In Tune

You may have heard me on a recent podcast talking about our IDP collections – we have 2 new ones!  One is Tabetha Hedrick’s Urban Texture, who I was delighted to talk to on the podcast.  The other is Luise O’Neill’s beautiful collection In Tune:

31960-In Tune.pdf

Luise has many beautiful patterns in the IDP program and I love her creativity – for In Tune, she was inspired by music in her life.  All her patterns are incredibly wearable and have these delightful little details that set them apart.

My favorite is the Aniron Tunic, with its off center cable band in the front and its wonderful diamond design on the back.  This will look just gorgeous over jeans for work or for a night out.

The other garment, Sauriel Top-Down Raglan Top, is lovely as well.  I love all over ribbing designs in sweaters – they fit so nicely.  Plus, I’m sure you are like me and have a stash of one of a kind buttons just waiting for the right project.

And of course, I’m instantly drawn to the Fragmentary Slouch Hat – slouchy hats are my weakness. I just put away a bunch of my heavier knits this past weekend and I swear, I have more slouchy hats than anything.  My purse knitting is in fact, another slouchy hat and I think Fragmentary will be my next one.

Easily one of the most beautiful pieces is the Ever the Wind Shawl. The cables and lace combination is always so wonderful and looks lovely with the sheen of Gloss.

Every time I see the Guilty Feet pattern, I just start singing “Careless Whisper“, since that’s what inspired them!  I love the patterning on these – the twisted-stitch Tulip and Tree design is just perfect.

Finally, a perfect project for my stash of Chroma! The Turlough Scarf come in multiple widths and is a simple but beautiful pattern.  It’s a great project for mindless TV knitting.

Luise was such a delight to work with on this collection and I’m so happy how well it came out!  We hope you like it too – you can get each pattern separately (just click on the pictures above to bring you to their pattern page) or as an eBook and even as a regular book!