Eeeeek!!! I washed my Comfy hat!!

Remember my Comfy hat that was made for any and all bad hair days? I took it camping two weeks ago and when I unpacked, I threw a bunch of wet towels and icky post-camping clothes in the laundry hamper. A few days later I discovered that my Blackberry Comfy hat was thrown in with all the smelly wet towels. My two choices were to throw it away or wash it in hot water and hope it’s truly washable.

Well check this out:

It’s perfect. It didn’t shrink or stretch or fade or pill or fuzz or (insert other negative verb here). It’s perfect, and now it smells like my yummy cruelty free “Method” detergent. I washed it in hot, and threw it in the hot dryer with a bunch of beach towels,

Moral of the story–wash away my friends, Comfy can take it. <