times he’s been sat on!

  407. Leanne / October 31, 2013

    Mr Buttons would love a friend to play with

  408. Briana Ruckart / October 31, 2013

    I don’t have kitties, but my mom has two. Brother and sister. The boy is Bear and grey. The girl is Peanut and black. They are sweet kitties.

  409. Laurie / October 31, 2013

    My two brother cats, Lewis & Morse ( yes named after the British policemen from Oxford) would just love to see me knit up a few kittens. These two Red Tabbies are really like one cat with 8 legs, they are always together. Love them both!

  410. Katherine Strassburg / October 31, 2013

    I would love to knit a cat for my niece. Her boyfriend is allergic, so she had to find a good home for Gato when she moved in with Scott. Kerrie graduated Suma Cum Laude from Fresno State University, teaches 2nd grade! and plays viola in 2 symphony orchestras! Scott also teaches and recently became a registered nurse. I am so proud of them. They need a cat…or two or three!

  411. Anne Rowe / October 31, 2013

    Once had 10 cats and 2 houserabbits…they played and rolled around on the floor together. we are down to the last 3 from our “mom” cat Tavi, whom we lost this past March 1st. They were all varying shades and patterns of orange. ..something my husband had always wanted.He was an only child whose parents liked only dogs. These cat patterns are a hoot!

  412. Karol Bearden / October 31, 2013

    I have two special black cats that chase my yarn and needles while I knit. Love my boys Sootie and Sweep.

  413. Lori / October 31, 2013

    I have a male tabby named Snickers that I adopted from my daughter because she was never home and the cat was lonely. He’s great company but a little spoiled and needs to lose a few pounds. I got him a Cat’s Meow for exercise.
    Would love to knit some kitties for sure.

  414. Michelle / October 31, 2013

    I have three little kitties at home (not so little anymore). Some people talk about their children the way I talk about my cats, face palm.

  415. Sarah / October 31, 2013

    We have 4 cats that we love very much. Lucy, Olive, Zelda, and Link.

  416. Angela / October 31, 2013

    I’ve got 8 cats all from fostering from the local shelter. I fell in love with each and every one of them and couldn’t give them up! Each one is unique and precious in their own way. Can’t imagine not having cats in life!!

  417. Jo / October 31, 2013

    My kitty was a rescue. We’ve been together for over seven years now. She hardly ever meows – she is too busy purring. She can tell the difference between llama and alpaca yarn.

  418. Leonor Linares / October 31, 2013

    I am a grandkittyma. My oldest has two gorgeous Main Coons, Messi and Xavi who love to visit Grandkittyma and get brushed and fluffed. One loves to snuggle in my yarn while the other loves to roll it around everywhere. And my youngest had two kitties who loved to go on walks in their stroller with their Grandkittyma. I miss them! I’ve been looking for a knitting pattern that looks like them. My friend, an avid knitter, has three cats–a Ragdoll, a Bengal and a Ragamuffin. I’ve watched grow up so I’m their honorary Aunt. There’s nothing better than knitting and kitties! And then there is Amber. Amber took to my elderly Mom-in-spirit from the day she was homebound and never left her side till the day she passed on. I’d like to knit Amber for my sister-in-spirit in remembrance.

  419. Kariann / October 31, 2013

    This comment is for my 8 year old that has been begging for a new kitty. She falls in love with each one she sees and was even a tuxedo cat for Halloween. She is going to love the Knit Your Own cat as she has already divided up my stash into color combinations for each one she is hoping for. She just added, “pick us, pick us,” so she can get mom one step closer to making her a herd of cats!

  420. Jane / October 31, 2013

    While I am not currently owned by a cat, I do love cats, and would love to add these books to my collection.

  421. Ell / October 31, 2013

    Phoebe Cats (named for Phoebe Cates), a medium-haired tuxedo cat, is a neurotic fusspot that loves sunny windowseats; Katie Purringer (named for Kate Beringer), a short-haired tortoiseshell kitten, is aggressively affectionate and will certainly let you know when she wants to be petted! They’re my babies and I adore them.

    Now, here’s the TMI part: I’ve been brushing them and collecting their fur. It’s not, like, a kink or anything (lol); I saw a book on spinning your cat’s fur into yarn and I thought that would be the most fitting way to remember my kitties once they’d passed; knitted miniatures of themselves, made with their own fur. The “Knit Your Own Cat” book would be absolutely perfect for that, and “Knitted Cats and Kittens” would also be appreciated- I love anything cute and colourful! (:

  422. Amanda / October 31, 2013

    Hail to our cat Rosie! This time of the year is perfect to recognize our furry felines…It’s also a perfect time to get out the yarn and start some winter projects!

  423. Brenda Mitchell / October 31, 2013

    We have Simba, an almost 20 yr old cat that my daughter rescued from OSPCA when he was just a tiny kitten. My family has had a cat or two in the house for over 40 yrs. I would very much enjoy the books and sharing them with my cat lover friends.

  424. margot / October 31, 2013

    Knit a kitty! How adorable and cute without the muss and fuss. Or knit one as a friend for your own kitty and fill it with catnip as a true kitten friend!

  425. Lindy / October 31, 2013

    We have a an awesome cat who truly thinks he is a dog. Plays a great game of fetch. He lost his playmate earlier this summer. Maybe I could knit him a playmate. Lol

  426. Honex / October 31, 2013

    I love kittens and cats. How fun to knit one!! I have four cats total. Two are indoor….Eevee and Mew (kids named them after Pokemon) and two feral cats that I feed. I named them Zoom (Mama Cat) and Sylvester (her son).


  427. Debra Barker / October 31, 2013

    This would be great as I love kitties but have a major Asthma problem that prevents having real cats in my house. Since I cannot have real kitties, I am always looking for kitty related items to fulfill my need for a cat in the house!

  428. Leslie / October 31, 2013

    I have two knitting kitties. Pearl is a tiny tortie with more personality than a cat should have. Zora is a snooty calico who is too pretty for words. Both love yarn, and I go into my yarn room and find balls of yarn in places I didn’t put them. Pearl wants to eat my knitting needles.

  429. Jennifer Paden / October 31, 2013

    My favourite cat was Iris, he was a big ol’ tom with long fluffy white hair and a grey patch on his forhead, he loved me more than any other pet I have had, and waited at the door for me when I came home so he could pounce in my lap as soon as possible.

  430. Dale Barz / October 31, 2013

    My kitty kat is named Deuteronomy, aka Deuters. We adopted him 3 years ago when he was 5 years old. He’s a cutie pie and brings us an amazing amount of joy!!!

  431. leia marple / October 31, 2013

    I love to knit something up with Malachi right on my lap. I think he loves it too, especially when I’m making toys on my DPNs. Wouldn’t he be surprised if I made a miniature him!

  432. Lauren Kowalczewski / October 31, 2013

    I have 2 companions, Cassie and Zoe. My Sis has 3…Chloe, Macy and Little Eddy (they’re all girls).
    I would love to get this book and knit all of our girls to look like them. What an amazing gift that would be!!

  433. Melanie / October 31, 2013

    I share my life with 4 boy kitties ranging in ages from 6 – 13 years. They all have such different personalities but are inherently ‘my boys’. They acts like dogs who protect and comfort me and come when called. My life is richer thanks to Gilbert, Nathaniel, Max and Sergio.

  434. littlemissentropy / October 31, 2013

    I have two cats, captured from a feral colony and totally over-tamed. One likes to sleep on my head, the other stretches out next to us lengthwise – for maximal body contact.
    I also have a family member who is a a very cat-dependent cat-fan and she’d be a great “target” for a knitted cat.

  435. Jill Stacey / October 31, 2013

    I have a young kitty named Jersey who looks much like your Rorschach in the picture. She has a hard time leaving the yarn alone!!!

  436. Renee / October 31, 2013

    I’ve had a collection of 5 cats at one time, but unfortunately, I’ve only 2 now-Timber and Tortie. Timber’s a Siamese mix and his Siamese personality meows loud and clear. Tortie whose name is really “Tortie Who Came-a-lot.” She’s starting to follow Timber with the early morning greetings (3-4 a.m.) loud me-U’s. I just love it when they play cat ‘n mouse, or chase. They’re great company too.

  437. Marie Bevier / October 31, 2013

    I have an orange tabby and a big fluffy black kitty who like to compete for lap time. Sometimes I think that the cat currently on my lab doesn’t actually want to be there, they just claimed it because the other one wants it.

  438. Elizabeth / October 31, 2013

    I have three puffs that put up with my son’s two dogs. Wik, Oreo, and Max make up our feline householdl. I collect children’s books about cats – vintage as well as contemporary. These books would be a wonderful addition to those that I have. Maybe I can inspire my little grand daughter to pick up some knitting “sticks” and knit along with me!

  439. Margaret Kline / October 31, 2013

    I have had cats in my life for as long as I can remember. They are just wonderful company and can really entertain me. I currently have 2 cats. The oldest one is Furgus, a gorgeous long hair, 17 years old and so very sweet (always purring). He is dealing with thyroid cancer, but is good for the moment. The other one is Margo, a beautiful Bengal, 16 years old. She is very loving and always wants to be on someone’s lap. I love them both so much and don’t know what I would do without them.

  440. Helen / October 31, 2013

    We have an evil queen named “Prance” who grants us petting privileges on occasion. Our mistake was in naming her a verb. If we had named her a proper noun, she would have been abnormal kitty and not in constant motion! 🙂

  441. Ann F. / October 31, 2013

    I would love to be able to knit a cat or kittens…I can’t have any pets in my apartment but would love to put a knit cat in my window…

  442. Caitlin Vilcsak / October 31, 2013

    We call my cat Epimachus Mac for short. He’s a brown tabby cat with little white toes on his front paws and long white boots on his back legs, a white belly, and a little white chin and bib.

    Mac loves himself some wool. He likes nothing better than to grab a hank of knitted sweater or blanket in his mouth and go to town kneading at it with his paws. He doesn’t really hurt it except for a few pulled stitches. If you can knock him over onto his side at that point, sometimes he’ll stop kneading and sit there with you there.

    Mac’s other interest include experimenting with gravity by knocking things off of desks and tables, and chasing the laser pointer dot.

  443. Linda Newcomb / October 31, 2013

    I no longer have a cat. But I have very fond memories of Muffin. She was a gorgeoys brown/black/white bib tabby who got me through some really bad times. She would wrap her paws around my neck and lick away my tears. She was 23-1/2 years old when she died. I know we will be together again in heaven.

  444. Jamie Leigh Harris / October 31, 2013

    Love these books. I currently have four kitties. Chowder, Panini, Truffles, and Sweetea. 3Girls and 1 boy. The girls are all rescues, I am a veterinary practice manager and these kids were all brought in as unwanted. Well I wanted them and took them home. Truffles was a real ghetto Kitty, she was a year old and full of every parasite a cat could have, skinny, and traumatized, but with a little TLC she is fat and sassy now. Panini and Sweetea, were saved from the streets almost too little to survive. But I’ve got them now and They are my kids. Chowder is an Oriental shortage and my boy!!! Love these kids and I would Love to learn to knit more since I’ve gotten my limit on the live ones. 😉

  445. Beth Hufford / October 31, 2013

    I have two kitties. One is 7 and lost her sibling a year ago. She was big and white and fat. Then we adopted a kitten for her to love on, but instead he runs her a merry chase and steals her food. She’s lost 7 pounds (needed to) while he gained 7.

  446. Cammy / October 31, 2013

    We have three cats, all of them from the humane society. The first one is a black cat named Sparky. She is can be a little mean and we suspect she may have been abused for the first year of her life before we brought her home. We love her sooooo much. A year after we got her we went back to the humane society to get her a companion. We ended up getting two kittens that day — an orange and a buff. Carter and Rex keep Sparky on her toes and the three of them treat their humans very well.

  447. Gayle Justice / October 31, 2013

    I have a friend turning 80 who lives alone with 2 adopted cats. She has arthritis and ask me about patterns to begin knitting again. I recently had joint replacement surgery in my left hand and think knitting has been my physical therapy. …she thought it would be beneficial for her also.The books sound like patterns for physical and mental therapy for my cat/knit loving friend.

  448. Cheryl Barron / October 31, 2013

    This is sweet. Reminds me of the time a little girl I knew wanted a kitten so much but landlord said no. I got her a toy stuffed cat. She liked it very much. We have one cat now, a terror that my son calls kitten, I call beast. (Claws). She loves to play with my husband and stalk the parakeet.

  449. Jean Laudner / October 31, 2013

    “Bob” came in as a stray but quickly won us over. Loves to roll on the newspaper as it’s being read. Best pal to the dog Charlie.

  450. Kathy / October 31, 2013

    I have two beautiful Maine Coon kitties that are my constant companions. Cats, and other critters, will always be a part of my life. Thank you for being my buddies, Saja and Missi!

  451. Lynn Reeves / October 31, 2013

    I owned several kittens and cats.They each had there own personality and got into trouble in their own way. When it came my knitting each one got into trouble in their own way but I had to love each and everyone.

  452. Kelly O'Connor-Salomon / October 31, 2013

    I have a ten-year-old cat we adopted when we were living in South Dakota. We named her Zabar after the store in NYC because my husband was homesick! She is just a couple of months older than our daughter. She is quite the spoiled girl–crawling under the covers with us at night when it is cold–but we love her!

  453. Jen / October 31, 2013

    I had a couple cats when I was a kid and I would love to have one now but my husband is allergic so I can’t ever get one 🙂
    My husband thinks that if he finds cute kitty videos on YouTube and shows them to me then that would be good enough….

    • Jen / October 31, 2013

      That meant to be a sad face, not a happy face

  454. Marie / October 31, 2013

    Gracie was my first cat ever; I rescued her when she was three. A year later, I rescued Bella, who has always wanted to be an only cat. Gracie is now gone, but I think Bella misses her – even though she won’t admit it. I’m not sure how she’d do with a new little furball, but I’m sure she’d love it if I knit her a kitty companion!

  455. Denise / October 31, 2013

    I found a home for my cat when I had to move. Two weeks later he came back home. Twice. So now he is here to stay

  456. charon coonfield / October 31, 2013

    we have three kitties (and three pups), who are very happy to sit and watch me knit. Carmen is our senior girl, a tabby originally from TX. Mr. Murphy is a dream cycle colored rag doll, and Jack is a grey and white DSH. the boys sleep in bed, with the pups, every night…while Carmen likes to stretch out on the sofa…..

  457. Amylou D. / October 31, 2013

    I am a crazy cat lady in training! I only have one cat, but she demands the attention comparable to 10 cats! She definitely needs some knitted friends. At least one of these books is going on my Christmas list (if I don’t win)!!!

  458. Marilyn McKinnon / October 31, 2013

    My grand cats, Dennis and Judy are a delight and I would love to knit a cat for their mum..

