Happy Halloween!

To celebrate Halloween, Knit Picks (and our sister companies, Connecting Threads and Artists Club), hosted a staff Halloween costume contest. Even our warehouse in Ohio got in on the fun, we’ve been e-mailing photos back and forth all morning. Alison and I took tons of pictures and video of everyone who dressed up. We even had a little parade!

Of course Sheldon was all set, he had lots of costumes to choose from since we’ve knit all the shells in his animal and career outfit kits.

Alison was a dinosaur doctor. She had charts with dinosaur skeletons for differentials, and a lollipop as a reward for good dinosaurs. This costume was inspired by her hubbie who told his parents he wanted to be a dinosaur doctor when we grew up when he was little.

Katie was Olivier the Frenchman. Ooh-la-la!

Melissa was Princess Leia, she used Palette for her buns, I think she’s going to post a tutorial too!

Diane, the jedi warrior who creates the catalog for Artists Club, defended Princess Leia against Sarah, one of our photographers AKA the Queen of Hearts.

They seem like unlikely friends, but Quayle Man and Dog the Bounty Hunter seem to get along well, especially when they are working on the Knit Picks’ web site or online advertising campaigns!

The dino doctor gave Quayle Man a trick instead of a treat with her hi-tech video camera. She better watch out or he’ll send the Bounty Hunter after her!

Brett also posed as Henry Rollins for a rock n roll themed Halloween party he’s attending tonight.

We were all very excited when Homer showed up this morning and brought us donuts.

It turned out to be Christy in disguise. She used Wool of the Andes for Homer’s hair.

Marci was Jack the Seam-Ripper (too funny!)

And Kerin who is also very “punny” was a Freudian slip. I love puns!

Kim dressed up as laundry day.

I was a malt shoppe waitress from the 50’s. I managed to skate on the carpet in the office most of the morning.

I made a Knit Picks sundae out of some bare (with Main Line for the cherry on top!) and a Connecting Threads cafe au lait.

And here are some faces you may not recognize. These are a few of our wonderful customer service representatives, who you may have had the pleasure of speaking to on the phone.

Here’s the good witch, who wants you to vote,

Our football hero,

a quilt,

and, last but not least, the evil and infamous black market.

And let me introduce you to our lovely co-workers at the warehouse in Ohio. These are the nice folks who send you those packages filled with yarn and needles.

Of course, our favorite Pomeranian couldn’t resist dressing up too. Meet Xena the witch.

Happy Halloween from our all of us here at Knit Picks! We hope you get more treats than tricks this year! <