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Summer Yarn Sale from

Have you taken advantage of our SUMMER YARN SALE yet? With over 1000 yarns on sale, you’re sure to find something that catches your eye. If you found yourself with some pretty skeins without a project, we have some lovely free patterns to keep you busy!

Free Knitting Patterns - Fonse Shawlette from

If some of our fingering weight yarns caught your eye, such as our Stroll Gradient, you can’t go wrong with a pretty shawl. The Fonse Shawlette by Joyce Fassbender takes one skein of Stroll Gradient to create this lovely lacey piece.  Try it with Unicorn Princess, Mood Ring, or Sparkle Pony for a cheery & bright accessory this summer at a reduced price!

Free Knitting Pattern - Dreamy Waves from

Chroma Worsted is one of my favorite yarns so I loved designing the Dreamy Waves Scarf. Choose any 2 colors and create a one of a kind piece – because of how the colors flow, even if you use the same 2 skeins as someone else you’ll wind up with a totally unique project! The colors shown here (Carnival and Pegasus) are both on sale but the real magic of this scarf is that any Chomra Worsted color pairing will look great – go neutral with Sandstone and Sandpiper or a little wilder with Get Your Neon and Lupine. I promise, you’ll never be bored knitting it!

Free Crochet Pattern - Hyde Park Hat by Michele DuNaier from

If a simple hat is more your style, check out Michele DuNaier’s Hyde Park Hat! Crocheted in our soft & pretty Andean Treasure yarn, this quick project will give you practice with an array of crochet stitches. Try in our gorgeous Indigo Heather – now on sale for a super low price – and you’ll be the talk of the town this winter.

Free Knitting Pattern - Lean to Knit Lace Scarf from

If you’ve been wanting to explore lace knitting, our new Learn To Knit Lace Scarf is perfect. Joyce Fassbender designed this piece with teaching in mind – each section of the scarf shows you a new lace technique – from simple yarn overs and decreases to nupps then beads and much more. And at the end, you have a beautiful scarf to show off your handy work! Best of all, you can choose from 3 different weights of yarn – lace, fingering or sport. We did ours in Gloss Lace, Capretta and Paragon, all with gorgeous colors now on sale.

Be sure to get your orders in quick – our Summer Yarn Sale ends on July 24!

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