I love the Very Warm Hat!!

This classic, Elizabeth Zimmermann project has been on my “Really Need to Knit Some Time” list. Thanks to Bob’s son, Adam, I finally got to make one!! It is absolutely fantastic on every level –

1 – Fast to knit
2 – Easy to knit
3 – Every guy in the office likes it. A couple even tried it on and I was a bit concerned I wasn’t going to get it back.
4 – It looks good on me!!! I am going to make one in “my” colors ASAP. No, I DO NOT want to hear from any of my friends in Tina’s UFO group. If you had just finished knitting this hat, you would have more compassion.
5 – It’s reversible
6 – With one end tucked into the other there are two layers on your head and four layers over your ears.

It’s heading off to Princeton this morning. I suspect Adam still has a few weeks of cold weather.

P.S. Knit in Swish DK on #1 needles. You know I am a ridiculously relaxed knitter so don’t be surprised by the needle size. Before I send off the hat, I will make notes on how many rounds I knit so I can replicate this perfect hat!