Getting ready to knit Game Day

This post was originally sent via email for our Summer Knit Along.

Game Day Cardigan | Summer Knit Along

Tomorrow is the first day of our Game Day Knit Along, where we’ll be making the Game Day Cardigans by Donna Estin from the new Knit Picks book Generations: Knits for All Ages! The goal is to knit our cardigans steadily throughout the Summer to have a completed cardigan by August 31st in preparation for the Fall. 

The Game Day Cardigan by Donna Estin

Every other week throughout this summer, we’ll send you links to resources and tips to help you succeed in your cardigan. We’ll also be sharing Knit Picks staff member Andi Satterlund’s project, knit with High Desert Heather, so you’ll be able to see how each section of the pattern progresses. To begin, we’ll pick our sizes and knit swatches in both stockinette and moss stitch to check gauge.

Sometimes you need to knit multiple swatches to get gauge!

Choosing a Size

One of the first steps of knitting any sweater is to choose a size! The Game Day Cardigans pattern provides the finished measurements and an ease suggestion of 3-4” of positive ease for children and 6” of positive ease for adults. Positive ease means that the finished sweater will be larger than the wearer’s measurement. To choose your size, take the wearer’s chest circumference measurement, add the desired ease, and then find the sweater size that most closely matches. For example, if you’re knitting the cardigan for an adult with a 30” chest circumference, you’d add the suggested 6” of positive ease to get 36”. This matches a size exactly, so 36” is the finished measurement you’d choose for the size, but if it wasn’t a perfect match, you’d choose the closest finished measurement and have a little more or a little less ease than suggested.

Resources for Getting Started

More Game Day Knit Along

Use the hashtag #KPGameDayKAL to see more posts on social media, and check out Knit Picks Podcast episodes from June 1st 2022-September 5th 2022, to hear about our hosts Lee and Stacey’s own Game Day cardigans in progress