Introducing Big Art Knits!


I’m so excited to present my first-ever pattern collection, Big Art Knits! When we were planning collections for 2016, one of my suggestions was a collection that used really big, bulky yarns. I love how quickly they work up, the texture you get from even simple stitches, and just their big, oversized nature. They’ve got a lot of drama and a little goes a long way. That’s why they’re so perfect for home goods-they add a cozy feeling without overwhelming a room.


I know you’re not supposed to pick favorites, but I have to admit that I’m most proud of the Braque (pronounced brack) Wall Hanging. I love the transitions of the colors of Chroma in Wildflower and how the single ply contrasts with the soft and fluffy roving. The main stitch is a variation on a slip stitch which I devised to mimic weaving more closely.


Texture is hugely important to me as a designer and knitter, and the Serra Rug, Boccioni (pronounced Bo-chee-own-ee) Pillow, the Carr Cushion, and the Judd Cube show how easy stitch patterns, when super-sized, can really maximize the visual impact of knits.


At the time I designed this collection, Big Cozy was the only yarn we had in super-bulky, so I doubled and tripled a few of our bulky yarns to make them bigger. I used this technique in the Delaunay (pronounced dee-lune-ay) Pillow and the Hesse Blanket, plus the Judd Cube and Serra Rug. I even doubled Big Cozy in the Carr Cushion for an insanely large gauge project!


Are you wondering about the title, Big Art Knits? It’s pretty obvious why the word big is in there, but why art? Well, each pattern is named after a twentieth-century artist that was influential in modernist themes. I have a degree in Art History and really nerd out about this stuff, so it was fun matching up the pattern with an artist’s style.

I love this collection, and can’t wait to see everyone’s gorgeous projects. Teenage Emily (below) would be so excited that I’ve gone from knitting at my grandma’s table to releasing a book!


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  1. Karin Guise / October 21, 2015

    Your Grammie is smiling down from heaven and is so proud of your designs in your first book!