  459. jenn / October 31, 2013

    I live with an AMAZING cat- my friends often joke that he and I are co-dependent, which I secretly know that we are but won’t admit to in polite conversation. (you know….I’m a knitter and have a cat…i’m Obviously destined for CRAZY CAT LADY status…heck one friend gave me the crazy cat lady action figure and told me it was Me!:)
    My BFF(best Feline friend) Loves my finished handknits, he likes to wear them, to be wrapped burrito style in them and just sigh contentedly, as he believes everything I’ve made was for him. (I don’t tell im they disappear because I’ve given them to the person that I actually knit them for, it would hurt his feelings!
    He’s a knitters/fiber lovers best friend, he doesn’t chew needles or yarn, he won’t steal yarn and use it as a toy(No ugly surprises in the stash!) and he’s content to lay over me and keep me warm as I knit and enjoy spending time with me and the stash- what more could I ask for? 🙂

  460. Karen / October 31, 2013

    My son & wife have had 2 cats. One passed away recently, so it is a hard loss as they probably cannot have kids because of cancer. So our family kids are the cats. I would knit a cat for them to enjoy and remember their recent loss of a beloved cat. Thank you for offering this great way to share the love of cats.

  461. nelciej / October 31, 2013

    I am owned by one cat right now, a 13 year old tuxedo girl named Margot. Her beloved life partner Pablo (black and white cow spots) died in May and she is still grieving hard, as is the whole family. She wanders around looking for him and crying, and she has become much more affectionate with us than she used to be (she was always the scaredy cat and Pablo was the snuggle kitty). Maybe if I knitted her a cat from one of those books she would cheer up?

  462. Sally J / October 31, 2013

    Erni & Bert would b e so thrilled if I could make them a knitted companion or two!

  463. Sally J / October 31, 2013

    Erni & Bert would be so thrilled if I could make them a knitted companion or two!

  464. Jill H. / October 31, 2013

    I have a 4 year old tortie named Vala who’s just as spunky as her fictional namesake. She loves to watch me knit and hopes for a chance to play with my needles.

  465. Kerri A. / October 31, 2013

    We have many cats on the farm who follow my husband–their food source–so much that he has to get in the car and drive to get our mail from the mailbox –which is just in front of the house–to keep them from trailing behind him into the street.
    Boots, a black and white tom, climbs onto the roof and watches us sleep through the bedroom window,

  466. Judy Brennan / October 31, 2013

    We recently began feeding a feral cat we’ve named Maggie. She is beginning to trust us. I’d love to give her some company when she curls up on her blanket on my porch chair.

  467. Alice A / October 31, 2013

    My orange kitty named Stewart is the most loveable cat I have ever owned. I am sure he would love to have a kitty that looks like him.

  468. Jessica M Mulsoff / October 31, 2013

    I gave two beautiful kitties my old man Fergus is a 17 pound ragdoll who we refer to as nurse fuf he always knows when one of us is sick he will not leave our side not even to eat( my husband has a theory on this behavior) my other kitty Nigel is a 3 year old black cat we refer to him as short term memory cat! He gets freaked out if we move a price of furniture or if there is suddenly a basket of clothes in the living room. Needless to say so is just not wound right but we love him anyway. They were both rescues I cannot imagine life without them.

  469. B. J. Nordquist / October 31, 2013

    Oh yes I know about Cats our Coconut died when she was 17 years old she had been to CA, NJ, &OR in her long life. I believe she had a stroke and she would lay in the sun in the driveway. We all knew to check for her before starting out on a drive. Well one day she went out in her sunny spot after my granddaughter had checked and she hit her. Of course tears flowed like water! My 4 year old grandson is still sure to this day that Coconut committed suicide. Two weeks later someone dropped a kitten off at our house (7 years ago) so that is how we acquired Marmalade.

  470. Kathleen B. / October 31, 2013

    My big boy, Max is a 35 lb. black cat, a sweetheart that likes to wake me up at sometime between 2:00 and 4:00 a.m. Every morning for food. I only give him a little bit, because I am trying to help him lose weight, because he has trouble climbing the stairs.

  471. Kathy / October 31, 2013

    These two books cover all aspects of cats & kittens from the whimsical to the dignified… What fun!

  472. Kelley / October 31, 2013

    I have two cats that mostly leave my knitting alone. I do have to be careful with fiber – one of them will try to steal anything with raw alpaca in it.

  473. Isabelle Bouchard / October 31, 2013

    I had 2 cats named Van Gogh and Picasso. One day Picasso gave birth to 6 adorable kitties, and I just had to keep one! I named him Monet. I loved them sooooo much!

  474. Julie / October 31, 2013

    I love kitties. My favorite kitties were ones thst I had as a child. They were both long-haired tabbies and were so loving (and soft!) I’ve had many cats since then, but none so precious as my little Cushies!

  475. kim / October 31, 2013

    I would love to be the sweepstakes winner

  476. Hollie / October 31, 2013

    I just love kitties. They are all so special & unique. My girls aka.cats love to be loved and petted. Lucky for them I love textures and never get bored stroking and fluffing kitty fur. Oh the fun either of these books would be.

  477. Amber / October 31, 2013

    I have two lovely grey siblings who became a part of my life when I started grad school and have kept me sane through the process. Schrodinger is a clever femme fatale with a heart of gold. She rather enjoys sitting in my lap while I knit; occasionally she needs to taste the yarn for a quality inspection. Her brother, Heisenberg, is an intelligent sweetheart whose purr can shake the floor or convince you to do his bidding. He enjoys sitting behind my head while I knit.

  478. Christy / October 31, 2013

    We have two cats. Pikha is a Norwegian Forest Cat. He’s a big, fluffy, grumpy snugglebunny old man. Smokey is a fat Tortie who thinks she is a ballerina.

  479. Karen Cooper / October 31, 2013

    Out cat, Boots took up with us accidentally. Our neighbor’s cat got out of the house and when our son got home one night, thinking Boots belonged to the neighbor, he locked him in the storage room. He has refused to leave ever since. He is 22 pounds, beautiful coat and lazy as,all get out. The plant farm up the road where he had lived didn’t mind he took up with us and he believes he is superior to all other creatures.

  480. Karen Messina / October 31, 2013

    My cat, our fourth, is a little old lady and the first female my husband and I ever owned. We always had black and white males, but she came as a set with her brother, who has since passed. Her name is Koneko, which means kitten in Japanese, and in many ways, she remains a kitten.

  481. Janine / October 31, 2013

    We have two adopted cats who are now about 4 years old. I own the Knit Your own Cat book and have reproduced my two kitties for our son who leaves away and can’t have real cats in his apartment. But now I have a new granddaughter and would love to win the Knitted Cats & Kittens to make some her her.

  482. Lea Stern / October 31, 2013

    My cat Izzy is the best. I rescued him from the shelter at age 13 and he’s still love able , playful and sweet at 17. Adopt older animals!! They need a good home too! And they don’t bother your yarn as much as kittens do!

  483. Louise Nootebos / October 31, 2013

    My Kitty’s name is: Haversham. (yes named after the pond in Alice in Wonderland) He is an orange tabby with a white belly who would LOVE to learn to knit. I must keep any and all knitting projects, needles and trinkets locked in a bear proof lidded bin. If I don’t, he’ll ruin any knitting, break all yarn into small bits. wind any lengths around tables legs ,wheels and cogs, if he can find them ( and he does) and basically make yarn unusable. But then, I did name him after a pond in a crazy world. : )

  484. Candace / October 31, 2013

    I have a 1 year old grey long haired tabby cat named Belle. She’s pretty and she knows it. She’s a spolied little lump of kitty but she give me something to get out of bed for in the morning.

  485. Julia Vedders / October 31, 2013

    I have three cats–Lizzie, Vera and Punk. Lizzie is a gray shorthair cat that loves to cuddle. Vera is a medium hair calico cat, the friendliest cat you’ll ever meet. Punk is a black and white tuxedo cat who is afraid of his own shadow, yet manages to get into a lot of mischief anyways. I love all my cats!

  486. kari falk / October 31, 2013

    i have made a few different cats from the Knit Your Own Cat book….they are so much fun…..and i have had requests for more….i love knitting anything that has to do with cats….especially while having one sit on my lap!

  487. Susan M Bealmear / October 31, 2013

    I just love my cat. She was a stray that we adopted we named her Kit Kat cause she’s sooooo sweet.
    She’s Black with white paws and belly. Very ordinary looking but extra special in the love department.

  488. Laine Mejia / October 31, 2013

    My best friend in the whole world died a few years should, at home and in my arms. She was my tortoiseshell cat Baby. I had the pleasure of being owned by her for 21 years. I was heart broken and still miss her terribly but I do have another cat who has become quite the princess. Her name is Georgia peachy cat and she is quite the character.
    A house is NOT a home unless it’s occupied by cats.

  489. Charlene / October 31, 2013

    Our cat showed up about 10 years ago and stayed. She is a good hunter and loves attention. 🙂

  490. Tracy / October 31, 2013

    I would love to make these cats.

  491. Kathy Noack / October 31, 2013

    I lost my last cat about five years ago. In a few weeks I hope to adopt a yellow tabby in need of a new home. His owner has asthma and cats causes problems with her breathing. His name is Chester he could use friend of yarn.

  492. Kelly / October 31, 2013

    I have three kitties, Quark, a calico, Siri, a tabby, and Mia, a gray and white girl. They’re absolutely adorable, and keep dog Shadow firmly in line. My fur babies are the best. <3

  493. Gina Douthit / October 31, 2013

    When I was growing up, I had a cat named Tabby. She used to follow me around the house and would sleep on my chest at night. To “help” me sleep, she would gently place her paws over my eyes. I’ve never heard of a cat doing anything like that since. I miss that cat!

  494. Lark of the Bookwyrm's Hoard / October 31, 2013

    We are owned by two cats at present. Tasha, a tortoiseshell, is dainty and fastidious; she loves to be up high and is also fairly high-strung. Thomas, our black-and-white, takes “relaxed” to a whole new level. He’s most frequently found sleeping, rarely goes anywhere at faster than a walk, and is pretty placid. He’s also very shy with strangers. Sadly, neither is a lap-cat, which is something I miss.

  495. Diane / October 31, 2013

    I have a Bengal cat named Pumpkin Pie. She would like nothing more than for me to knit her a yarn friend!

  496. Rosita / October 31, 2013

    We had a cat named Michael Catson because he loved to dance ( it looked like dancing to us!!) he died this past spring & we miss him so much! Our family has owned & raised over 40 cats over the years but Michael was the cat’s meow!! : (

  497. Sue / October 31, 2013

    Since retiring and becoming an empty nester, I got two sister kittens. I am so attached to those kitties! I can not imagine ever being without cats in the house. They love to get into my balls of yarn and get it tangled and strung all over the house. I can’t get angry. It is so cute and just makes me laugh. We are planning a 3 day trip to visit relatives, and they are going with us. They have explored the inside of the car and love to get in the luggage as we pack. Such fun!

  498. Cary Loewen / October 31, 2013

    I rescued my cat on Fri. the 13th 18 years ago. We named her “Jinx” in honor of that day. She’s still going strong, thank heavens.

  499. Jeanne kyle / October 31, 2013

    My orange cat Mikey has brought such joy to our family…he is so companionable and interested in all our activities.

  500. Yvette / October 31, 2013

    I am owned by a big tom who is really a wuss … my girlfriend and her 2 cats reside here too, so it is a 3 cat house (1 dog too) I would love to make little kitty friends for all of them – hoping of course they won’t be jealous … LOL.
    Thanks for a wonderful giveaway.

  501. Chuggycat / October 31, 2013

    I always thought I was a dog person, until a little stray cat changed my mind when I was just a teenager. I had that cat (my fur baby) for twenty years (I even converted my husband to a cat person). Since then I have only ever had cats. Each one has been my special baby :0)

  502. Neila / October 31, 2013

    We’ve got two rescue kitties, both sweet little girls who let me knit. My two previous cats would not allow me to knit when they wanted my lap. These two sweeties are ankle cats, for some reason. I miss my lapcats, but I do enjoy being able to knit again.

  503. Michele james / October 31, 2013

    I have two grandcats igby and maybe. The are 2 crazy cats

  504. Lou / October 31, 2013

    Kitties are my favourite!

  505. Leigh Bee / October 31, 2013

    Well if I had to choose between knitting and cats, I would have to pick the cats, but why worry about that when there is nothing better than knitting with cats! And now knitting cats with cats! I’m really stoked two knit our two rescue kittens and big uncle cat replicas of themselves! What a great book collection and thank you for sharing!

  506. Elaine Johnson / October 31, 2013

    I adopted my tortie from the shelter about 6 yrs ago after she had a litter. She has turned out to be the sweetest cat ever. Black and deep rust, she fits right into the Halloween season, especially when I put my knitted pumpkin hat on her. She learned very early on that yarn is off limits and is never a problem when I knit. She also likes to sleep under the covers with me and I can count on her to meet me at the door each day when I come home for work.

  507. Katherine Christensen / October 31, 2013

    I love cats, I have always had at least one, often two (I would have more, but can’t where I live).

  508. Beverly / October 31, 2013

    My two kitties love to chew on my bamboo needles and they totally destroy any yarn balls they come into contact with, but they are so cute and they keep my feet warm at night in bed so I can’t really get mad at them!

  509. Suzie Baldwin / October 31, 2013

    Although we don’t have a housecat, we’ve had some very favorite “mousers” here on the farm. On particular favorite was Rascal who sat in the kitchen window every morning waiting for us to get up and come outside. She loved to have her ears scratched.

  510. Jennifer / October 31, 2013

    Our last cat is now in Cat Heaven, but we are looking for a new kitty to join our family.

  511. Jenna / October 31, 2013

    I have three rescue kitties – brother and sister brown tabbies (Spitfire and Tigger) and a one year old orange tabby (Pekoe). Over the years Spitfire and Tigger have learned that the yarn in the house is mine. But for whatever reason Pekoe won’t accept that. So far he’s destroyed a batt of wool he pulled through a hole in a drawer, chewed up two skeins of handspun BFL(that I spun), and eaten a warp off my loom!

  512. Alice / October 31, 2013

    I am the proud mama of 3 kitties. My oldest kitty, Mikey, is now 15 and is experiencing hip and spine arthritis and it is sad. Ellie is the most adorable black lap cat. Timmy, though, helps me knit! He will get on my lap and push his head against the needles and poke at me until he gets paid attention to. He is very fond of yarn, and if I don’t watch, he will chomp right through it and I am forced to splice. I love my kitties, each and every one ‘fur’ their unique purrsonalities and the love they bring me!

  513. Tracy Lichter / October 31, 2013

    I have two rescue cats. Frisky lives up to his name and steals my skein of yarn while I am working on a projects, knocks over my blocking pins while my project is drying while I sleep, and keeps life adventure-ous.

    Cuddles (I didn’t rename him) will someday be what his name is. When I rescued him they were going to be him down. I don’t know what happen to him but he has slowly learned to trust again. He loves to be pet. Butts his head against my arm even when I am knitting saying please pet me. Not the trouble-maker but still a darling.

    They are both bonded with each other which is so great.

    Pets are so special!!!

