3 Favorite Knit Picks Books

I have a great affinity for the books we publish ourselves here at Knit Picks. I’ve attended the photo shoots for them, been witness to the proof reading of them in the office, and have received copies of the gorgeous finished books, themselves. It’s definitely one of the things that I want to show customers the most – the gorgeous quality of these books, and the great patterns contained within them. So, I was excited when I heard we were having a promo where, if you spend $25, you can pick out a Knit Picks book, for free! Since there’s only a couple more days left of the promo, I thought I’d highlight my favorite 3 books. There’s so many good ones, it’s really hard to choose!


I love skinny yarns, so when we published Sock Yarn Scarves, I was excited to have a book of go-to projects for fingering weight yarns that are elegant, without being fussy. From the simplicity of the Ridgeline Trail Cowl to the more pronounced Bees and Honeybees Stole (pictured above, on the cover), these are patterns that will dress up any casual outfit, and keep you cool on crisp Spring evenings. Plus, I can use up my mult-colored skeins in new and creative ways!


I’m relatively new to crochet, and it was Kim Cameron’s Bread Warmer that started me out in the first place! So, I have a dear affection for Classic Kitchen Crochet, which has quick and simple projects that will make your kitchen truly the heart of the home. I love the look of these Crocheted Woven Towels – just like weaving, with no need for a loom!


Finally, Heartwood is definitely a Knit Picks book that has my heart. It’s a bit English Country Cottage, a bit Celtic Lady, without being fancy or silly. Still, these garments and accessories are show-stoppers, projects that will turn heads and elicit questions. I would love to tell people I had knit the Cumbria Sweater or the Princess Pullover, above. Knowing you had made it would make you feel like a truly accomplished princess indeed, wouldn’t it?

Spending $25 at Knit Picks is fun and easy, and our book promo, where you get to add a Knit Picks book to your order at no extra charge, sends things over the top! I’m excited to hear from people who wouldn’t have normally picked up one of these books, receive it with their order. I’m so sure you’ll be impressed with the quality of the patterns and the book itself, no matter which one you choose!

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  1. Ashley (age 11) / July 2, 2015

    My favorite book that I bought from here is Golden Morning. I am going to make the Apis Shrug. These books look like they are full of good projects as well.