Embroidering With Shadow Tonal

Back in August I bought a cross stitch cell phone case (you can purchase them at Connect Design). I stitched my first pattern using embroidery thread and was thrilled at how easy it was to work with. Fast forward a few months and it’s time for a new design! This time I found myself reaching for a lace weight hank of Shadow Tonal in Springtime. I knew Palette would be a bit too heavy and loosely plied to make it through the tight plastic mesh and Gloss Lace also had a tough time moving past the grippy plastic. Shadow Tonal, however worked like a charm!

I decided to do a very simple diagonal stitch to show off
the color variation. The colors really pop against the white background,
a very different effect from the usual knit stitches. I would love to try a soft pink like Queen Anne or a super rich blue like Deep Waters next time and, now that I know that it stripes up so beautifully, I might try a pattern that will emphasize those transitions even more!