  514. Maria Edmonds-Zediker / October 31, 2013

    We have three cats. Patch, tortoiseshell feral that moved in one day, totally ignores yarn. Apple, female orange tabby, goes after only the very expensive stuff. Monkey, a little grey and orange “torbie” and youngest of the family, is most fond of knitting. She drags things out of totebags and takes them to her box to make a nest. She and fellow kittens once yarn-bombed the living room a ball KnitPicks sock yarn that was a gift to me. She getting better. Now she enjoys sitting in my lap and watching my fingers and my needles move. When she is feeling ignored, she reaches up a paw to the knitting as if to say “stop, mama, my turn,” When she is bored, she curls up right there in my lap for a nap, which, of course, means more knitting time for mama, because we all know I’m not going to disturb a kitty sleeping in my lap.

  515. Cristina / October 31, 2013

    I’ve been a kitty lover since I was a little girl. My first kitty was a grey and white kitty from a rescue shelter, named Lily. Loved her with all my heart. Now I have a black kitty whose name is Cheese. Cheese also came from a rescue shelter. He was 8 weeks old when we fell in love with him. Mr. Cheese, as my sister calls him, is 3 years old and is very independent. Doesn’t like to be petted much or held for that matter. When we come home from work and school we run to hold him, because only then he’ll let you hold him. We call it pick up points. Some of us are hogs and use up all the pick up points without sharing. He has our full and undivided attention. Yes, he has us where he wants us, begging for his attention. Although he acts as though he can’t be bothered, he is very sweet and loving. He is my baby and mommy loves him very much. He takes care of Mom, by making her migraines go away and by keeping Mom warm at night, always sleeps with me. What he likes the most is when Mom knits. He jumps on my lap and gets really cozy with my knitting as I knit. I discovered that he loves the color blue. Mom of course made him his own blanket in blue, which he kneads every night. My cat is the best and how lucky am I that I have found him.

  516. Juli / October 31, 2013

    I have two cats, Helo and Vala. Both are amazing in their own special cat ways, but Helo is especially interesting. His fur is a shiny dark orange and grey. He is 14 pounds but skinny because he’s nearly 2 feet long (without his tail or head). It’s probably good that he isn’t a cuddly cat.

  517. LK Hall / October 31, 2013

    We have a rescue kitty who refuses to meow. Instead she chirps, it’s quite cute and unique (or at least we think she is unique.) So I named her Cricket. She loves to hop like a little lamb – as I wrote she is unique 🙂

  518. Diane Kroll / October 31, 2013

    My lap cat Tigerlily likes to play with yarn, which makes knitting a little more complicated. I just put my project away until she decides to move elsewhere.

  519. patrice dubose / October 31, 2013

    I am a crazy cat lady!

  520. Sharon / October 31, 2013

    My cat TC is the love of my life. He is independent of course as all tom cats. However he comes in every morning to get is morning loving. We have to bless his food, stir it, before he will eat and of course pet him all the way upstairs where he likes to nap in peace and quiet. He loves to play chase in the backyard and grab my ankles.

  521. C Wallis Davenport / October 31, 2013

    I have two ktties, Wilma and Freddie – rescue cats from the SPCA. They are so wonderful, I’d love to knit their likenesses!

  522. Helen Garrioch / October 31, 2013

    I love cats and would love to win!

  523. Christa / October 31, 2013

    My cat is in cat heaven now. She was a rescue
    kitten and probably the most clumsy one that
    ever walked this earth. But she was there for me
    on my good days and the bad ones even more so. And she would just let me knit while sitting
    beside me only offering an encouraging meow once in a while.

  524. Marie / October 31, 2013

    Our rescue cat just left us at the age of 23. He followed our daughter home “17 miles”…with a little help…from a water slide park! He now overlooks the water of Puget Sound, WA where we live. He loved to fish for frogs in the streams that ran through the property we always bought just for him. Miss him every day!

  525. Gabi / October 31, 2013

    Cats and yarn have so much in common! They are both soft, cuddly, warm, … gotta love ’em.

  526. Kaycee S / October 31, 2013

    I have 2 beautiful adult cats, Lucy,a grey tiger and
    Chloe, a black beauty. We recently adopted an adorable silver grey kitten, Zeke. He keeps us in “stitches” with all his crazy antics.

  527. Nora / October 31, 2013

    My cat Rory is very intrigued by yarn . . . but he knows he’ll get in trouble if he tries to play with it! What a good boy!

  528. Tracy McCoy / October 31, 2013

    love and handmade!

  529. Barbara / October 31, 2013

    I love fluffy kittens. Some adult cats are very loving also. I don’t have a cat now.

  530. Michelle Duford / October 31, 2013

    I only have two cats living with me at the moment: Jupiter and Bella. Jupiter came with that name, and, came with my former partner. She is gone but he is still here! Bella was born to a feral mother under the steps of a local Agway. The first time I saw her at the shelter, back against the cage and eyes wide as they could be, I thought, “I want to adopt that kitten”.

  531. Katrina Neason / October 31, 2013

    My sweet thing, Simon, is a big fuzzy, cuddly, cutie. He is also rather on the large side for a domestic. Simon found Daddy at Daddy’s office, one day, and has been with us for 14 years. He is actually the cuddliest feline we have ever had, and would rather curl up as close to our bodies as he can. He also *insists* on giving my face a micro-dermabrasion every night. He thinks I don ‘t love him if I do not let him clean my face for several minutes. Let me know if you would like to see a picture, I *only* have one or two…dozen. We think he is part Turkish Van due to his coloration, and the fact that he keeps trying to help me shower.

  532. Julie / October 31, 2013

    I have two kitties: Lily, white with two different colored eyes, who loves nothing more than all the food she can get her paws on, and a little knit fish that she carries around the house; and Jasper, a fluffy tabby who loves laps and couldn’t care less about food, but prefers to drink from the sink over the fancy cat fountain. It’s always clear my knit gifts are handmade by me b/c of the cat fur that inevitably gets knit into them as I go!

  533. Mary / October 31, 2013

    This brings back memories of my sweet Clancy kitty. He had the loudest purr, especially when he slept on my chest. I miss him so much.

  534. Trish / October 31, 2013

    We had a cat who really loved yarn. When my mother was crocheting afghans she would run out of yarn cause the cat would have chewed the yarn in too. hehehe Really had to keep and eye on him when we wanted to use yarn for anything.

  535. Debbie Dombrowski / October 31, 2013

    I’ve always been a cat lover, but also helped with dog rescue. I knew I was a true animal rescuer when I found 8 orphan kittens, about 3 weeks old, and raised them until they were 6 weeks. Then they were all adopted thru a rescue grp. I guess I’m more a cat lover and would LOVE these books.

  536. Anaïs / October 31, 2013

    J’aime les chats! I love cats!

  537. Debra Dyjak / October 31, 2013

    Having 5 cats myself, having to make all of them in knitted “toys” would be wonderful. I LOVE the idea of knitted cats.

  538. Carol Wilson / October 31, 2013

    I currently have two rescue cats, both boys. One is quite shy but very loving. The second is younger and has a wonderful happy personality. I love them both and look forward to seeing them every evening after work, They make me feel very content.

  539. Marie Felder / October 31, 2013

    I am hoping to win this in honor of my nephew kitty, Fidel Catstro! He was my best friend while I was living in Taos, New Mexico for nine months, to help my sister take care of our Mom. He kept us company and made me smile every day! Also, I’m currently making cat snuggle mats for the humane shelter and anything free in the knitting or crochet world would be really beneficial! Thanks for this!

  540. Angela O'Connor / October 31, 2013

    I grew up with cats since the time I was a baby; in fact, my parents got a long-haired black cats two years before I was born. That cat was with our family until the day I left for college, when he died from stomach cancer. It was a sad day for my family. I have been fortunate to live with many more cats over the years (never more than two or three at once) and most were a joy to have around. My most recent adoption was a Siamese kitten from our local humane society. He is an amazing cat, and we were fortunate to find him. While I had to send my two kitties to live with my ex when I moved to my apartment earlier this year, since I am not allowed to keep them there, I am still, and will always be, a true cat person at heart!

  541. Max DeBoer / October 31, 2013

    Cats! Gotta’ love them! Independent, intriguing, entertaining and they bring a whole new meaning to “yarn over” when I knit!!

  542. Linda / October 31, 2013

    My big boy “Ralphie” looks a lot like your Rorschach. Is that a black spot I see on his nose? Ralphie has one too! Ralphie has longer hair, a big fluffy tail and he has a large white spot on his right side but his face is just like your Rorschachs. Never thought we would have a cat but we love him, certainly nothing like a dog at all! 😉

  543. Nancy DAvis / October 31, 2013

    Our kitties, Anne, Elle, and Crackers are not particularly interested in my knitting process. But the woolen end results are compelling sleeping spots.

  544. Patricia B / October 31, 2013

    I have two lovely kitties, Bitty (12 yr old Tortie) and Bruno ( a year old Tabby.) They both “help” me knit. Bitty likes to hold down my pattern, usually by sitting on it and Bruno likes to manage the yarn.

  545. Laia / October 31, 2013

    My Westley dressed up as James Bond for Halloween today, and we went to the vet for a visit. He was a hit! Wes is so good and puts up with all sorts of things other than wearing bow ties. He’s an adorable “mask and mantle” black and white. And yes, he is named after The Princess Bride, and some days he is the Dread Pirate Roberts, but mostly he’s my little Farm Boy.

  546. Soraya Malvaiz / October 31, 2013

    I have 3 kitties currently and with all children you love all of them equally but I would like to tell you about my girl Luca who passed away 2 years ago. If she was a person she would be one of my most influential people in my life. She was born the day my youngest daughter passed away. She was an odd looking baby, torties with their coloring can look odd, she was 5 weeks old and needed additional love being so little. This was good because my daughter was gone and it gave me purpose. she grew strong and huge! With spunk! She survived getting hit by a car on new years when she got out by accident. She survived seizures and diabetes…she was a fighter. When it was her time to go she left a huge hole in our heart. She was amazing, resilient, and loved.

  547. Dolly / October 31, 2013

    It would be Fun to get my Paws on one of this Pattern Books……I’m all Ears…….

  548. Lori Hewitt / October 31, 2013

    Like it or not, everyone I know WILL be wearing kitty inspired knit items.

  549. Melanie / October 31, 2013

    I have 2 kitties that I love to knit toys for. Meow Mix is a 12 year old Manx with a stumpy tail that loves to nap and play chase with her two year old little brother Scout. He loves to help me with my yarn crafts and snuggles the yarn I spin. They’re both my best buddies.

    I’d love to make knitted versions of my fur kids so I can have them with me everywhere I go!

  550. Jenny / October 31, 2013

    I have a baby cat. He is actually a fully grown feline, but he is my baby. I always knew I would never have kids. What I didn’t know was that I would fall in love with a cat. Then I met my husband and, allergies be damned, we are now a happy family of three.

  551. Paula Ray / October 31, 2013

    My daughter has a cat who was born on 9/11. We always remember her birthday. She is a Russian Blue. My daughter got married last December and, of course, took her cat with her. After so many years of having Tipper around, we miss her very much. Even her brother, our dog, misses her.

  552. Dianne D / October 31, 2013

    I love kitties! (Even when they get old and grumpy…)

  553. Joan / October 31, 2013

    My 2 cats are the highlight of my day day. I can’t wait to get home to them after work. I am a crazy cat lady and I made them cat manes as a Halloween costume but they would have none of it! They amazingly enjoy watching me knit and they don’t try to grab the yarn.

  554. Elaine / October 31, 2013

    My cat is my knitting companion. She has to taste and inspect all the yarn and projects.

  555. ElizabethR Mitchell / October 31, 2013

    I have been a lover of cats since childhood and always owned and bred persians in september 2009 Ihad a severe stroke and had to say goodbye to my last cat Jacqo as iwas falling over him.He is still alive and well and with another family bu I DO STILL LOVE HIM SO MUCH, It would be such a joy to win one of your lovely books I am now badly disabled but have a daughter who knits thank you for reading this ELIZABETH

  556. Wendy Colbert / October 31, 2013

    My stepmother has 2 cats that she got shortly after my father died. They provide her with endless entertainment and company.

  557. Dixie / October 31, 2013

    I’ve had cats/kittens all my life. They are just tiny little people in fur coats. Each has its own distinct purr-sonality. Currently we have a chubby buddy that my husband named little orphan Andy when he wandered into our lives 15+ years ago. He seems to think he is a dog, doorbell rings, he runs to the door growling. Yet when we open the door, he runs upstairs to hide out. He hasn’t tried to help me with knitting, but will still play with yarn with husband.

  558. Paulette / October 31, 2013

    We don’t own a cat. Well, we HAVE a cat, but apparently he owns us. He showed up one day while my husband was outside working in the yard, and “Yellow-cat” followed him everywhere. He kept coming around, each time looking thinner and thinner, so we started feeding him. Of course this led to every cat in the neighborhood showing up for snacks too, along with the wild turkeys, raccoons, blue jays, etc. When he gets tired of us he visits the neighbors, but always comes back. He sure is a sweetie!

  559. Hannah / October 31, 2013

    My boys are Obi-wan, Tanuki and Phineas. They are all shelter rescues and super smart and funny. They are all various grades of Siamese, so they’re often better conversationalist than most people.

  560. renee / October 31, 2013

    I have a lot of cats, and our family has been blessed with many throughout my life. My Buddy is an orange Tom who is about 3 years old. He is the most laid back, loving, friendly cat I know. In 2012 he got out – a thunder boom scared him and he took out my screen door. I live behind a cow field and I thought I’d lost him forever. I put up signs and looked for him every day. 8 months later, he showed up on my porch. He was scared, ran off the first few times, but I eventually got him back in and within the night he realized, oh yeah, i know where i’m at. He has never raised a paw to another cat or bit or hissed. He truly is a cat that wants nothing more than to love and be loved.

  561. Susi / October 31, 2013

    I have 3 very spoiled barn cats. They can often be found on the porch in the morning or in the evening waiting for whatever goodies we might have at the moment – cream, milk, chicken livers, and scraps of turkey from making broth are some of their favorites. Jack has a bobtail and likes to be held like a baby and have his belly rubbed.

  562. Theresa Ann Markosky / October 31, 2013

    I’ve had always had cats in my life. I love them all in different ways. They brought me so much peace to my life. I cannot have one now due to my apt rules. ( so I feed the neighborhood cats)

  563. Jane Leslie / October 31, 2013

    I love both cats and knitting. How delighted I would be to win these books! So many fun things to make. I hope I win!

  564. Jennifer Sutherland / October 31, 2013

    Cat Day!!! Oh no, I missed it too. But that’s OK, EVERY DAY is a cat day at my house. Would love to win these beautiful books. Please enter me in the drawing.

  565. Cyndi K Svehaug / October 31, 2013

    I am my kitty Rusty’s best buddy. When I go to bed to read, he lays beside me and stretches his arms over my tummy, or puts his hands on my arm like he adores me.

  566. Rebecca / October 31, 2013

    Cats are my favorite!

