Junior, The Cloud Pillow

During the book sale, I reviewed the book Amigurumi at Home by Ana Paula Rimoli. I toiled over which pattern I would crochet – the teacup rug, the tooth pillow, the dog or cat footwarmers? In the end, the pattern I chose wasn’t any of the projects I highlighted in that post. I made a cloud pillow, and I named him Junior. Made in all single crochet, he was the fastest and most fun project I’ve made in quite some time.


The first thing that’s strange about Junior is that he’s blue. Now, I do know that clouds aren’t blue, but I thought the color Clarity, in Brava, was just perfect. It reminds me of a day where the sides of clouds are brushed with the color of the sky. Everyone seems to get it, too. I haven’t had many questions about why he’s such a color. It makes him unique, I guess! His Ravelry page is here, if you’d like any details.


Paired with Heidi’s Sweetpea Blanket, I don’t think you can beat the combo. I’m in the process of crocheting an exact duplicate of her blanket – and she’s making a cloud pillow, too. It’s amazing what peer pressure (or let’s call it peer influence, to leave the negative connotations behind) can do to your crafting queue.


Junior was a gift to a sweet 5 year-old on her birthday this past week. She loved him! He won’t be my last cloud pillow, however. I’m planning to crochet one in white (with a smile) and one in gray, (with a frown) for my daughters. I might make them a twin-sized sweetpea blanket for them, or start a quilt for when they’re older. I have so many plans (and so little time), as this process has really inspired me. I hope Junior bring some happiness to you, as well. Look a this face – how can he not ;)?