I think I’ve solved my summer knitting dilemma

No, it’s not watching the original Battlestar Galactica series on Netflix. I’ll probably get through those shows before we get up to Vancouver. 

(photo from Raverly project by linnakat)

I’ve discovered Glenna C. (Ravelry Name) and her irrisistable sock designs. These Viper Pilots Socks (photo from linnakat) are named for the Viper fighters in Battlestar Galactica. I am going to start with these and I have a hint for you. I am going to be using the Magic Loop Method because it will make it easy to work the centered designs on the front and back of the leg. I suspect I will be using Magic Loop for all of Glenna C.’s socks because I want to minimize the needle changes as I work the involved traveling stitches and delicate cables.

I’m going to focus on Glenna C.’s socks through the summer. I know they will work beautifully with my collection of Gloss Fingering. I’ll knit Viper Pilots in Kenai.

Just look at all the possibilities – Highness is in the middle with Armour Road and Revival on the left. Staked and Viper Pilots are on the right.