Help us get hooked on crochet

You may have noticed that since the introduction of crochet patterns by
indie designers
through IDP, we’ve been slowly expanding our selection of
crochet hooks and books. In addition to the Clover hooks we’ve had, we’ve added
Susan Bates and Boye hooks, a pretty set of rainbow acrylic Clover Reflections
, ergonomics, and a few new complete sets.

With all these crochet hooks floating around the office, some us have
gotten curious about what to do with them! Kim and three of our wonderful
customer service representatives- Lori, Georgianna, and Jeanine- are our in
house experts, but since we have a slew of employees interesting in learning,
we thought we’d ask you for help. Come teach Knit Picks how to crochet this
summer in our first crochet along!

Kerin, Nina, Kelley, Stacey,
Jenna,  Alison, and I have varying levels of crochet experience. Some of
us have never picked up a crochet hook and a couple of us have finished entire
projects but only know one stitch (Um, yeah. That would be me). We’ve each
picked out a project that we’ll cast on now (cast on? Is that the right terminology
for crochet?) and try to finish up by the end of July. We’ll blog about our
efforts and ask for help in our crochet along in
the Knitting Community
if we get stuck. IDP designer, Allison
, has also volunteered to help us out, you may be hearing more from
her later this month. For now, you can check out her designs here.

If you’re new to crochet too, we also have some new tutorials, a crochet
, and a list of common
here to help you get started.