Free Dishcloth Pattern – Pumpking

I am so ready for fall – this summer in our neck of the woods has been the hottest on record and I’m looking forward to nice cool days, autumn leaves and pumpkin everything! With that in mind, check out our (adorable!) new free dishcloth pattern – Pumpking by the fantastic Teresa Gregorio.

Pumpking Dishcloth

So cute right? This little garter stitch pumpkin uses stockinette to create the outlines – which makes it fully reversible! The little stem and vine completes it. We knit ours up CotLin Clementine and Sprout, but this is an easy one to adapt for a larger yarn like Dishie (Clementine and Jalapeno). Or a fun project would be to knit this up in Mighty Stitch or Brava to use for decorating your home, celebrating the return of autumn! To use a heavier weight yarn, I’d suggest going up a couple of needle sizes – your pumpkin will be larger than the DK version but still just as cute.

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  1. Jenna A. / September 23, 2015

    Hello again, I discovered my error. In completing the PSSO, I was knitting the traditional (sl1, k2tog, pass the slip stitch over), thereby using 3 stitches. Thank you for looking into my comment.

  2. Jenna A. / September 23, 2015

    On the final row of the pumpkin we end with 10 stitches. Is that correct? When I did the first row of the stem, I didn’t have enough stitches to complete the directions. Sl 1 uses 1 stitch, k1 uses 1stitch, PSSO uses 3 stitches, P1 uses 1 stitch K1 uses 1 stitch, k2tog uses 2 stitches K1 uses 1 stitch (at this point you’ve used the 10 stitches that were previously on the needle, how do you then do the P1, Sl1, K1,PSSO? Thanks!

  3. Jenna A. / September 19, 2015

    Hi! Could you clarify the first row of the stem? I think there are too many steps. Thank you!

    • admin / September 23, 2015

      Hi Jenna – can you let us know what you feel is in error? We’re coming out right on the stem.

  4. Jenny / September 19, 2015

    I am coming out with an odd number of sts after the first row…. I am KFBF correctly. Confused.

    • admin / September 23, 2015

      Hi Jenny – the middle stitch of the 1st row is KFBFB – you’ll be increasing 3 sts in 1 sts. Could that be the issue?

  5. Sandra / August 29, 2015

    Row 5 comes out to 26 stitches not 20…
    Are there any corrections to this pattern?

    • admin / August 31, 2015

      Hi Sandra! The designer contacted us & corrected the typo – it should be 26 stitches!