In the Depths of Procrastination!

First of all, I excel in procrastination – the mountains that I need to climb are huge and overwhelming!  I thought by sharing my woes, you might encourage me to kick it in gear!

hat inside

A while ago I wrote about my Lego hat design – my first intarsia project. I really enjoyed it but now there are so many ends to weave in. Isn’t that a scary sight?  Well, I haven’t tackled those yet.  So now that I’ve missed all of the cold weather, I really need to finish it before next winter or it’ll be too small for my grandson wear!

The other thing I need to do is organize at home, especially my craft room (I’m sure you’ve heard this before). It’s so bad that I need to clean it up a little before I show you the before pictures! Not only do I knit, but I also hand dye yarn, make hand painted and nuno felted scarves, quilt, and work on photography – so you can just imagine the current state of my craft room. Oh and being a crafty nana, there are all those miscellaneous crafts that I’ll do someday with the grandkids. 

So you are now my witnesses, I am going to seriously work on it this weekend.  No more procrastination.  Ok, there may be a little, but I want start whittling down that mountain until it’s the size of a mole hill! I plan to show pictures of the “before” and “after” craft room. The challenge is on!

What kinds of things do you do, to keep yourself going and not procrastinate? I would love to hear some of your suggestions!