  567. Ellen Olson / October 31, 2013

    My LilyGrace came into my life when she was found hanging around a lumber yard. Since it was on a main highway, we figured she might have jumped out of a car when they stopped at a gas station or candy shop. That was six years ago and she is a great knitter. Of course, she loves only “real” wool, especially the alpaca variety. She has learned not to chew on the needles but it’s fun to bat what’s hanging down from them. Can’t wait to make some of those cat mittens.

  568. Gaie Orton kennedy / October 31, 2013

    Our tuxedo cat is named Lasombra, but she has an alter ego that appears when ever I pick up my knitting … That is when Miss Knitty kitty appears.

  569. Mary Lou Guarnera / October 31, 2013

    I took in a cat named Sheba who had been turned out of her home. 🙁 It turned out she was pregnant and as the birth of the kittens neared, Sheba took my finger in her teeth and gently pulled me to the place she had decided to give birth. My precious girl has since been spayed and we continue to be special friends.

  570. Deb / October 31, 2013

    Would love these books! I have three cats, Nimbus who is long haired and pure white, her sister Buddha who is short haired and black as night. They are from the same litter but have completely different temperaments. Then I have the sweetest little tortie that adopted us this past winter.

  571. Barbara Meade / October 31, 2013

    I have Henry a white male, Pearl a grey tabby and Pearl’s twins Shadow and Copper both grey tabby with thick soft fur. They all just ended up mine after Pearl’s arrival in Feb. and the kittens arrival in May. We had been between cats after the loss of our 12 year old cat the year before. They even love our dog and I Love them all. BAM

  572. Margarita / October 31, 2013

    Our 17 year old cat, Bob, is the hairiest cat ever! He sheds so much that he should be bald by now but he remains extra hairy, even after being brushed. He loves being brushed every day so much that he will rub up against the brush for hours if we let him do it. Afterwards, he will show us how much he appreciates it by laying on our laps and covering us with more cat hair, thus giving us a reminder of him wherever we happen to need to go. He is an orange tabby and we love him very much. He is the best cat ever, and we are lucky to have him in our lives!

  573. Pat Aires / October 31, 2013

    My daughter has a cat that has been everywhere with her – even camping. He walks on a leash with a harness. One day, her pet mouse escaped her house to the outdoors. Several days later, the cat showed up at the door with the mouse in his mouth, unharmed! Apparently, the cat and mouse used to touch noses through the mouse cage, and were friends.

  574. Michelle / October 31, 2013

    We have 4 cats. THe first one was supposed to be my son’s–but in cat fashion decided I was the only person she could bestow love on!. THe second was inherited when my son left for grad school back east. THe last two we rec’d last month from my mother in law. THey have never been yarn disciplined. For the first time ever, I have to make sure my knitting is put up when I go to bed. Since I have found them carrying balls of yarn around the house. It has been quite the adjustment period for all 4 kitties.

  575. Christine M / October 31, 2013

    yaaaaaaaay! Pick me oh God of Kitty Knitting!! My mom’s cat Boots is just a beautiful animal… although not the most social creature! But what I love about knit kitties is that they don’t hack up fur balls!!

  576. Glenn Whaley / October 31, 2013

    I agreed to foster Trip the Himalayan while his dad got on his feet. He was terrified and hid under the bed for the first month. Now it’s a year later (his dad is better, but still can’t take him) and these days Trip follows me around when I get home until I sit and we’ll have laptime. He’s great company!

  577. Paula / October 31, 2013

    We have two. One white with black spots, named Macchiato – technically, since she’s mostly white, she’d have to be a latte macchiato rather than a caffe macchiato. The other is a caliby – the three colors of a calico combined with tabby stripes. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to get either one to grasp the concept of “lap cat”!

  578. Teri Selbicky / October 31, 2013

    Like you said—PURRRFECT. I’m thinkin’ baby alpaca kitty..

  579. Barbara Miller / October 31, 2013

    I knew 2 of the most adorable cats ever. As opposed to most cats that have a “you come to me” attitude, these two met you at the door when you came home – ala dogs. Then they danced in circles and jumped to welcome you home. What’s more they followed you around to share hugs and pats before they returned to their own play.

  580. Jenny / October 31, 2013

    Our kitty, Zoe, is a Cornish Rex. She has the softest fur and loves following us around the house, long naps, and warm laps. 🙂

  581. Barbara / October 31, 2013

    My friend Sharon was adopted by a semi-feral cat named Petey. Petey was very shy and would hide from any visitors to Sharon’s home. When I visited Sharon, I would sleep on the couch and every night Petey would venture out of his room and watch me. Two days before I left, he decided that I was okay and in daylight came over and climbed up into my lap.

  582. Mary / October 31, 2013

    We have a beautiful male orange tabby, age 10, with diabetes, and doing well with insulin and a very special diet. A few months ago, we also adopted a petite little lady who was surrendered with 6 other cats and desperately needed some TLC, which she is now getting in loads.

  583. Carolyn / October 31, 2013

    I have two 7 month old brothers who are very hard to tell apart. Since I work from home, they keep me entertained all day long. I am always laughing at their antics! They are a lot of fun. 🙂

  584. Janet Molinari / October 31, 2013

    I love all things, cats! We have two manx kitties. I will modify the cat patterns to leave off one tail completely and make a little stub of a tail for the other one, to match our two 9 year old cats. 🙂

  585. Patt / October 31, 2013

    Our kitty is named Deedee. She is now 18 years old and is still a kitten at heart. When I went to the SPCA to adopt a kitten, I had an orange tabby or white calico in mind but there was this very tiny grey tabby screaming in the corner, “you gotta take me” and so we did. Now that I am retired, she sits with me in my craft room where I knit and at night, she tucks my husband in bed every night. She gets on top of him, licks his face and purrs until my husband gets sleepy. She is such a good mommy kitty to us. She takes care of us.

  586. L. Young / October 31, 2013

    My rescue, Missy, is a constant source of joy and laughter. She was severely abused, but she’s got such a sweet nature that no one guesses the tough start to life that she has endured. She’s also my personal furry alarm clock, even on days off.

  587. Georgia J / October 31, 2013

    I would love a book to knit for my friend who is in assisted care. She has kitty name Chaquita, a rescue kitty she has had for 8 years. Oh my what a personality. She talks to anyone coming to visit her mommy.

  588. Judy Rettberg / October 31, 2013

    I have three cats, Minnie, Ivy and Atticus. Unfortunately Atticus lost his right eye after a confrontation with a possum. They all vie to sit on my lap when I am knitting!!!

  589. Amanda / October 31, 2013

    I’m still on the hunt to find a yarn that matches the colors of my kitty’s fur. Her name is Captain Caveman and she’s a lavender cat / dilute tortie. Depending on the lighting, the color of her brindled coat varies from cream to tan to gray to lavender to orange.

  590. Stacy Fuller / October 31, 2013

    We have two orange and white cats, Fuller (13 years) and Chucky (12 years). We also foster cats and kittens for our local humane society and have fostered over 400 cats in eleven years!

  591. Lynn D / October 31, 2013

    tHE BACKS OF HALF GLOVES LOOKS Like my sons new kitten he got from the animal shelter.

  592. Tara Stone / October 31, 2013

    My family rescues stray cats and gets them spayed or neutered when possible. I would love cat knitting books 🙂

  593. Pat Lewis / October 31, 2013

    My three kitties: Max, Isaac & Vinny are triple trouble with yarn and they love their knitted blankies!

  594. Sabrina Bateman / October 31, 2013

    Being military we move around a lot. When we were living in VA, my daughter who was two at the time was learning about animals that did not have homes or people to care for them. She used to not ask for treats at the store but instead would ask to help out the animals by taking food and toys to our neighborhood shelter. Every time we would visit the cat room, all the cats would run except one who would rub up against my daughter for attention and would let her play. Finally after many visits we decided to give Taffy a home. Taffy waits by the door for my daughter to come home and sleeps next to her every night. They have become the best of friends.

  595. Robin Brown / October 31, 2013

    My last two cats were named Rascal and Bashful for obvious reasons. They were sisters from same litter of calicos but were as different as night and day. We no longer have big Christmas trees – they would always climb them, so we got a beautiful table tree and put a fireplace screen around it so the obvious wouldn’t happen. Now that I am older it seems that a big tree is just too much to handle so I put two nice small ones up, one in family room and one in the bedroom. My cats have now turned into a sweet little yorkie named Maddie and she is the light in my life, the same way Rascal and Bashful were. I would love to win one of the “kittie” books. thanks for the chance. Robin

  596. Lindsey / October 31, 2013

    My cat Cleo has been with me since I was 15 and is my best friend in the entire world. I became very sick three years ago and cannot imagine my life without her. Every hardship I’ve faced has been so much easier with her by my side. 🙂

  597. Margaret Tyo / October 31, 2013

    I love cats. Right now my daughter and I have 9 cats. They are cats that were dropped off because no one wanted them anymore but we did and got them all fixed except the new one that we took in . She is already pregnant she will have her babies and then we will get her fixed and the babies as they get older. Those kittens we do not find homes for will live here. Each one holds a special place in our hearts. I would love to have a book to knit cats for our cats to play with and for those poor people who cannot have a cat in their home.

  598. Rhonda / October 31, 2013

    We have 3 cats – Pumpkin, Phebe, and Romeo, the three-legged wonder. All love wool, but Romeo takes it to a new level. Whether its a wool sweater left on the couch, a project on my needles, or a raw fleece out for skirting — he’s on it!

  599. Patty T / October 31, 2013

    Maui will be 16 next April — he has spent many happy hours watching me knit.

  600. Sarah / October 31, 2013

    My cat is Zelda, and she’s been with us since shortly after my husband and I got married. She’s my baby, and she knows it!

  601. Robin / October 31, 2013

    My three daughters would love a knitted cat like their cat!

  602. Barbara Jill Brown / October 31, 2013

    Have you ever been picketed by a cat? My Siamese caught a chipmunk that I had been feeding. It wasn’t dead (she had it by the back legs and it was trying to escape) when she brought it home so very proud of her accomplishment and announcing it to all who could hear her to come see her prize! Well, I took one look at her, and the chipmunk, and made her drop it. After all I had been feeding it and was so happy to have it living in the weep hole of our retaining wall. The chipmunk took off for parts unknown, like a bat out of hell, and I forced the cat in the house. We had a living room that was about 30 feet long, and she began parading back and forth picketing and yelling at me as only a Siamese cat can yell (very loudly). She must have kept this up for a good 15-20 minutes because she was so mad at me for not being pleased with her catch and making her give it up. A few days later a neighbor told us “guess what, we have a chipmunk!” One happy chipmunk, one very angry cat, and a story to tell the world about he great hunter that had to give up her prize catch. I will never get over being the object of a picketing Siamese cat!

  603. Lisa Spotten / October 31, 2013

    As I type this I’m being supervised by my boy Caesar. He was my husband’s when we met but he’s all mine now. We had 5 cats this time last year but sadly 3 have passed. We do have the occasional visit of ghost kitties, including the audible hiss at a dog we had for a few days (there were no cats in the room, both cats were downstairs at the time). I love my kitties and if they want to come visit from beyond I have no problem with that. 🙂

  604. Andi Simmonsen / October 31, 2013

    I currently have two feline fur babies – Zippy, an older lady at 18.5 who is somewhat losing it (although happy and as healthy as possible at that age), and Ghost, our handsome big boy (13). Life would be a very sad thing if we didn’t have them in out lives.

  605. Diana Bell / October 31, 2013

    My Calico cat, Rosie, waits ever-so-patiently for me to finish my knitting row so she can find a suitable spot on my lap to curl up and fall asleep. She is the most considerate knitting companion.

  606. Jane / October 31, 2013

    I have a grand cat that rules the house. Their German Shepard has no choice of her own. Just does whatever the cat will let her do. Such a sweet cat, tho to me.

  607. Sherry Smith / October 31, 2013

    I have two lovely kitties. My kitties are brothers and twins. They are both black with the identical white marking on there lower tummy. They both love to help me knit.

  608. Aisha / October 31, 2013

    My four daughters all love cats. It would be so much fun to knit them some kitty-wear that won’t induce an allergy attack in their father 🙂

  609. Rose / October 31, 2013

    My cat, Marcus, within the first week of coming to live with us found the strappy part of a pair of unfinished French Press Slippers. Honestly I didn’t even know where this project was stored, but kitty found them! Ever since then these two bits if felted magenta wool are his favorite toys and worst enemies (they are always hanging around the living room rug taunting him).

  610. Robin / October 31, 2013

    My daughter has 2 cats(my grandcats) When she has a break at school, she brings them home to visit. The gray one likes to retrieve like a dog. The black one is a big snuggler. Both are always eager to help untangle my yarn.

  611. Laura Simon / October 31, 2013

    I have 30-40 mostly outdoor cats that I feed twice a day. I find the males are more lovey than the females & follow me around for attention. The most outgoing one we named Brownie. He will follow us & even jump on the lawnmower to get pet or picked up. He learned humans were good for attention at barely 6 wks old.

  612. Liza / October 31, 2013

    My favorite cat is Peru (pronounced Purrrru) 🙂

  613. Maxine Bailey / October 31, 2013

    I have had 4 kitties and each has passed away. I would love to be able to knit a cat to match each one in memory. I can’t afford a live cat at this time and this would mean a lot to me.

  614. Lynn Drzewucki / October 31, 2013

    I have numerous “Grand-cats”, and I’m sure my son, daughter-in-law and grandsons would love knitted kitties to add to the stuffed animal collection.

    • Jane Marceau / November 1, 2013

      It’s nice to know I’m not the only one! We joke that if we had a family crest, the motto would read ‘if it lives through the night, you can keep it’

  615. B-R Dean / October 31, 2013

    I have an orange tabby (Little Cat – 18 lbs ) and a longhaied calico, Little Chloe Sunshine (She can’t get a wink of sleep until I make a lap…but don’t touch her hair because after all , it’s alway Perrrfect!). I liken their kittenhood to having adopted wild monkies by mistake! Quite the pair but both adore their doggie mother. yes, I would love to knit my own cat.

  616. Dale Rogerson / October 31, 2013

    I grew up with cats but married a guy who’s allergic to them. I still miss my family of cats. We now have a Silky who is not as lovable my feline friends.

  617. Mary / October 31, 2013

    I have two cats, Simon and Henry, and they are so adorable and such great company. I adopted Simon because no one wanted him as he has a defective tail…I think that is what makes him so special. I found Henry, my second cat, and thought he would be a good companion for Simon, especially during the night-time when kitties like to play. Some nights I can hear them running up and down the hall, scampering about. I think everyone would adopt a cat if they could hear their wonderful purring sounds! It’s like music to humans’ ears!!

  618. Kris P. / October 31, 2013

    Oh, this might help soothe my hubby’s kitten craving. At the moment, we’re living in a 7 x 28 foot travel trailer, so there’s no room for a real kitten. I could knit him a clowder of kittens, until we get the house built!

