Hawthorne Speckle is BACK!

Remember during our Big Sale last November we introduced a new Hawthorne yarn? Well, it proved so popular we had to bring it back – say hello again to Hawthorne Speckle!


I have to admit, I was not fully on the speckle train, unlike all of my fellow coworkers. However, I did think the colorway Aquatic Speckle was pretty (I’m a sucker for blues & greens). So when we got it back in, I decided it was time to start a new pair of socks…and now I’m in love.  I really enjoy the random pops of color throughout my project – I don’t mind the pooling nature of handdyed yarns such as the regular Hawthorne line but if you do, Speckle is certainly the way to go.


While I’m just doing a pair of plain socks, using my Go Your Own Way pattern, there are so many other patterns that Hawthorne Speckle will look great in! Here are a few on my to-knit list.

First of all, I’m constantly making slouchy hats and ones in fingering weight are always my favorites – I probably don’t need to say that I have several Hawthorne hats already. So next up for me is the the fun Portland Saturday Market by designer 80skeins.


I love the purl ridges mixed with the stockinette – it keeps my attention and it’s fun to watch the hat grow. I think this would look fantastic in Graffiti Speckle colorway – and a fun hat to wear when I’m actually at the Saturday Market.

Another type of fingering weight projects I love are shawlettes/scarves – just the right amount of warmth on a spring day or summer evening. One I’ve been dying to do is the Shea Scarf by Tabetha A. Hedrick – I just love this stitch pattern.


I think this would look fabulous in a colorway like Confetti Speckle – bright pops of a rainbow colors to greet the sunny days we know are on the way!

Since many folks tend to shy away from garments in handdyed yarns – because of the pooling nature – I bet Hawthorne Speckle would be a great substitute. A lightweight top would make a wonderful eye-catching project. So the Distant Lights Top by Irina Anikeeva is top of my list.


I’m thinking Cosmic Speckle would be a great choice for this project!

So are you a Speckle-lover? What projects do you like for this fun yarn?

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  1. Jan / February 25, 2016

    I love the Hawthorne yarn. The Speckle is interesting. I’m thinking of using the Chromatic Pullover pattern with Hawthorne Kettle Dye in Goddess and using Aquatic Speckle for stripes. Or, perhaps using the Goddess for the main body and using the Aquatic Speckle for the sleeves. I’m still pondering my options!