February 2017 Calendar

Happy February! When the winter doldrums start getting to us (will the snow ever end?), one of our favorite things to do is play around with pretty stitch patterns. The perfect yarn for this is our lovely Tuff Puff, which really shows off those stitches! For our free downloadable February calendar we’re featuring some swatches we’ve knit up recently. The stitch pattern in Mint is the Diagonal Rib stitch from Up, Down, All-Around Stitch Dictionary and the one in White is a variation on a Broken Rib Stitch (knit 1×1 rib for 3 rows, then 1 row of just purl stitches). We hope you find inspiration all month long with our yarn “doodling”!

Free Downloadable February Calendar from Knit Picks

To get the free February 2017 calendar background of your choosing (for smart phones, tablets and desktop computers), simply click the applicable device icon below. Enjoy!

Desktop wallpaper calendar for mobile 2015
Desktop wallpaper calendar for tablet 2015
Desktop wallpaper calendar for desktop 2015


  1. Michelle / February 10, 2017

    I always love your backgrounds. Unlike some of the others though, I was looking forward to having pinks and reds for this month. I love this months background, but it reminds me of something that should be in January bc it reminds me of snowflakes and snow. I enjoy having themes for holiday months. And as most of the others have also stated, these don’t work that great for ipads and iphones sometimes bc the calendar isn’t in the right spot.

  2. Gillian / February 9, 2017

    Love it! Same request as above, the calendar works better on the lower half for iPhones.

  3. Joy / February 3, 2017

    I’m having problems downloading the image to my laptop this month. The application options are phone, tablet, and desktop. Is laptop missing? Haven’t had this problem before. Love the calendars!

  4. Elizabeth / February 3, 2017

    Love it, as always. Thanks!

  5. Camille / February 2, 2017

    Thank you, but please leave the calendar in the lower part of the image for the phone version as the time on an iPhone lock screen overlays the calendar on this one.

  6. Sharon / February 2, 2017

    Love the colors! Thank you!!

  7. Sarah A Rose / February 2, 2017

    I’m actually glad that it’s not all pinks! Thanks 🙂

  8. Cynthia / February 1, 2017

    To me, the mint looks like my favorite color teal; a feast for my eyes. Thank you!

  9. julie / February 1, 2017

    Thank you but i would’ve prefer more pinks and reds.

    The wood background is always a winner.