  619. Amber / October 31, 2013

    A past roommate of mine had this 13 year old all white cat. She was just the most adorable cat ever. She was super skinny and had this sort of goop that built up in her eyes, hence the name Goopy. Goops was the best, she always wanted to be on a lap. She would hover over you for about a minute before she would slowly just plop herself onto your lap. She would sleep on your face, and if she wasn’t on your face she was sleeping right on your hip. Some nights she would get confused and just scream (and I do mean scream she sounded like a small child) until someone came out and picked her up and took her to bed with them. But I loved that cat. She was always up for cuddling with me! And she wouldn’t play with my yarn if I was knitting. Goops was the perfect cat 🙂

  620. Rosemary Spade / October 31, 2013

    Seven cats in the house so my yarn is never safe. I can leave it out for a week and then one morning get up and find it strung throughout the house. How they get it wrapped around everything without tying themselves up I don’t know. They are diabolical!

  621. Jackie Johnston / October 31, 2013

    Love all cats!

  622. Linda / October 31, 2013

    We have two cats: The Awful Ploofy and DemandingCat. I love(d) cats, but these two are the worst of all the cats we’ve had in 36 years. The Awful Ploofy is a blood-pressure-raising cat, a female that sprays in the house if you don’t keep your eye on her. DemandingCat meows more than all of the other cats we’ve ever had combined. We just got back from an overnight outing and she let me have it for three hours straight. These two will cure you of any foolish cat lovin’.

  623. Emily / October 31, 2013

    My home has always had – and will always have – a feline resident. They’re family. We have a gray shorthair named Shady. When I come home from school, Shady makes every effort to sleep under the covers with me. If my dad is going out, Shady will climb and “perch” on his shoulders to try and go with him!

  624. Nickle / October 31, 2013

    I love cats, but sadly can no longer own one where I currently live. I’d love to be able to knit myself a little kitty companion to sleep in bed with me the way my old cat used to.

  625. Diana K / October 31, 2013

    I’m owned by 3 cats, all of which who were rescues. Lily the calico, Smoky the lilac and cream, and Tiger the tabby. They’ve all got unique and wonderful personalities, and I love them all!

  626. Raewynne / October 31, 2013

    Ithacats Venerable Bede is my sweet Korat cat. He is very much a momma’s boy, and loves to snuggle with me when I’m knitting, preferably squashing the yarn. Occasionally he “helps” by lubricating the yarn by running it through his mouth, so that I get a lovely saliva soaked strand, but thankfully doesn’t chew it or attack skeins.

  627. Danielle Hogan / October 31, 2013

    I miss my Kitties and would love to make life sized copies of them. I love cats but am not allowed to have any because my 7 year old is allergic. The book looks awesome.

  628. Debra Lacy / October 31, 2013

    We have 7 mogs that think they own us. Mog is British slang for a pet cat of dubious pedigree. They all have different personalities, which keeps things interesting. Several are psycho. It’s sort of the ‘yours, mine and ours’ thing. I’ve named my cats after artists and literary characters and my sig. other named his after gangsters.

  629. Jenn / October 31, 2013

    I have so many cat stories as I’ve always had a cat (even before I was born!) At one time we lived on an acre and between our regular cats and two batches of kittens, we had 17 cats. I have two now, one grumpy old man and one insane adolescent. The young one has recently decided to wedge himself in my armchair with me (usually upside down) The grumpy old man’s favorite trick is to go into either of my daughters’ bedrooms, and burrow under the covers. Consequently he has almost been sat on a number of times!

  630. Leiah / October 31, 2013

    I have always had lots of cats, everything from a three legged yellow tom with hydrocephaly (his mom was poisoned before he was born) to a long haired white with his head on crooked (he was born that way, probably just laid wrong in the womb). I have only two now, a Manx who is missing the long bones in her front legs and a tuxedo with kitty HIV. Yes, all the weirdos and whackos end up on my front doorstep!

  631. cheryl / October 31, 2013

    I have had cats all my life. The first ones were barn cats which were beautiful angora cats. I never found any cats that were my gorgeous. My last two cats were born in my basement to a stray mother cat. One of them lived to be 21 years old. The other one was 22 years old. I guess I gave them a reason to live so long.

  632. Jen / October 31, 2013

    I have two mischievous siamese cats who love to try and steal my yarn (usually while I am trying to use it). But they are sooo adorable that it’s hard to be annoyed with them.

  633. Joann / October 31, 2013

    Every cat I’ve had in my life has been my favorite. My first was Midnight. She was my childhood pet who knew how to comfort me and keep my company. Ben and Alley were best friends. Ben always had hairballs from grooming Alley. They recently passed away at 16. Ben was delightfully annoying ! He always found the most important piece of paper in the house and would shred it! I can’t wait until I’m in a position to welcome another cat into my home.

  634. Kristen / October 31, 2013

    The mascot of my Etsy shop is a knitted version of my one cat Ripley dressed as a pirate.

    I plan to make knitted version of my other kitty Newt as well. I think she will be dressed as Sherlock Holmes and she is a very investigative little thing!

  635. Elizabeth / October 31, 2013

    I own the first Knit Your Own Dog book and have had a great one knitting Jack Russels and English Bulldogs for friends. I would love to knit cats for my cat-loving friends!

  636. N / October 31, 2013

    I just started knitting catnip mice with my leftover yarn. My kitty Tiger Lily just loves them! I also need to keep my yarn balls under lock at night or the next morning I have strings of yarn all over. Must have been some night! –

  637. Sunnyknitter / October 31, 2013

    Happy to share my life with four fabulous felines currently, Merlin, Nimue, Magic and Sophie the thief (don’t ask!) but there’s always room for one more, right?

  638. Gale / October 31, 2013

    I lost my kitty Sallyb three ago. I miss her everyday, and a lot at night.

  639. Susan (sjanova) / October 31, 2013

    Our two rescue kitties both crossed the rainbow bridge several years ago but we still remember them. Of course, Nellie (aka nervous Nellie, the calico) left evidence all over the main floor of the house since she apparently wasn’t well litter trained. Sigh. And Shadow (black with a bit of white) was a sweet girl, too. We’re doing too much traveling just now and need to remove the rest of Nellie’s evidence (i.e., replace the carpets and underfloors) before we get another pair of cats. When they died, DH posted their obits with photos on his FB page.

  640. Joyce Karaviotou / October 31, 2013

    Both of my daughters have volunteered for a Chicago no kill shelter. Over the years they always bring home the kitties who have no chance of being adopted. Issues or illnesses. These kitties have grown to be so lovable. They seem to understand someone special loved them with their issues, and gave love in return.

  641. Chris Kachel / October 31, 2013

    Love the new kitties design, they’re more than adorable. Hope I win the books so I can knit some furry kitty love

  642. Rick / October 31, 2013

    I’ve always had cats in my life and couldn’t be without them and their playful and inquisitive ways. Although its not always fun when the yarn stash gets broken into by the four legged furry friends, we love them regardless. Cats complete me.

  643. Mary / October 31, 2013

    I have two cats I simply adore! I love your cat projects.

  644. Brianna / October 31, 2013

    My kitty just loves to lay around and sleep. But the big lump does love to play with yarn or spaghetti!

  645. Magda / October 31, 2013

    I love, love, love all cats! Have had cats for 48 years and still counting!

  646. MARILYN SEMINARA / October 31, 2013

    My son has a wonderful cat named Socks. My grandsons can do anything with him and he never seems to mind. My youngest grandson even tried to get him to walk on a leash and he very politely just sat down and refused to move.

  647. Fay Payton / October 31, 2013

    I’m down to just two cats now….Snowball (a petite all black kitty) and Moira ( colourpointe longhair something). Both have health issues and are older. Love these girls! SB has a ‘catattude extraordinaire! (She’s also known as ‘brat cat’ or ‘snowbi…ch’)

  648. Sylvia / October 31, 2013

    I lost the catly love of my life, last year and miss him so much. I’ve just retired and moved to another state, so I am in real need of a feline companion again. These books would definitely help me cope with all the recent changes in my life!

  649. Kathy / October 31, 2013

    I have alway had cats around but 17 years ago we moved from our house in the city to my husbands family farm. Shortly after moving in, a black cat with no tail (prenamed Bob by the people who used the barn) decided to visit us. He apparently like the house better then the barn & never left till God called him home a year ago after being a diebetic for 3 years. He would sit on my lap the minute I started to knit & would stay there purring until the last stitch was done. I miss my furry knitting buddy.

  650. Diane Vroman / October 31, 2013

    We have 4 cats and their all very special to us, all rescue cats. A black one my husband saved in front of Big Lots the boys were throwing one kittens back and forth. The second one we found at the shelter and she has no tail and she is so lovable.then we have Buddy the camper kitty who came to us while campingthen last but not least we have our tuxedo cat who just loves my husband. They all love to watch me knit. Fun time!

  651. Jo-Hanna / October 31, 2013

    I miss Sugar. She was white, and had childbearing hips (ironically, she was spayed).

  652. Margaret Holsinger / October 31, 2013

    We recently lost our beloved Ocicat of 19 years. He was very special. The house just isn’t the same without him.

  653. Marilyn Stern / October 31, 2013

    No cats anymore as I have a bird and fish! However many grand and great grand kitties. My daughter who works in a veterinary office would love a knitty kitty for her desk.

  654. Karen Neal / October 31, 2013

    My orange and white cat is named Bernie. He was a stray who found me. He was very small and dirty around 3 months old and had just crossed a busy street and walked right up to my sister and I.

  655. Renee Z / October 31, 2013

    I like kittens, but it’s my niece who’s the “Cat Lady”–15 in her house last I counted, though 6 of them were fosters. I’m sure she’d love some hand-made cats.

  656. Robin / October 31, 2013

    Would love to have another cat in our family

  657. Sarah / October 31, 2013

    Our kitty Velvet is a big fluffy black cat. She’s a good kitty. She never gets into human food (she won’t even eat tuna!) And most importantly, she never gets into my yarn!

  658. Peggy Braxton / October 31, 2013

    My Chauncey is my best buddy. Told him he is the best man have ever lived with. He’s always here for me when come home and now that I’m retired – even more so. He 16+ yrs now and was found by my son when he was about 5-6 weeks old. He weighted 13 ounces when took to Vet a day later. He now weights 18.7 lbs at last visit to Vet last month – not fat – just a big boy. He’s part Russian Blue and has the coloring and beautiful coat of that heritage. He and I are both getting up in age now – but we’re doing it together!

  659. Sue Sayne / October 31, 2013

    My daughter has three cats and a dog. Two of the cats she was fostering; however, just as I foretold, she and her husband and two kids could not give them up and that’s how they ended up with three instead of one dog and one cat. She has adored cats since she was a little girl and has had one all of the time she has been married. So I would love to present her with these books and borrow one back to knit her the cat she would like most to have. That way no matter what she would always have her very own cat to play with and keep her company. She says she will be the “crazy old cat lady” and have bunches of cats when she becomes older. I believe her!

  660. Sheri / October 31, 2013

    Knitted Kitties??? I love them, as I love ALL kittties. My current furry feline is Jerry (his litter mate Tom is no longer with us) and he is my garden helper. Sometimes he is so helpful he is sitting on my lap as I sit to pull weeds! My grandchildtren would love those knitted kitties!

  661. Rita Ostapchenko / October 31, 2013

    I have two darling sweet old lady kitties. Charlotte and Molly are going on 17 years old. I have been eyeing up the “knit your cat” book ever since I first saw it. I would love to “knit” them 😉

  662. Melissa Brown / October 31, 2013

    I have to kitties named Tiberius and Vesta. They are my babies!

  663. Sarah / October 31, 2013

    I had to put my sweet Nell to sleep a few months ago… she got me through stuff. Someday I’ll adopt another cat, but for now, stuffed might be safer.

  664. Teague / October 31, 2013

    My cat is Chairman Mao. We refer to him as The Chairman and tease him about being a dictator.

    • Diane / October 31, 2013

      NO way?!! I thought my friend Essam was the only one who named his cat Chairman Mao! He called him that because he always would sit in his office chair refusing to move, and let him work.

  665. MrsD / October 31, 2013

    I have two kitties that love to get all up in my knitting! My delicate, mature tuxedo kitty (she’ll be 12 next month) is forever named babykitty due to get dainty paws and her baby face. My big loveable oaf is our 4yo Maine Coon, Kevin. He’s a melodramatic, bipolar fluff ball. My husband and I love the crap out of our fur babies.

  666. Barbara Hoag / October 31, 2013

    We have had many kitties sharing our home. Only one at the present. Rocky was found in Rock Springs Wyoming when my daughters were come home for their Grandfathers funeral. He was a skinny abandoned kitten. Named after the town, but since he is a black and white kitty Rocky fits both ways.

  667. Carol Wong / October 31, 2013

    our family has not adopted any cats, but we do spend time with our neighbors cats, ginger and peanut. it is always so nice to cuddle with them and carry them like babies…

  668. Jennifer / October 31, 2013

    We don’t have any cats because my son is allergic to them. 🙁 He looooves cats, though, and knitting him a sweet pet would be a great alternative!

  669. Catherine Moffat / October 31, 2013

    I started out with one cat when my daughters grew up and moved out, needless to say,, that didn’t last long. I am now owned by three beautiful black and white cats and very happy to be so.

  670. Julia / October 31, 2013

    We don’t have any kitties right now, just two dogs, but I really do miss having one. We had Sampson for 13 years and Delilah for 16 years. I get my kitty fix by petting the neighbors cat who is very sweet.

  671. Yvette / October 31, 2013

    I love my cat jax! He plays fetch, climbs trees, and loves to cuddle 🙂

  672. Stella Maloney / October 31, 2013

    Someone one said we keep cats because we want to pet tigers. I have petted an awful lot of tigers. I have four incredible kitties: Mikey, Frankie, Dexter, and Wheatley. I used to have many more, but RosieRo, Pennie and Annie all went to cat heaven. I love cats.I also feed the neighbourhood ferals: Watson, Fake Pennie (he looks like Pennie), Floofy Pennie, and Tiny Mikey (she looks like Mikey). Did I mention I love cats? Dexter and Annie came to us from a shelter. RosieRo, Pennie, and Wheatley are ferals that adopted us. Frankie, we found as a teeny tiny brand new baby kitten in a shopping mall parking lot. Mikey we got from a neighbour whose cat surprised him with kittens. Did I mention I love cats? I need to knit some pettable tigers.

  673. Vicky Hyde / October 31, 2013

    We have the immortal cat. Despite a life of multiple moves and sometimes benign neglect, she is 18 1/2 years old and going strong. She had to switch to soft food this year, but she still goes outside and basks in the sun nearly every day.

  674. MsKat / October 31, 2013

    I have had three kitties, and they were the loves of my life! I wasn’t even a cat person when I got the first one, but it took all of a couple hours to become one. They are some of the sweetest, most comical creatures; mine kept me laughing and smiling all the time. I miss them all, they have all crossed the rainbow bridge now, but as luck would have it, around the time I was considering my next two, I became unemployed; if I can’t afford to take care of myself I can’t afford to take care of them. So for now I go to the local pet store and love on the kitties there, they adopt out rescued cats all the time. Looking forward to having my next two so much!

