Excited about socks

Have you seen all the new samplers that we’ve added in the past week? So much temptation! Usually I’m pretty good about only buying specific yarn for a project, but I couldn’t resist the Spring/Summer Kettle Dyed Essential Sampler. Those rich jewel tones are my colors, and even though my sock yarn stash is huge, it’s full of multicolored yarn that isn’t nearly as versatile as semi-solid yarn. My sampler arrived on Tuesday all wrapped up in its tidy package with the patterns. Kerin did a great job writing all these patterns. My absolute must-knit is this Busy Bees pattern. Bees are a favorite theme of mine, and I really like the different elements in this sock. I don’t think I’ll knit mine in gold though, since that’s not a color that would match my wardrobe. Grasshopper and Spruce are the main contenders. Maybe I’ll join the knit-along and see what everyone else is doing.

Of course, first I have a baby sweater that I’m knitting for my cousin who’s due soon, but after that, it’s all about the socks! (Then again, this kettle dyed yarn would also be great for baby projects…So many choices!) <