Free Downloadable February 2021 Calendar

Hello and welcome to February!

This month’s calendar shines a spotlight on the incredibly cozy Sorrel. The pattern features a richly textured yoke made up of linear dip stitches (a video tutorial is included with the pattern!) using one strand of sock yarn held with one strand of mohair silk lace. This dreamy version was knit up using Hawthorne Fingering Multi and Aloft Super Kid Mohair.

To get the February 2021 calendar background of your choosing (smart phones, tablets, or desktop computers), simply click the applicable device icon below. Enjoy!

Desktop wallpaper calendar for mobile 2015
Desktop wallpaper calendar for tablet 2015
Desktop wallpaper calendar for desktop 2015


  1. Adrianna Giese / February 9, 2021

    I need to know what pattern and yarn are used in this sweater. It is gorgeous.

  2. Elie / February 3, 2021

    I love these backgrounds so much and use them for my work computer but MAN i wish the calendar itself didn’t keep moving around, I have to reposition my desktop icons so they don’t cover it every time!! At the very least, when working on future designs, maybe avoid the upper left corner? Love you guys!!

  3. yarnjunky / February 1, 2021

    Thank you, thank you!

  4. Barbara / February 1, 2021

    Aww, what a lovely background! Thank you, as always!

  5. Sue / February 1, 2021

    Beautiful, thank you!

  6. J / February 1, 2021

    Oh no. That’s *gorgeous*!

    • Rosy / February 2, 2021


      And thank you so much for putting the yarn brands! 🙂