  675. Nancy / October 31, 2013

    I used to have cats, including Nicki who would sit in front of me as I read the paper, until I felt his eyes on me. Then he’d turn around with his back towards me because I wasn’t paying attention to him. Now that I’m allergic to cats, I swallow an antihistamine pill, then volunteer one morning a week at a no-kill shelter. The kittens and I love all over each other.

  676. Diane / October 31, 2013

    While I was learning Hindi, I used to speak to my kitties in Hindi (yes they learned it too! My Hindi speaking friend proved it!)
    I quickly learned the words for thief, table, wool, so I could yell at my orange tabby from across the room “Un-chor! Mez-par billyan nahin!” Which means “Wool thief! No cats on the table!” Any yarn left on the table, or elsewhere was considered free for the taking into the dragon’s errr I mean kitty’s lair hiding under the sofa!

  677. Anne Hegg / October 31, 2013

    My favorite knitting mentor loves cats, so if I win, I will share the book with her!

  678. Janice Riemer / October 31, 2013

    I have always loved cats and fortunately, my cat allergy isn’t as bad now as it was when I was a child. My two cats love any yarn I have….so much so that they regularly “donate” their hair to any project I have going! And, they are sure that anything on the needles is destined to be a cat bed, so they try it out prior to completion!

  679. Sheila / October 31, 2013

    I had a lovely fluffy tuxedo cat named Tuft who died aged 17 last spring. I still miss him. Some day I’ll get myself another cat, but for now a knitted one would fill the hole in my heart that Tuft left.

  680. Pat Clark / October 31, 2013

    Kittens are so cute. The knitted kitty mitts are so sweet. My granddaughter would love them. The books would be cute too.

  681. / October 31, 2013

    Would love to win some kittens!

  682. Rachel / October 31, 2013

    My cats name is Tiberius. My husband named him actually. I was like what kind of name is that?! Well being married to a history major, he educated me on the emperor Tiberius. So nope no Star Trek reference here, not James Tiberius Kirk, Tiberius the emperor. And the cat totally fits his title, usually taking the throne of my lap while I knit and crochet away!

  683. Courtney / October 31, 2013

    My daughter has a black cat named Nigel. He is a terrific hunter outside AND snuggler when inside. Don’t overlook the black cats at the shelter. They. Are. Awesome.

  684. Pat Lee / October 31, 2013

    I have two Torties cats, both rescues that have adopted me. I feed several strays also. I knit alot in the evenings and would love to make some knitted cats for donations for fund raisers..

  685. Carol / October 31, 2013

    We adopted 2 kittens last year, a brother and sister. And while I always considered myself a “dog person”, I am completely smitten with the kittens. They have grown into the 2 sweetest cats ever. They are “lovey” cats, so affectionate and good natured, even the dogs love them. As a bonus, they learned right away that yarn was a no-no, even as it flips tantalizingly out of the project bag onto the needles, ceaselessly.

  686. Kay O'Callaghan / October 31, 2013

    I have two cats, both of which I found abandoned at my office. Peter was a 2 month old kitten and broke his leg trying to get in the building. He’s now 15 years old and as feisty as ever. Harrison was roaming the parking lot in the middle of a thunderstorm. He’s a happy, silly cat who purrs all the time. I’m so glad they are part of my life.

  687. Jackie Nasca / October 31, 2013

    Cats are the best! Abby, an abyssian, will be 16 next week. She’s my diabetic who still wants to help me eat the marshmallows from my hot chocolate. Jings is a trouble makers. For Halloween today I was a ball of yarn. I made earrings that were balls of yarn too. Woke up find Jings found them and ate one. Yup, ate it!

  688. Janet from Porcupine / October 31, 2013

    Visited my daughter a little while ago and picked up a gorgeous Choc Burmese kitten to keep her Red Burmese company, for one so young he was so patient as she hissed and carried on, now they are inseparable. For a while we pondered his name until he had “a mad moment”, I’d like to introduce Tornado Tori (Tori for short) be careful of your toes, lols

  689. Tammy Mattson / October 31, 2013

    I have to orange and white kitties Willie, and his sister Molly. Willy is my knitting cat and sits in my lap helping me knit! (He is more of a hindrance but we won’t tell him that) Molly is more docile and hangs on the back of the chair watching me while I knit. I’ve had to knit blankets for each of them because they both love laying on my knitting projects so much. I would love the book Knit Your Own Cat so that I could knit one matching kitties for mine!

  690. Amber / October 31, 2013

    I have a cat allergy, but I love them so much! A few years ago, I “adopted” a former neighbor’s outdoor cat. They didn’t appreciate their sweet kitty (a knockout calico), so I fed her when they were away (they never knew) and spent time with her that they didn’t give (from a distance or for short periods). I miss that cat so much.

  691. Cat / October 31, 2013

    We have four dogs and no indoor kitties, but have several feral/strays that we put out food and water for. Some come and go, but our little Blackcat has stayed around for three years now. She has become a very trusting and sweet kitty and loves us so much. It’s hard to not feel that she is just as much a part of our family as if she was an indoor kitty!

  692. Tasha / October 31, 2013

    My favorite cat was my foster kitten. He was found on the side of the road and a friend picked him up since he was so small and another kitten didn’t make it. He was amazingly sweet and dramatic!

    During his first vet visit, they had to draw blood to rule out feline AIDS. After they took the blood, the refused to hold his head up and lay there in my arms, head limp with glazed eyes. I worried until the nurse called his name. He picked up his head, glared at her, then went back to being dramatic.

    He loved to lay on my arm while I wrote stories on the computer. Whenever I stopped typing, he would gently stick his claws in my arm to convince me to type again (he liked the movement of my arm muscle). He also managed to steal an entire pillow from me every night even though he was so tiny!

    I did eventually find him a forever home that he absolutely loves to this day! It was so hard to give him away but I knew it was a temporary situation. He was such a character!

  693. Debbie / October 31, 2013

    We have two cats, a bulimic Siamese named Cam and a very skitty tabby named “Boy Kitty” . Cam is our under the covers foot warmer. Love them both and I can’t imagine being without a cat in the house.

  694. Karen Hagstrom / October 31, 2013

    we are down to only 3 kitties now – all 3 are strays who appeared one each year on our doorstep (told the vet when we took the last one to them for shots, etc. that there must be a sign out by the road that only cats could see saying “any strays go to that house – they are suckers for a pretty face”) The first one we named “Hobo” since he was a hobo who lived on our front porch until it got cold & we brought him inside – the next one I could not think of a name when I took her to the vet for shots when we brought her in – so she is “kitty” – the last one was so cute & I knew he was going to be spoiled – so his mane is “Trouble” – and he lives up to his name!!!!!

  695. Kyla / October 31, 2013

    I have two kitties Moonshadow (aka the Beastly Beast) and Jack (aka the Snuggle Beast). Moonshadow is a small black fluffy cat that gives the sweetest kisses and makes all birds tremble in fear. Jack is a large white cat with a grey mohawk that loves to snuggle and attack yarn. They both love their belly rubs, kisses, treats, and cat nip. They also love to help me work on knitting, weaving, spinning, and sewing. Life would not be the same without my beasts.

  696. Chrissy / October 31, 2013

    OMG! I have three kitties and they are all so adorable. I have to use my willpower to not adopt more. I just love the fact that I saved their poor little helpless souls from the pound. All three of them were gotten off of Craigslist just as they were about to be taken to the pound. 🙁 I couldn’t imagine that happening to them.

    Honestly, I used to say I “hated” cats, because I was allergic to them. Then I felt so bad for Bart, my first baby, and I was hooked. They have such amazing personalities!!!

  697. Shawn Michelle / October 31, 2013

    My husband found our cat when he was a kitten. He was living in a vacant lot next to where my husband worked. His mother and brother and sisters had been killed when some workers came in to clear brush off the lot. So my husband called me up and asked if he could bring the poor thing home. That little kitten is now a balding senoir with saggy skin and a place in my heart forever. I could not have asked for a better cat.

  698. kimberley / October 31, 2013

    I have two ‘loveys’ in my home. Their names are ‘little-grey-guy’ and ‘skunky’. My two older children gave them to me for my birthday last year……. following the loss of my precious cat named ‘pew-pew’ who lived with us for 18 years. I love cats very much and also knitting,
    sewing, and weaving. Thanks for a chance at this contest!!

  699. Karey / October 31, 2013

    Our Primrose was rescued by the Humane Society from a hoarder who had 51 cats. About half of them were too ill or too neglected to survive. Primrose was so pretty, they made great efforts to save her, but she was also so shy they did not immediately realize she’d reverted to being feral. It was hoped that once she went to a good home, she’d become tame again. Instead, after 10 days, she “escaped” to the cellar, found a hiding place between the inner and outer walls of our house, and hid there quietly starving to death for five weeks. In that time, I contacted all the neighbors for two miles in every direction, set out a live trap (and didn’t catch anything) and cried a lot. Eventually she yowled – she was close to death – and we broke down the walls and found her. She still would not come out, so the live trap came inside and caught what was by then less than a pound of spitting, starving, frightened adult cat. For three months, we nursed her back to health in a large rabbit cage set up in our living room, she slowly got used to us, and became slightly more tame. Meanwhile, a carpenter repaired the walls and closed off all between-the-walls escape routes. Just when we thought she’d never want to leave the cage, she decided she would try it – and hid in the linen closet for weeks. Seven years later, she’s a plump and beloved couch potato who loves attention from her devoted humans… except at mealtimes, when she turns into a sort of feline border collie, loudly herding whoever’s around to her empty food dish. She’s the personality kid.

  700. Lori Stathem / October 31, 2013

    I love cats! My favorite was a black and white kitten I had found at a car wash. Unfortunately she was filthy with car oil and I spent hours getting her cleaned off. I named her “Baby” . She would always sit in my lap when I was knitting. I miss her terribly. I would love to win one of the books, they look adorable!

  701. Deanna / October 31, 2013


  702. Nancy / October 31, 2013

    Both my husband and I love cats. A few years ago for Christmas I gave him a beautiful Maine Coon, female, classic red tabby with white cat he named Butterscotch and he gave me a handsome male Maine Coon, classic brown tabby with white cat I named Sambuca. They keep us entertained and are the best gifts ever! Butterscotch is a princess and knows her station in life and Sambuca is a clown who makes us laugh daily. Can’t tell you how much we love them.

  703. Renae / October 31, 2013

    We have two cats a Maine Coon named Quoddy after the West Quoddy Lighthouse in Lubec, Me and a Siberian Forest named Tuvan after the language of the country of Tuva located in Siberia.

    My first pet was a cat called Tiger which at the age of 5 I lied to the owners and said it was ok to take him home. Of course I was found out, but I got to keep him!!

    Many dog pets later I have returned to cats and it is a lot of fun. As one person said, “Dogs have owners and Cats have staff.” It is good to be staff again!!

  704. Penny Smith / October 31, 2013

    I have two cats I rescued one cold day last winter, and an old cat that tolerates the new ones. Duke, Violet and Cheeto, all love to help with my and my sister’s knitting projects. They have their own basket of yarn they play with, so that they leave our projects alone!

  705. melissa bailes / October 31, 2013

    My cat was found at our church after service in a drenching downpour. He ran to my daughter’s outstretched arms. He has an orange heart on his side and used to ride on the seat of my mom’s walker before she went into the nursing home. He was a great companion to her. At 96 she still knits and had taught Jake to never play with the yarn in her lap. He still lets me knit without bothering my yarn.

  706. Sylvie / October 31, 2013

    My cat looks like an anime character. She’s solid black, tiny, and has huge yellow eyes and short round ears.

  707. Casey mmazzio / October 31, 2013

    I love my cat big daddy Lewie. We rescued him and. He make my life so much better

  708. Lily / October 31, 2013

    I have two cats. The first one is a 5-year old tabby with beautiful tiger-like markings named Kimchi, he has been an outdoor kitty, slaying birds left and right then leaving them in the kitchen as an offering. Although he is very ferocious, he has his kitten moments such as crawling up to me at night and falling asleep on my stomach. My second kitty is a one year-old Bombay kitty named Captain Kirk; he is very mischievous and often gets himself into trouble due to his curiosity. He is the friendliest cat and purrs very loudly, he is also my alarm clock because when it goes off, he will climb up to me and then sit on my face.

  709. Doreen Riche / October 31, 2013

    My kitty looks like yours. Her name is Alpha Cat. When she wants to be cuddled, she pulls my knitting from my hands .

  710. Peggy / October 31, 2013

    My cat is Ms Kitty, I would love to win these books!

  711. Sue / October 31, 2013

    Our kitty got his name at the shelter – Hemi – because his motor is always running! He’s the most awesome boy, meeting us at the door wanting snuggles every night.

  712. Susan Lindrud / October 31, 2013

    Knitted kitties might be more practical that real ones. I have two, both introduced to the house by my kids, which is my excuse to adore them. They drag my yarn all over the house and frequently hide it on me. I think they resent yarn residing in baskets that are just the right size for cats.

  713. ElizabethGS / October 31, 2013

    Our newest is Percy (Sir Percival to his friends). He brings us back up to 7 in-home kitties after losing 2 of my babies earlier this year, along with their ‘Boss’, my beautiful American Eskimo Dog Kaya who never quite ‘got’ that head-butting thing but cuddled up with 2 of her favourite kitties anyway. Kuma still misses her but is beginning to make friends with Percy. His 3 sisters: Kira, Kimba & Chloe are all still here too and all 13 yrs. old. Alfie is coming back from detached retinas, thyroid and kidney disease. We don’t know his age since: he came in from the cold in 2009–only that he’s a Senior. My oldest, JenniPurr is using up her 44th life. She’s 21 and still purring along like the Energizer Bunny Cat. Knitting around any or all of them is an exercise in futility. I would love to knit each of them their Doppelganger, though. Wouldn’t that be amazingly cool?

  714. Suzanne Bitondo / October 31, 2013

    I was buying mouse traps in a hardware store when I mentioned tomthe clerk that what i really needed was a cat. She just happened to have 5 kittens. That was how I got my wonderful Thor Thunder Paws. He’s a year old and has caught 4 mice, all in the house or g arage. He doesn’t kill them. He plays “catch and release” until I take them away and set them free in a nearby park.

  715. Leslie Smith / October 31, 2013

    We have four cats at the moment. Millie the calico and her three daughters. The oldest is Sylvie ( Sylvester turned out to be a girl). She’s black and white. Did you guess? The other two are fluffy Siamese mixes and you can tell them by their faces. Smudge has a black streak onher nose. The last one has a moustache reminiscent of a certain WWII dictator. There is even a website for cats who look like her. I will let you guess her name.

  716. Joan / October 31, 2013

    We had Sherbert, a huge orange cat, for eighteen years. I still miss him, but I have a knitted version that was given to me. I’d love to be able to make one for my grand daughters.

  717. jax / October 31, 2013

    Tobias is our spoiled shelter cat. He loves to bask in the sun from my kitchen chair where he can watch the birds at the feeder.

  718. Marissa / October 31, 2013

    I love kitties! My beautiful baby is 12 and still acts like a kitten

  719. Susan Dye / October 31, 2013

    I celebrate my beautiful Rescue cat, Braveheart, every day. The presence of a cat automatically makes the day better.

