Free Dishcloth Pattern – Belted Stripes

I love anything with stripes and this week’s free dishcloth pattern has a unique take on them – check our Marjorie Dussaud’s Belted Stripes.


Using 2 different colors of yarn, this unusual pattern is created using slip stitches and combination of knits & purls. It’s a lot of fun and dishcloth has a great texture for scrubbing those dishes.  The reverse side looks pretty neat as well.


The color combination is endless – you could do two similar shades (as we did with Dishie Blue and Navy) or you could go with bigger contrast – I like the look of Dishie Black and Begonia for bold look and Swan and Tranquil for a softer take. Any color you choose will look fantastic!

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  1. Susan Bikowski / August 11, 2015

    In pattern #55832, what are the instructions for Row 10. Ir appears to be missing?
    Also Row 14 has two different instructions which is correct???

    Thank you

    • admin / August 11, 2015

      We’ve updated the pattern and posted the errata! It should read:
      Row 9, and 11: With CA, knit.
      Row 10, and 12: With CA, k2, purl to last 2 sts, k2.