Gorgeous greens

While gathering yarn in preparation for my next ad, I shot this photo of a pile of new summer yarn colors. We were still waiting for Comfy to come in, so it’s M.I.A., but you get the idea. We had a lot of customer requests for MORE GREEN yarn colors, so we did our best to fulfill those wishes.

The yarn on the top is one of my favorite new colors of Shine Sport: “Leapfrog”. It’s such a friendly, earthy green, and I can’t resist that name. Clockwise from that is Crayon “Cashew”, Shine Worsted “Laurel”, CotLin “Kohlrabi”, Shine Sport “Sycamore”, and Mainline “Oregano”. Looks healthy, huh?

While I’m talking summer yarn, I have to talk a little about the new line, Comfy. When it finally did come it and I was hanking up a skein for my ad, I couldn’t stop petting it! It is so incredibly soft and squishy, and I love every color we picked. (They coordinate well together too.) I can’t wait to be able to buy this yarn, as I’m picturing loads of baby clothes for my pregnant cousins and friends, as well as soft summer tops for me. April can not get here soon enough! <