  720. Donnell Sutherland / October 31, 2013

    My kitty is a little tuxedo cat who adopted us when she came out of the woods to join my husband on the deck in the back yard. She’s fierce and at 7 pounds, totally intimidates our 70 pound collie.

  721. Sara Kline / October 31, 2013

    I love cats almost as much as I live my husband. Unfortunately, my husband is allergic to cats, so I need to knit myself one!

  722. Kathy Swanson / October 31, 2013

    I have the softest cat who used to be a skitty kitty. She was very uncomfortable around people, but after three years of slow movements and soft voices, she has come out from under the furniture and has become my lap kitty. She is the sweetest thing and I am so glad she is now enjoying life to the fullest.

  723. Molly / October 31, 2013

    I had a cat named Paisley who would bite the tops off of all my little plants, but make up for it with expert cuddles. He also used to watch me knit like he was watching the most entertaining TV show of all times and then he would start eating the yarn. I miss him!!

  724. Bonnie Gault / October 31, 2013

    I have 3 cats. Timmie, White Cat (aka Large Marge), and Goldilocks (aka Porch Kitty). Our first cat died 3 years ago and was the sweetest of them all. Streak was so loving and would chase you down for an olive or a cheeto. We love all our kitties but we really miss Streak!

  725. Lin Schoelch / October 31, 2013

    I am the”aunt” to a very special ,rescued little Kitty named Hemingway. He is a very small, love able little guy who is very sick right now, struggling to eat and drink so he can get well. He sleeps snuggled up under the chin of his great big brother dog, Jake, who is his sleep buddy and night nurse. Hemingway’s Mom is an avid knitter and I know she would love to knit a couple of knitted Kitty buddies for Hemingway.

  726. Nancy Simons / October 31, 2013

    What could be better than knitting a kitty when you have a kitty snuggled in your lap?
    TWO kitties!
    I’d love to try to make a toy Toyger cat, of which I have two – they looks like miniature tigers, are as sweet as can be.Thanks!

  727. Jeanie / October 31, 2013

    My dear sweet cat died just last week–I miss him very much–when I saw this book I was stunned and sad and happy and now I have to buy it and knit may kittens!!!! 🙂

  728. Johanna / October 31, 2013

    Our cat Misu loves to take naps on wet wool. This means I have to hide my sweaters when I’m blocking them. She will also pull out all the needles and spread them around the house. And, like many other cats, she loves to play with yarn. If I leave a project out I have a lot of mending to do in the morning 🙂 We have had her for four years now, she came to us as a very young kitten after she was found abandoned on the streets of NYC.

  729. Polly Mertz / October 31, 2013

    I adore all of my grandkitties–Moe, Olive, Gus, and Linus. They always make me smile.

  730. Joanna / October 31, 2013

    Despite being allergic to most animals, I fell head over heels for my best friend’s little snuggly black fluff ball. We were roommates for a year and every Friday I would insist Madison sleep on my bed and I would wake up hourly to pet her. I couldn’t let her sleep in my room any other night of the week because I got no sleep! She was just so cute I couldn’t resist waking up to look at her sleeping! Gah!

  731. Wunx~ / October 31, 2013

    I have been owned by cats for more than half of my life and wouldn’t know how to survive without their supervision. I am currently being bossed around by Queen Kitsune and Princess Sachiko. (The Princess position is even better than the Queen job – it has all of the perks and none of the responsibilities.)

  732. Carissa / October 31, 2013

    I ssssooooo wish I could have a cat. I luv them. My whole family wanted a dog instead, but I certainly would knit a cat instead and then we can all be happy! 😉

  733. Kathy Glasgow / October 31, 2013

    We have two cats that are grandmother and grandson. Maggie (grandma) does not like grandson (Midnight), who wants to be friends. She is much smaller than he is, but she is still QUEEN of the house!

  734. Tori / October 31, 2013

    I adopted 2 sister cats about a year ago and named them Sansa and Arya (their names match their colors and personalities for sure!). Sansa “talks” to us a lot and will cry at our feet until we bend over so she can kiss our faces… just the other night I successfully taught her to play fetch and it’s the cutest thing. 🙂 Arya is a little more quiet and on the timid side, but has the highest jump I’ve ever seen (seriously, she’d be a great basketball player if she were a human). I absolutely love my cats to death and can’t imagine not having them!

  735. Julia / October 31, 2013

    I had my Daniel for 15 years. He was the runt and kind of ignored by the mother attention-wise so he was with me every minute. I taught him how to sit and high-five when he was a baby and he could still do it on command as an old man! Danny had the loudest purr and was the only cat of our 4 to sleep in the bed I knit for them. Sadly, Daniel passed away in March of this year. I’m so glad I got to spend so much time with him, but I still miss him every day.

  736. Heather / October 31, 2013

    Awwww, I would LOVE a kitty book! Though I love dogs I AM part cat! I have 4 indoor kitties and rescued 4 outdoor kitties (and had them all fixed and all are spoiled) — they would love it if their Mommy could win a a kitty book! 😛

  737. Sue Snow / October 31, 2013

    I have two kitties, Blackie and Ria. They are brother and sister. One minute they’re sleeping in the same cat bed, and the next they’re rolling on the floor and the hissing begins. Yes, just like human siblings!

  738. Mary Alice Helgesen / October 31, 2013

    I love my rescue cat. She is shy, very affectionate, and even comes when we call her. When we took her to the vet recently, he welcomed her into senior citizen years, but we hope to have her for many more years.

  739. Barbara / October 31, 2013

    We have 8 kitties but no knitted ones. I think we need a couple of those. They would certainly be easier to take care of! Don’t know what I’d do if we didn’t have at least a couple of cats to keep us in line.

  740. Sherian / October 31, 2013

    My husband and I rescue both dogs and cats. I love the idea of being able to capture the cats who have crossed over the rainbow bridge in yarn!

  741. susan h / October 31, 2013

    I have had many kitties come and go. Currently added to the crew is a mom and her remaining two kittens. Poor thing had been abandoned in a field behind where I work in a heatwave right before the july crazy. Mom answered to Madelyn so that is her name.

  742. Teresa R. Roberts / October 31, 2013

    I don’t have any cats of my own but I housesit for two lovely lady cats that were born on my birthday (Bastille Day). They are named Eloise and Madaleine. Magnifique!

  743. Lynne Dardanell / October 31, 2013

    Love love love the new cat knitting books! Would love to win one. Thank you!

  744. Anick Lapointe / October 31, 2013

    My cat Coco is a traveler. I received her when she was a kitty by plane from Oklahoma. It was quite a story. I bring her everywhere I go. She likes to play hide and seek and also with my knitting project. She is a cutty.

  745. Susan Davis / October 31, 2013

    Sophie my cat is a shelter cat. She is my second cat and I got her the day after Christmas, 2008. After my first cat passed it was 5 years before I got Sophie. She was surrendered to the shelter because her owner passed. She was sick, sad, over 5 years old and no one wanted her. It was a perfect fit; I lost my cat and she lost her master. We are inseparable.

  746. Julia Ky / October 31, 2013

    I love these books! I know exactly who to knit some of these patterns for! My kitty Little Man was the most amazing cat ever. He was super cheeky and would hunt mice and birds and not kill them but bring them home stunned. He would then let them go in the house and recatch the animal in front of us to show how amazing he was. It was always an adventure because no matter what we did to prevent him from hunting, he’d still manage to catch something and present them too us.

  747. Renee Thrasher / October 31, 2013

    Love the kitties! I have 7 currently – have had as many as 15. Yup, crazy cat lady!

  748. Tish Dudevoir / October 31, 2013

    Our cat, Boris Bad-enuf, was rescued several years ago as a tiny kitten on a cold, rainy day by my oldest son. He came to live with us when my son moved to military housing that didn’t allow pets. Boris is very affectionate to everyone except the puppy (an 11 month old Great Dane mix) but Ranger the puppy remains optimistic that he and Boris can become best buds.

  749. Paula / October 31, 2013

    Sunny the big orange boy is 18# of tabby – rescued from St. Louis, Mo. Aries aka Boodgie is a rescued flame point and sweet as can be, except for his taste for baked goods. Homemade or exclusive bakery only please. Squeak (must be said with high pitched voice) is the baby of the family, 5 mo. old b/w tuxedo was rescued by me, from a tree in the rain.

  750. Pat Weed / October 31, 2013

    I’m currently owned by 4 cats — three of whom are rescues and one was apparently dumped in our neighborhood. My husband worries that I’ll eventually adopt every stray I find. Apparently this has also rubbed off in our kids. Our three kids are owned by a total of 9! And although non-cat lovers would disagree, each is definitely an individual. I would love to knit with the fur of one our kitties — his fur is almost like angora!!

  751. Robin / October 31, 2013

    There are currently 13 cats in my house! Eight are our resident cats, and all but two were rescues of some sort. Got the first one, Rufus, as an adult, but he was found as a kitten by another knitter with whom I connected on a messageboard when she needed to find him a home. Shortly thereafter, two kittens born to neighbors of my parents made their way to us. While taking Rufus to the vet a couple months later there were three kittens in a cage in the waiting room… they came home with us the next day. First two kittens finally got names along with the other three: Triquet, Velcro, Moonstone, Rhombus, and CMY. About three years later we adopted Licoris, a kitten from the local rescue, as she was small and would give Moonstone a playmate her own size. And a couple of years later the same rescue talked us into taking Aliquot, a little guy who had been fostered since he was a week old and a narrow success story after being tube-fed.

    A few months later, we noticed a new stray in the neighborhood (we were already feeding one stray) and some time after that she started showing up with four kittens… and those are the other five in our house. We trapped them and brought them in and are trying to socialize them enough to be adopted. At the very least, they’ll all be going to the vet to get fixed and treated. But yes, a VERY full house right now!

  752. Lynn / October 31, 2013

    We have 8 cats, all of which were saved. Two were adopted from a shelter & the other 6 were feral cats that we brought into the safety of our home space. Still feral to a degree, 3 live in the basement, 1 lives of the second floor & 2 live on the front porch in a heated house my husband built.

  753. Monica / October 31, 2013

    My cat Finley is crazy but sweet. He is so full of personality . . . he jumped out of a second story window just to chase a bird (don’t worry he was unharmed and won’t have the chance again!). Anyway, he is a special guy that makes my everyday bright and cuddly. :3

  754. Anita / October 31, 2013

    I have three cats, two older grey tabbies and an adorable one year old black and white kitty.

  755. Gayle / October 31, 2013

    I love all kitties, having been “owned” by several over the years. My daughter’s cat Lance, a lovely tuxcedo cat loves to cuddle at night and sing

  756. Krist / October 31, 2013

    I have four cats, but I want to talk about my cat, Socks. He is VERY lucky to be alive today and the reason that I learned to knit. Nearly three years ago, he was diagnosed with cancer. The vet didn’t give him but a few months to live. He was furious with me for it, but I’ve dragged him, kicking and scratching, into near remission. He is now thisclose to being totally healthy!!. It is because of having to learn to give him an IV for a year and a half that I started to learn to knit. The psychological part of using “needles” to knit would help to calm me when I would knit an hour or so before giving him his fluid treatments via IV. While his illness was terrible, it did help to bond us even more. I am very grateful to still have him around, and even more so now that he’s nearly in remission!

  757. Scarlett / October 31, 2013

    Our cat, Charlie (who is a girl) has been with us for almost 8 years. She’s grey and white and tubby and sweet.

  758. Cindy Jensen / October 31, 2013

    Our kitty Buehrle looks just like your Rorschach. We adopted him and his sister Dinah, a calico, after they were abandoned behind a dumpster. They are the loves of my daughter. I’ve actually knitted her an Abyssinian kitty from the “Knit your own cat” book. Super cute projects. But my kitty heart belongs to my Moojy, a Russian blue who was my first cat pet. I got him right before I was engaged. First thing he did when I met him was rub his head to mine. Those little headbutts were so cute and affectionate on a little kitty, but really rough when he was a big beefy guy. He would lay on my chest and give me kisses on the chin. He loved to go outside and chomp on the grass, never straying far from me. This cat thought he was human, often laying on my pillow and under the covers at bedtime. He was a fighter, living several years after being diagnosed with thyroid disease.

  759. Sumac / October 31, 2013

    Three cats live with me, they’re siblings and almost 10years old! Their mom lived with us for many years, and we all miss her.

    Lovely new patterns!

  760. Tina Lavender / October 31, 2013

    I love the idea of a kitty that doesn’t require a litter box. How sweet!

  761. Rebecca / October 31, 2013

    Kitties! I have three, Lilly, Simon and Daisy. Lilly is my first born and really adopted me. I was actually quite frightened of cats. I was volunteering in a vet clinic and one day one of the techs asked if I would like a cat. “No” I said “but I’ll come see it”. She was 6 pounds, a grey and white beauty and as I stood there looking in a little white paw reached out and snagged my pant leg. Love at first sight. Lilly is now 16 and has shown me how wonderful cats can be. Simon and Daisy are both rescues as well thanks to Lilly that first day 15 years ago.

  762. Renee / October 31, 2013

    My Bengal, Maxwell, is currently meowing loudly from the place where toys on strings are stored. I don’t know why he doesn’t just play with Margot, the little sister We got to entertain him.

  763. Julie / October 31, 2013

    I had several cats on the farm and had to give them away when we moved to town and I miss them.

  764. Jeannine / October 31, 2013

    I have two kitties that love to sit on my lap while I knit or crochet making it hard to complete any projects……

  765. Diana Salmon / October 31, 2013

    I have a 10 yr. old all white cat named Belle. She is the recipient of more of my knit projects than anyone else. These include a knit catnip mouse, a puffed hexagon pad for her cat carrier and for her favorite dining room chair. And I am just now finishing a bobbled cat blanket to put on our bed for her very own bedding. She has her own kitchen drawer that she opens all by herself and totally has my husband wrapped around her tail. She needs a knit friend made from one of these books to keep her company. I forgot that I don’t have any grandchildren but do have 7 Grandkitties for whom I’ve also made catnip mice. They all hope I win.

  766. nona / October 31, 2013

    My daughter, Cindy, has two cats, Basil and Sage. They are 11 years old, and definitely slowing down. Sage is all black. He is the cuddly , friendly one, Basil, his brother, is black-and white and rather odd. He stares a lot and for a while I thought he needed glasses. In his younger years, he was able to leap onto very tall bookcases, and pose in his regal, staring way. He likes petting, but no snuggling. Sage is trying to learn English. When Cindy asks,”Are you hungry?”Sage meows in ways that sound like words. This year I am going to give Cindy a skein of yarn and a pair of knitting needles, and a book for beginner knitters. . I have promised to teach her how to knit , and this year I am going to do it. I think we will enjoy knitting kittens and cats together.

  767. Pam / October 31, 2013

    We LOVE cats in our house but due to allergies cannot have one. Sigh! But we also love knitted kitties.

