Jump in the pool!

I don’t hide the fact that I love it when sock yarn pools and flashes. The more obnoxious the better! But, I also know not everyone does. Multicolored sock yarns are so appealing, so what on earth can you do to limit the pooling, or at least make it look really cool?

Find out with the Flash Dance sock kits!

In these kits, you’ll recieve enough yarn for three pairs of women’s socks – one each in Stroll Multi, Stroll Tonal and Stroll Handpaint. Each of these yarns work up differently, and the kit includes 6 sock patterns that are designed to break up or enhance the way the colors play with each other. Best of all, since these patterns are designed specifically for use with multicolor yarn, you don’t have to worry about the stitches getting lost in the color!

And speaking of color, you can try out each of our multicolored Stroll lines without worrying about how they will knit up. Choose from the Purple,


and Rainbow colorways.