Happy Friday!

Memorial Day weekend is a weekend here in the US of remembering men and women of the military. It’s also the unofficial start of the summer (though it certainly doesn’t feel much like summer here in the Pacific Northwest right now!).  And it’s my birthday – a fairly significant one at that!  So with that, I figured I’d share with you 4 awesome free patterns to enjoy!


All four patterns are by the immensely talented Sara Elizabeth Kellner – she creates the most adorable (and free) patterns ever, including Henry’s Rabbit, shown above.

Although I have to say, my favorite (of course!) is the Parlor Cat.

I think I need to make one to match my adorable tuxedo kitty, Rorschach!

If you are having weather like ours where you are (cold, rainy), you may need a bit of spring visuals.  Well how about a Spring Robin to cheer you?

Last but not least, we have the adorable Tweedy Toads (knit up in – what else? – City Tweed HW Toad). It’s the perfect size for little hands to grab and hop around!

There you have it – 4 free patterns to check out this weekend! Be sure to check out the rest of Sara’s patterns either on her website or Ravelry page – all are so well written and just so cute!

Have a nice weekend everyone – I know mine will be!


  1. Penny Helstrom / May 24, 2013

    Thank You for Sharing!! Enjoy your birthday….I hope to have time to try out the little frog

  2. GailJ / May 24, 2013

    Your birthday and you’re giving us gifts?! May your celebration be (ahem) memorable this weekend!

  3. Pat / May 24, 2013

    Happy Birthday and thank you for the lovely patterns!

  4. Lalsox / May 24, 2013

    The patterns are adorable. The cat one seems not to be working (page not found)

  5. Patricia / May 24, 2013

    Such a great gift for the Holiday. I have several babies and toddlers in my life to enjoy these as well as adult friends who would be just as happy to have them.

  6. Sara / May 24, 2013

    A great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Stacey, as well as another THANK YOU for including my patterns on the wonderful Knit Picks site!

    Just a quick FYI to anyone interested – my web site is currently in need of tons of work, so the best place to see all of my patterns is the Ravelry link to my designer page:


  7. Rosina / May 24, 2013

    Thank you for the patterns! They are all adorable; which one will I make first? Hmmm, decisions, decisions.

  8. Eliza Goodworth / May 24, 2013

    Stacey–happy birthday! It’s also my son’s 30th birthday and Bob Dylan’s birthday, so you’re in good company. The patterns are adorable, and my favorite is the cat too 🙂