  768. Helene Willson / October 31, 2013

    All of our cats were left with us over the years. “Old Girl” was left by the previous owner of the property. We were informed at the closing. The next 2 were a brother and sister that were dropped off. The sweetest pair of cats ever! Finally, we have Angus. When we seriously were going to bring him in to the humane society, he told us no…. by ringing our big cast iron bell on our front porch! He now rings two other bells we’ve hung up around the property. Talk about being saved by a bell! They are all really smart and playful; giving us hours of joy on a daily basis. Although I must admit that I have to still pay attention to who is around while I’m knitting and what kind of mood they are in. LOL!!!

  769. Kris Tromiczak / October 31, 2013

    My red tabby, Weasley, loves sleeping in my yarn, making it TOO hairy. Alas, I have to use clothespins to keep my knitting bags closed. Showing off my stash in lovely baskets simply is not an option. I guess I should count my lucky stars that she doesn’t unravel and tangle my yarn.

  770. Ruth / October 31, 2013

    Could I knit a kitty?? Yes I could try???

  771. Maureen / October 31, 2013

    My “lap” cat Oreo loves to snuggle while I knit. She is such a good girl…always avoiding the temptation to play with my yarn as I knit it into lovely garments! Love the idea of making Oreo a knitted friend!

  772. Candice E. Boggs / October 31, 2013

    I have an adorable kitty named Forest. He is a black cat, and I am very passionate about adopting black kittens and cats as they have been some of the sweetest cats I’ve ever met, and so misunderstood. Today is Halloween and every year I like to share about my boys (my black kitty and baby boy passed away in late August) and mention that people need to keep cats indoors in and around Halloween. Any cat really, as if the deviants out there can’t find black cats they will settle for other colors. 🙁 I love cats – Forest brightens my life and literally (not figuratively) wipes the tears away with his soft, fuzzy paws! <3

  773. Megan strohschein / October 31, 2013

    I don’t have a cat. I have four! Simba, Kira, Boots and Spunky Doodle. I have seen the Knit Your Own Cat book. It looks fantastic. I could have more cats , but without the fur balls and vet bills! Sweet!

  774. Sue Mc / October 31, 2013

    A knitted kitty! Just what mom needs now that she no longer has a real one.

  775. Judith / October 31, 2013

    We have a black cat named Lucipurr. He is sweet and funny. He is a little devilish!

  776. Sigrid / October 31, 2013

    My kitty is an old dilute calico. We are like peas in a pod, and I love her to bits!

  777. Sasha / October 31, 2013

    We have three cats, all rescues. Our girl is 14 and the boys are two and four. Two tuxedoes, one orange cat. Life is never dull. The youngest greets visitors by standing on his hind legs and hugging their thighs; his favorite foods (to steal) are bread, tofu and twizzlers. The orange cat adores dogs, and begs to play with the schnauzer next door. Our old girl is part feral to this day, and can do without most people, but she is my lap cat. What would I do without all of the purring?

  778. Megann H / October 31, 2013

    We have three cats, two older cats and a kitten. My older cats love to snuggle when it’s cold, one even crawls under the covers! The kitten lIves to play and chase the other two.

  779. shelly e / October 31, 2013

    I miss my kitties Hermes & Cleo, they were the best cats ever!

  780. Elendriel Green / October 31, 2013

    I have always adopted or rescued all of my cats. My most recent cats, Banshee and Thor are no exception. I adopted Banshee in 2008 from a cat rescue as a very small black kitten. His antics kept me entertained and he was one of the best jumpers I have ever seen. Unfortunately, Banshee did not have the best of health and from the time he was a year and a half on, he had nothing but health issues with a heart defect being detected when he was two years old. I did research and have a great vet who worked with me to make sure that Banshee got the meds he needed, he was doing great until six month later he took a turn for the worse and passed away a month before his third birthday. A year later, I adopted Thor, who had been rescued from the humane society from a hoarding situation, he weighed 3.9 lbs at 8 months old. His adopted brother Zeus, who we adopted the same weekend, but was 3 months old, weighed 4 lbs. Thor is an absolute scaredy cat. He’s afraid of his own shadow, but he absolutely loves me and he loves being with people. He doesn’t like change, but he loves learning to play with new toys. I can’t imagine my life without the Mighty Thor in it.

  781. Debi VonBrutt / October 31, 2013

    My mother has two adorable kitties she rescude and they are finally coming out when we are there.

  782. Robin Hutchinson / October 31, 2013

    My favorite cat of all time is my own cat, Comma. As a newly married homemaker we got her at the local Humane Society at just 6 weeks old. She was an adorable (later beautiful) calico. She walked with me to the neighborhood grocer and waited under a pine tree in order to walk me home. She was best friends with each of my children in turn, and with the neighborhood children as her own outgrew her. She was perfect.

  783. Becky (aka Knittergirl39) / October 31, 2013

    I have 2 – Jada is Domino’s momma. Domino is my baby girl who always has to be right next to me and follow me everywhere.

  784. Karen / October 31, 2013

    My Moyo has been gone now for a few years now and I miss how he liked to “help” me knit or sew, even as annoying as it was at the time.
    He did honour my knitting in his own way. The knit & crochet catnip mice I made when first learning were the ONLY toys with which he would play.

  785. Kaeli / October 31, 2013

    I love my sister’s cat Maurice! What a character. I’d love to knit him a buddy.

  786. Jen / October 31, 2013

    Our cat’s name is Fifi, and we just love her. She loves everything about fiber and yarn, too. We’ve had her for 9 years. She was a stray, but has settled quite wonderfully into domestic life indoors.

  787. Rebecca Rohrkaste / October 31, 2013

    In memory of our beloved, departed feline Fiona,
    I would love to “knit my own cat”, in her honor!

  788. Traci Otte / October 31, 2013

    Great giveaway! Thanks!

    We have three cats right now – Pixel, Fe, and Frisco. We plucked Frisco out of the bushes in July. He was very tiny – only 1.2 pounds. The vet thinks he was about 2 months old. He’s now well over six pounds and is a very sweet boy when he’s not being a little terror.

  789. Leslie F / October 31, 2013

    Kitty Khan is a big orange tabby who has taken over our household. He has never met a stranger…and he has trained my husband that big cats need wet food at daybreak and at sunset.

  790. Sholine Ravensberg / October 31, 2013

    I have more cats then kids – the kids leave but the cats stay. Nothing better then sitting by the fire with a cat on your lap, shoulder, next to you and working on a knitting project….except..when that project is knitting a new cat!

  791. jessicac / October 31, 2013

    I have 2 adorable cats we adopted last year… Orson and Rita. We can’t live without them now!!

  792. Pam / October 31, 2013

    I’ve got 13 cats currently, from Lucky, who’s 13 years, to Merlin, who’s 5 months. I’ll have a tough time deciding who to memorialise (probably Clea, who we lost recently; she was a calico, so very colorful).

  793. Stephanie W. / October 31, 2013

    My neighbor’s cat sort of adopted her and though he is very independent he is quite a character. Napping in the sun and making peace with my dog, to mention a few.

  794. Karen Hoyt / October 31, 2013

    I have sn all white, long-haired cat ( who has 1 small smudge of black on the top of her head). Her name was Star when I got her from a family who was divorcing. I quickly changed her name to Tika or Teeks for a nickname. She only weighed 4 lbs when I got her @ 4 yrs old. I thought she was underwt & kept getting sick. Turns out she is allergic to beef! Ive had Tika for 4 yrs & she loves my yarn, esp tje bagd they are in. She often found in a knitting bag. Im sick myself & dont know what id do wout Tika & knitting in my life! Tika now weighs 8-9 lbs & no longer gets sick (no more beef). Anyway i would love to win a cat book! Thnxs for the chance! K

  795. Jessica Sauer / October 31, 2013

    We have 2 “babies” who are half-sisters (their mommies were impregnated by the same big tom cat across the street. I rescued the mommy cats when they were dumped on our the lawn of our complex with their first litter of kittens. Neighbors scooped up the cute kittens & left the mother cats to fend for themselves. Soon they were pregnant & I helped deliver both litters-10 in all. My parents kept the mommies & 2 kittens and I kept 1 kitten and found homes for all the rest. Melly, the big Calico, is now 16 & her half sister Taffy is 15. Melly is ill and nearing the end of her life. I’ve knit several blankets for her recently to keep her warm and comfortable. The first thing I ever knit was a lopsided kitty “bed” for her many years ago. I’ve knit numerous toys for her & her siblings (my parents’ cats) over the years. I can’t bear to let her go, but I’ve already given word to the Vet that any “special needs” cat that comes her way I am ready to take in with open arms! I hope to continue to knit for the “babies” no one else wants.

  796. Michelle Nicoletti / October 31, 2013

    I miss my beloved calico kitty Halley’s Comet. She talked a lot, she would say burrrr! Burrrr! Could mean “I’m coming into the room saying hello” or “burrrr! When is supper?” She was beautiful and sweet, miss her so.

  797. Donna Ford / October 31, 2013

    Oh, wow! We are truly “cat people”. It broke our hearts to lose our twenty year old. She was older than our oldest child!. We only take cats who have lost their families for one reason or another. Two of ours found our crawl space during an exceptionally cold week Another one’s daddy went to war. The twenty year old had been abused by an alcoholic. . We recently lost another one and would love a way to honor him with a likeness. God has been good to us with our animals. They are precious additions to our lives (even when their temperaments are not so fun). Cinnamon is our orange tabby who at 13 still wants to suckle ears. Callie, also 13, is a calico diva. Loki lived up to his name. It means the Norse god who tends to create chaos. He certainly created it in our home He was only nine when he died last month. The twenty year old was “girl” to us even though she earned her official name of Bandit. We never knew what would go missing while we were at work.

  798. Ann Mitchell / October 31, 2013

    Our kitty, Zeke, is the very first pet any of us, (my husband, my 12-year-old daughter, and I) have ever had. He is the perfect first pet, attentive and sweet. He is beautiful and black with green eyes. I never thought I could love a creature as much as I love him.

  799. Lizzie / October 31, 2013

    Our kitty Frances is a tabby with the softest fur you’ve ever felt. Her favorite napping spot is on a pile of clean clothes!

  800. Mary Lou Milazzo / October 31, 2013

    I had two black and white kitties, Lilliputs (she was diminutive) and Jessie-Pie, who moved all over tarnation with us. Would be fun to make some black and white kitties for the X-mas tree this year!

  801. Betty Rindal / October 31, 2013

    My very best love cats are Siamese, well ok, so they are really people in disguise! My first cat, KiKi, came to live with me when I was a junior in high school. And I have had a variety of them since then. KiKi, KriKet, SaSi, Brandi, Jake, ToKen, and a couple of others. Since I am living with my daughter now and due to allergies, I no longer have a cat, and would love to have a book to knit one. Ssuch fun!

  802. maureen moniz / October 31, 2013

    When we moved into this house in 2006, there was a white and black stray living in the yard. Although feral, he broke our heart byliving just beyond our ability to help him…we built him a shelter, changed the blankets daily and supplied food and water to boot. In MArch of 2009, we managed to catch him for a “trap-neuter-release” effort, and got him a round of immunizations, While in the cage, I did get to touch him with one finger for about a second… This went on until the ice storm on Oct 31, 2011, when he cried at the laundry room door, and we opened it and HE STEPPED INSIDE!! Immediately after the storm, he was frantic to go out, but we kept offereing by leaving the door open and by October of 2012, he would come in regularly to eat, and then run outside. It is October 2013, and now he sleeps inside most nights.,, I still cannot touch him unless HE allows me to, but I did get to pick him up, just once, while he was eating on the counter in the laundry room. He thinks he is one of the gang ( 3 Maltese’s, a Yorkie and a Mini Pinscher, plus a domestic shorthair, Gracie who is 14), and follows me everywhere, but touching is on his term s only…. Maybe someday Kitters will declare me trustworthy enough…. a girl can dream!!! What a great idea..a kitty blog!!!!!

  803. Mary Bowman / October 31, 2013

    I grew up with two wonderful Siamese cats in our household – Smutty and Caesar. Smutty gave birth to Caesar in my bed when I was about 6 or 8. I miss them. My husband is extremely allergic to cats, so I think it would be nice to knit one. I have a friend who is cat crazy and is making a home for 2 Main Coon kittens just now. She’d also love a knitted kitten.

  804. Sarena / October 31, 2013

    My kitty is a rescue named Nicky who YELLS……we all joke about how vocal he is. Nicky also helps me knit by chewing on the yarn so I come to a slobbery end and have to un-knit. He is worth it…my wonderful buddy. I hope I win one of the books so I can knit him a friend.

  805. Dorothy Macdonald / October 31, 2013

    I haven’t had a cat for the fifty-three years I’ve been married to a wonderful man who is very allergic (lots of dogs, though) but I still remember my cats when I was growing up. They were a mother and daughter gray tabbies. The mother died relatively young but Patches used to come with me through the fields and woods, and especially liked picking wild raspberries.. She lived to be 23 and our older children loved to play with her (at their grandparents” house, of course.)

  806. Elixabeth / October 31, 2013

    I have 4 kittehs, A momma Siamese, and 3 babys. 🙂 They are so pretty, and 2 of them look just alike. with the other one looks like their mother.

  807. Katrina / October 31, 2013

    We have 2 kitties- the oldest we rescued from the humane society last December. Her name is Nugget. The youngest we rescued from a box of kittens dropped at a friends house. Her name is Wednesday. She was less than 1 pound when we brought her home!!

  808. Corey / October 31, 2013

    Love all my kitties. My first cat as a child I remember thinking if her as my guardian angel. Thanks!!!!

  809. Rachael / October 31, 2013

    My fiancé and I have a tuxedo cat that we adopted just over a year ago. Commander Shepard, named after a favorite video game character, is very friendly. He acts more like a dog sometimes. He loves belly rubs and being held like a baby. He’s also quite the entertainer with his laser pointer. And he surprises us with how high he can jump. He even learns tricks relatively quickly. 🙂

  810. Lisa Kettle / October 31, 2013

    I have two fluffy brown cats –Ephraim and Ernest. One loves chasing my yarn and curling up in my project bag, the other enjoys wearing knitted bow ties. I think they need a new friend made entirely of yarn 🙂

  811. Susan B. / October 31, 2013

    I’ve got 2 cats. I would love to have these books. Surely my cats are in there, right?

  812. Aurora / October 31, 2013

    I had a Siamese with a tabby tail for 17 years, I sure miss him. I cant have an animal where Im living now. Id love to have a copy of your book so I can knit my own cat.

  813. Sara / October 31, 2013

    I have two cats that own my heart. JD is sweet and laid back and huge! His sister is barely a month younger is tiny and full of energy! Though they are only 7 and 6 months old I can’t imagine them not being a part of my family.

  814. Mary Saunders / October 31, 2013

    Although I don’t have him anymore, I really liked my cat, Barney. I found him living in our barn (hence his name) and while he lived with us he was a great hunter bringing home both birds and rodents. He was friendly and loving and I still miss him.

  815. Cynthia / October 31, 2013

    I adore kittens! I’ve even thoroughly ensured my brother grew up to be a cat person through subliminal messages >.>
    I can’t wait until I can get a cat if my own. A knitted one might do in the meantime, though 🙂