Free Dishcloth Pattern – Checks and Eyelets Facecloth

While we do call it 52 Weeks of Dishcloths, they don’t all have to be used to wash the dishes! Case in point, this week’s free pattern by Faith Schmidt is perfect to use as a handmade accessory for your bathroom – the Checks and Eyelets Facecloth.

knitting free dishcloth pattern

The stitch pattern is quick and easy to memorize and creates a lovely lacy, textured look to the cloth. Knit it up in CotLin, as shown here, and it’ll get even softer with every wash. While we used Azure, our rainbow array of CotLin colors is sure to fit any bathroom decor. And best of all, the flipside is pretty as well!

free dishcloth pattern

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  1. Donna Gibson / July 20, 2015

    Well DUH! if I really STOPPED & looked, follow the prompts please disregard my question, didn’t have my glasses on!

  2. Donna Gibson / July 20, 2015

    I really love this pattern! How do I get thepattern??